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About Two Guys Detailing

Two Guys Detailing is a small detailing business located in Bremerton, Washington. We offer affordable detailing packages starting at $35. We wash, wax and polish paint as well deep clean interiors.

Two Guys works hard to use innovative new products and be green in our practices. When able to, we use waterless car washing techniques to help the environment.

Our mission is to provide a better service than last time, whether last time was from another detailer or us.

Contact us if you are interested in what we offer. We hope to hear from you!


Two Guys Detailing specializes in automotive detailing. We specifically are trained to make your vehicle look as good as possible, whether it only needs a wash or a full detail.


Two Guys uses all professional products. Most of our products are produced by Chemical Guys, a detailing enterprise from Southern California. Our other products are a collection of various specialized automotive products, such as Collinite wax.

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Total cost to install an electric vehicle charging station at home in Bremerton is about $900 - $980 (standard 240v charging station)

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Services offered

Our most common job is our interior restoration/detailing. Most of our clientele is looking to have the many stains, smells and dirt removed from their vehicle's interior.

One thing that most customers do not know about our company, is that we started it to fund our college dreams. We are also both die-hard car enthusiasts who love your vehicle as much as you do. We take pride in our work and stride to beautify every car in our possession.

In the last 12 months, Two Guys has done 2 or 3 cars that we are very proud of. However, the one that we are most proud of is an exterior detail of a 2005 Audi S4 convertible. Using our specialty wax, the metallic flakes in the paint were magnified beautifully. According to the owner, the final finish was clearer and shinier than when the car was new.

A customer should ask a few questions to a prospective detailer. A customer should first ask how much experience they have, because one bad detail can ruin the paint job on a car. Additionally a customer should ask their detailer what type of products they use; they should be seeking a professional who uses professional products.

Our most frequently asked questions are pertaining to our customer's needs, and what package we recommend to fulfill them.

We always recommend our Classic Package to customers who are unsure if they want a full detail. Our Classic Package starts at $35 and includes a handwash of the vehicle, wheels and tires cleaned, and a basic interior (vacuuming, wiping of the dash, and interior scent of their choice).

At Two Guys Detailing, we ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work. If a customer does find a flaw, we invite them to bring the car back and have it touched up at no additional charge. Also we keep an email list with all of clients' information to notify them of our seasonal specials, etc.


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