Trenchless Pipe Lining, LLC

Quality Pipe Lining Services in Saint Petersburg, FL

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Trenchless Pipe Lining, LLC

Quality Pipe Lining Services in Saint Petersburg, FL

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About Trenchless Pipe Lining, LLC

If you have roots in your sewer pipe or you have a corroded bottomless cast iron pipe with rough edges or rusty surfaces, you may find your kitchen sink and toilet are backed up, or your drains blocked.

If the sewage pipe is cracked, you may even notice a foul odor emanating from the floor or condominium walls.

Our pipe lining service will install a new inner pipe that lasts 100 years and only takes 3 hours to install.

Trenchless Pipe Lining, LLC can replace pipes without digging up walls, floors, driveways or landscaping.

The pipelining process installs a pipe-within the old pipe, typically from a rooftop or outside the building where the sewer service lateral comes out under the building on the way to the sewer main line.

Sewer main lines can also be relined, but the re-lining can be done in its entirety or just in small sections (sectional pipe repair | point repair).

The pipe liner will install the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) typically from one access point, and the pipe lining will harden in 3 hours.

There are different types of pipe coatings. Some are structural where they are as thick and strong as a new pipe (CIPP), others are merely a pipe coating (epoxy pipe lining).

Not all pipeline coatings are the same either. It depends on what the pH, temperature and structural conditions are inside the pipeline.

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I was so fortunate to find a company like this in South Florida. Hugo Forster communicated with us at least 6 times before we started the pipe lining process, and then during he installation twice, and then 2-3 times afterwards. His crew (William and Sean) were so polite and kept a clean work area and communicated with us well too. They were like an extension of Hugo!

Anyway, they lined our cast iron main drain only (their video inspection revealed that my own plumber ad lied to us that ALL the pipes had to be replaced!). Since he liner was installed all our backing up issues have been resolved. We paid $7k to save our house from being excavated for $52,000!


To sum it's all up this guy Hugo IS a life saver. I called multiple company's to come look at my issue and to give me a idea of what's going on they came charged me and said it was nothing just a clog and they would snake it now it worked the first time but the same thing continued to go on and they kept snaking it so I saw his workers working and I stopped and inquired they came did my inspection and have me a copy of the video long story short I had holes cracks root intrusion everywhere we spoke he gave me a very reasonable price he even does 2 inch lines with no question I am very satisfied with the work his workers worked hard got it done looking forward to using them on my other properties in the summer



I would recommend trenchless pipe lining, owned by Hugo Forster, to anybody. They saved us so much hassle and money by restoring our drains under our home without having to excavate any floors! The crew was so polite and clean and on time and some of the hardest working guys we've ever seen. And they actually came in under budget so we saved some money. Down here in South Florida it is so hard to find honest people to contract with so this was a very refreshing experience for us and we would recommend them to anybody


We had a very good experience with Hugo Forster's company. We also called their prior customers before we contracted with the company and we only heard really good things. Anyway, their crew was very polite and the hardest working people we have ever had to our house, especially given that we live in Miami.

We got several pipe lining estimates ranging from their $32,000 to $27,000 for another company. We ended up going with the more expensive one and definitely got what we paid for. Hugo knows how to hire his people! I would recommend this company to anyone!


Was very satisfied with crew, friendly and hard working. The job went quick and easy no issues.


We made contract to have this service performed on a 21 unit apartment building due to numerous sewer back ups.

I met with Hugo on site, and he was very professional and well spoken, his overall presentation was impressive.

HOWEVER, when it comes right down to it, I have never experienced a situation where I award a $19,000.00 contract to a company that has absolutely no intention on performing the work.

I gave Hugo the deposit for the job on February 19, 2015. The job was scheduled to begin on February 23, 2015. I received an email from Hugo the morning of February 23, 2015 and he explained that there was a problem with his video equipment, and he would not be able to start the job until Thursday, February 26, 2015. Although I had already notified the tenants of the schedule provided to me, I had no other choice but to agree.

On Monday, March 2, 2015, I received yet another email from a different company stating that Hugo referred our job to them because his equipment was not going to be fixed for three weeks.

Hugo sent a confirmation from his bank for a full refund of $9500.00, to date I have not received my deposit back.



In short, Hugo made promises he did not keep as to when work would commence, number of workers he would have on site and time to complete. When his sole worker arrived and told me it would take two days to complete the job, I was annoyed, as Hugo said there would be two workers and it would take one day. I took the day off work and cancelled work meetings for this. When I called Hugo to complain, without raising my voice or using obscenities towards Hugo, he hung up on me. He immediately called his worker and started complaining, which I clearly heard, that I was a "ball buster". The worker said that Hugo would contact me later to reschedule, which he did not do. I called Hugo about an hour ago, at which time he said that "all the red flags went up and I'm in a position that I don't have to work with anyone if I don't want to." Because I expressed my displeasure with him not living up to his sales pitch? Hugo Forster was rude, crude and unprofessional.


They save my home from excavation, thank goodness!

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