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Rebecca has 2+ years of cleaning experience. Her experience started in Hampton Beach NH, and has worked her way south to Boston. She's cleaned motels, houses, condos and apartments. Starting rate: $20-$22/Hour (depending on location)

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Rebecca is elderly, gay and pet friendly. Available in Metro Boston via MBTA.

Rebecca is also available for Holiday Cleans.


I specialize in household cleaning services. I've cleaned: apartments, condos, and houses. My main focus when cleaning is: basic cleaning, deep cleaning, and organizing. I've also done other things such as: basic gardening and closet organizing.


Products that I use for my cleans include: Mrs. Meyer's Organic All-Purpose house-cleaner, Windex All-Purpose Housecleaner, Pledge Dust and Allergen Spray, as well as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads.

Remodeling cost guides

Sewer Line Cleaning Cost
Total cost to clean the sewer line in Boston is about $280 (standard professional cleaning)

Roof Cleaning Cost
Typical cost to clean a roof in Boston is over $350 - $420 (low pressure wash with minor upgrades)

House Cleaning Service Cost
Typical cost to hire a house cleaning service in Boston is over $110 - $180 (weekly cleaning - 2000 sq.ft home)

Window Cleaning Cost
Average cost to hire window cleaning services in Boston is over $420 - $560 (20 windows panes - interior & exterior - 1500 sq.ft., one story house)

Carpet Cleaning Cost
Total cost to hire carpet cleaning services in Boston is about $80 (12' x 18' carpet)

Boston, MA 02115
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Payment options
Rebecca J. accepts cash and Paypal


Cities served
Boston, Cambridge, Lynn, Quincy, Somerville, Waltham, Malden, Medford, Brookline, Revere and other cities within 20 miles of Boston.
Services offered

Basic cleaning, as well as deep cleanings are the most common cleans people look for when hiring a house cleaner.

The one thing that I would like customers to know about Cleaning, is that it at times can be VERY hard work and physically demanding. It's not all just dusting tables and cleaning kitchen counter tops. Some clients are VERY picky, and I try my best to meet every client's needs.

I've also learned that as hard as i do work, I can't and won't always be able to please everyone. I just always tell people I do the BEST job that I can with what supplies that I have.

I got started in 2010, after being unemployed for over 6 months, I decided to give cleaning a try. I started at working at 2 hotels in Hampton Beach, NH, and from there, I worked my way towards cleaning independently. When I came back to Boston in 2010, I started cleaning my friend's apt, and from there, she taught me the skills necessary to be able to not just effectively clean her home, but other homes as well.

Being in college and looking for a semi-permenant part time job, cleaning has been my ONLY source of the meaning "to be able to get by". Cleaning has helped me get by w/the basics while looking for work.

Clients should ask you how much experience you have in the field, and whether or not you're bonded. For financial reasons right now, I'm not bonded, but anytime a customer asks, I always give an honest answer. Customers should also always ask if you have a website and if you have professional referrals available.

What's your availability?

What is your rate?

Are you available for last minute cleans?

What's your time average for a clean?

Week to week is different. Some weeks I get cleans, and some weeks I don't. It depends on my current clients that need me on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, and if new clients emerge that are interested in my services.

Check out this AWESOME article I found on Readers Digest...it talks about some things that us housekeepers don't always tell you the client...hey, KNOWLEDGE=POWER :D


One day I would like to be working in the Journalism field writing for a newspaper or a magazine, but I primarily would like to work in radio. I love music.

I give my business card, and when I have these available, I also give out a matching thank you card to thank my customers for hiring me to make their home TIDY N FRESH!

Look and research for cleaners that have a reasonable fair price that fits within your budget. Also look for cleaners that have experience cleaning, at least 6+ months for starters.

I have 2 regular clients who I have maintained, one for the last year, and the second one for the last 2 years. Being able to keep these clients on a regular basis, makes me proud because they appreciate the hard work I put in and I also make them happy by the work I do.


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