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Tori Harris Photography offers professional photography services for any types of sessions for an affordable price. I am located in Portland and have different areas we can use; however, I do not mind to travel to whatever location you are needing. Depending on the location you select, a mileage fee may be added to your price total.

  • weddings
  • engagements
  • couples
  • prom
  • sporting events
  • charity events
  • headshots (models, actors, commercial)
  • senior portraits/ back to school
  • family
  • children/ newborn
  • maternity
  • pets
  • ETC.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in booking a session or if you have any questions. Thanks :)


I prefer natural photos outside using the sun as our light. I love the softness it provides for the photos. I will also take photos inside a location if that is what you prefer.

Portland, TN 37148
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Tori Cathcart accepts cash, checks and Paypal
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Hendersonville, Gallatin and Portland
Services offered

I have had more headshots (models, actors, actress, musicians, promos, seniors, and just because. This year I have had quite a few weddings (some I have already done, some I have booked for the future). Family portraits are also very popular.

I am able to order clients special items using their photos such as: photo books, calendars, canvas photos to hang up, blankets, keychains, cards, etc.

If interested, I can email you a list of all items and prices. I also offer clients extra disks for a small fee. I try to provide my clients with anything they might need or want.

I tend to keep my prices lower than most other photographers. I do this to help out those who can't afford hundreds of dollars for a session. I want to give anyone and everyone a chance to have someone there to help capture the special moments in their lifes.

I have always LOVED the world of photography and would always sit around looking online at other photographer's portfolios.

One day, my fiance suggested I get into photography seriously. At that time, I was traveling around with his band (The Django Riders) to take photos during their shows. My first real session was a prom session at a great location, and after that I was hooked and have been hired by many different people for all types of sessions. I never want to stop.

You need to find out if the photographer prints or puts the photos on a disk for you. I put all photos taken during the session on the disk and give it to you and you will receive copyright permission so you are able to print the photos anytime you want.

Also, ask about locations and mileage fees. See if they have any props or if you are allowed to bring certain items to use in the session.

I think last time I added up all my projects I had last year was over 40 and this year I am getting close to already having around 30 sessions. The more the merrier in my opinion.



Hi, my husband and I would like to schedule a session with you, we are looking for some simple outdoor pictures, some black and white, and for someone to capture our relationship.

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