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Torres Family Carpet and Flooring

Carpet and Flooring Dealer in Federal Way, WA

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Torres Family Carpet and Flooring

Carpet and Flooring Dealer in Federal Way, WA

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About Torres Family Carpet and Flooring

Torres Family Carpet and Flooring is a family owned carpet and flooring company in Federal Way, WA.

We provide services for the following:

> Carpet Repair and Installation

> Laminate Flooring

> Natural Stone

Our company has been servicing Seattle and nearby cities for 14 years.

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Federal Way, WA 98023
   (253) 249-4570
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I called Torres Carpet and Flooring to install laminate flooring, transition board and molding for a small bedroom. We agreed on a price and scheduled a date. He let me know this should be done in about 4 - 6 hours. I agreed to pay in 1/3 upfront and the rest on completion.

1) Tuesday comes and I pay Mr. Torres the down payment per our agreement. Torres lets me know that there is a slight change in plans. His crew will finish installing the flooring, but he will come back later in the day to finish adding the transition board. He has his crew start installing the flooring. Torres leaves for another project.

2) The crew finishes 80% of the job, and they tell me they have to leave for another project. The transition piece was never installed and the closet area wasn't complete. Torres calls me and asks me to pay the crew another 1/3 of the agreed upon prices as they are a different contractor he hired to work on my floors. They need to get money now. Torres states he will come later this evening to complete the job. I reluctantly agree even thought this wasn't our original agreement.

3) The evening passes and Torres doesn't stop by. Wednesday morning I call Mr. Torres and ask him what happened. He apologizes stating his phone died and couldn't call me. He states he will stop by around 6pm to complete the job. The day passes and Mr. Torres doesn't call or text me, and doesn't show up.

4) I call him again on Thursday and leave a voicemail. He calls me back and says he will be here between 4pm - 7pm. He never shows up and he never calls to explain.

The facts are the man never kept his word around finishing the job that was agreed upon. I paid him money that I should have never given him. I got tired of chasing him around to complete the project, and I can't trust him. Lesson learned. I hope my experience with Torres Carpet and Flooring helps other people make a educated decision on hiring a competent contractor.

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