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My name is Jessica Lance and I am a personal tutor, working at the secondary and college levels, primarily in English, creative writing, and American history. I also do ACT/SAT prep as well as enhancing reading and studying skills.

I can provide tutoring services in the North Augusta, Aiken and Augusta area. I am currently a senior at Duke University majoring in English with extensive work in history and humanitarian studies.

I graduated in 2009 from Interlochen Arts Academy where I studied creative writing. I am always willing to provide a sample of my work before you decide whether or not I am what you need.

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Creative Writing is my specialty (literary fiction, genre fiction, poetry). General English studies I also do, especially dealing with more modern books and essays. American history is another forte, and with over two years of college classes in the History department, I can do a fair amount of world history as well.

I made a 32 on my ACT, and scored two 4's on my English and American History AP exams, and 5 on the Psychology. I am good for prepping on all of these fronts, as well as the SATs. Further, I can provide help with reading and studying skills to manage time more effectively.

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Hourly rate: From $10 to $25
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Augusta, Aiken, North Augusta, Hephzibah and Evans

I have been tutoring since high school, when I was asked to help some of my peers, particularly at Interlochen Arts Academy where academics were not the focal point. I started out with essay writing, AP prep, and American history (for a musical theatre major. That was a lot of fun.) I took the skills I had acquired from my time at the Academy to the Duke Creative Writing group, and I have been helping there ever since.

A customer should be well-informed of the tutor's abilities beforehand; if the description the tutor provides is not clear enough, the customer should ask for clarification.

After that, it is all about specialization - who does the tutor have experience tutoring? What classes have they taken/experiences had they had to make them qualified to tutor a given subject? And then, the customer should explain the challenges and requirements for the client so the tutor can know whether or not they can provide the desired services.

It is also important to inquire about how many other client the tutor is working with. If it seems like they're overburdening their plate, they may not be giving their customers quite as much attention as they should. However, there are always exceptions to this.

Finally, it is important to ask about materials, whether the tutor will provide or if the client is expected to supply them.

I am a very flexible person. I realize that quite often those who need the most help cannot afford it, and I am willing to work with whoever it is to come to an agreement, regardless of what my min/max hourly wage says. That being said, I do operate on the honor code: if you can afford it, I appreciate being compensated for my work, especially as it helps those who are not so fortunate. I grew up low-income, and I understand the challenges. I want to help.

I also am willing to take special considerations for military and their families; phone/email/Skype services may be provided after speaking with the individual to assess needs.

In general, ask your tutor for examples of their work if you are looking for help in the essay/creative business so you can verify for yourself their quality. This will save you time and money.

Also, many tutors are willing to offer a discount if "bulk" lessons are paid for in advance. Often, they will offer a discount if they just know you're going to be hiring them over a longer period of time. Know what you need.

I have spent the last 3 years working at the Duke University Box Office as a ticket seller, and I absolutely love my job, enough so that I am currently waiting for notice about a position at the James Brown arena doing the same work. In April, the box office worked the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, NC, and that was an absolutely awesome experience.

Understand exactly what you (or your child) needs from a tutor. Have goals in mind before contacting a tutor so that you can easily assess whether the tutor will be able to provide what you need. Expect a longer time frame or work with the tutor to set a deadline. Negotiate.

Know what sorts of materials you (or your child) will need in order to succeed. If the tutor is providing, ask for a list of the materials they will be using. If you are asked to provide, work with the tutor to get the appropriate materials before beginning. I find that it is best to ask for a list with multiple options and have the tutor indicate which is their preferred. If the tutor will be using any additional materials, ask about those too.

High school and college mostly. Working on essays and SAT/ACT prep seems to be the most commonly asked-for service.

I have an incredibly diverse background. I went to a total of 17 different schools throughout Texas and Arkansas, ending high school in a boarding arts academy in Michigan before attending college at Duke in North Carolina.

In my time off, I now live in South Carolina with my husband, who is in the U.S. Navy. I spent four months in 2011 in Berlin, DE on a study abroad program. I enjoy writing young adult genre fiction, though my reading tastes vary across the board.

After Duke, I plan on pursuing a post-BACC degree in meteorology, preferably at Texas A&M. I speak a bit of German, and I've had a year of Polish instruction as well.

This has not yet come up in my experience, but I am certainly open to suggestions. Email follow-ups can be provided at no charge, especially for students preparing for exams or essays - I'd like to know how they do. Of course, feedback is always appreciated so I too can continue to learn to do my work better. If occasional meet ups are desired after the primary tutoring is over, that can be done at a reduced cost.


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