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We specialize in pet Grooming / styling. Offering certified In-Home traveling grooming for Dogs and Cats.


All professional grooming equipment.

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Pet Proofing Cost
Total cost to pet proof a house in Mesa is around $490 (pet gates, furniture protection and invisible fence)

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I attended Its A Dogs World Pet Grooming School, I have been grooming Professionally for over 5 years, I've worked in Grooming Shops and I've done Van Mobile Grooming, I would have to say the In-Home Grooming is the right decision. Leaving your pet at a shop for four hours causes extreme stress and anxiety, then you have to worry about somebody else coming in and paying for a "Zoom Groom" which means, they've paid the groomer double of what you have to put their pet first and now you're pet is waiting more than four hours in a cage. Wondering why mommy and daddy left them behind. Mobile Van Grooming typically costs way more, do to the fact that you're paying for vehicle maintenance and gas. Clients and Pet both enjoy In-Home Grooming, less stress, cage free and you get to watch, maybe even conversate with your groomer, learn helpful tips and not only gain a professional pet stylist, but a friend as well.

I would recommend a basic groom with a trim, unless the dog is in the heat often, I would recommend a summer cut.

Q: Are you certified?

A: Yes we are insured threw Allstate B.I. its very important to have insurance during a groom, accidents do happen and who's going to pay? if the accident is the groomers fault and the groomer isn't insured, how will they pay?

Q: Is it okay to bath my dog more than twice a year, our groomer told us not to?

A: yes it is okay to groom your dog more than twice a year, a dog is like a child and needs to be cared for like a child, pet shampoos are made for pets, they're not going to harm you're animal, bathe you're pet on a regular basis.

Q: what kind of treats do you recommend that are good for their teeth?

A: I recommend pedigree Denta-stix, they may not cost very much, but they do the job, they remove up to 90% of build-up off the teeth, and our pets love them.

We had received a call regarding a Shih Tzu that had been puppy napped four years ago and had been brought back home to his family in horrible condition. My partner and i went to clean up this pup, he was in the worst condition a dogs coat could every be in, completely matted, shaved off into a rug, but when we were done grooming him, he wanted back on the table, he kept smiling so I had to take a picture. I love seeing dogs happy, it warms the heart.

We pride ourselves in our work, but it can be messy, we offer complete hair pickup after the groom, if its done in-doors. If the groom takes place out-side, we can not offer complete hair pickup considering the wind does tend to blow, but do promise that we'll pick up as much as we can.

Its Labor, a lot of bending, lifting and concentration, it is a service job, but well worth the labor, we enjoy our job.

Clients mainly want a Basic groom, bath, blow dry, brush, nail-trim and hair trim.

I recommend Not hiring someone that isn't certified in their profession, the education does make a difference. I've talked to many groomers who own their own business but never went to school to become a pet groomer, yes they may have the experience, but can they really offer professional work.

the average cost of grooming service is $60, our prices beat the average cost by 50% in most of our packages.



The service was great. They arrived on time, took care of my skittish dog and she turned out looking great. I would use them again and have referred them to friends.

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