Property Renovation in Brooklyn, NY

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Property Renovation in Brooklyn, NY

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About VI & OL GROUP Corp

VI & OL GROUP Corp. was founded on commitment and honesty. Whether you're considering a simple property update or a complex renovation, we'll help you plan out each step of the project. Putting our excellent knowledge of design trends and local building codes to good use, we can help you weigh an array of quality options.

We take pride in providing great customer service, and you can expect nothing short of honest advice and thoughtful insights. One reason our clients recommend us because we deliver the job in a timely manner. We will take care of your place as if it was our own. We research about our clients taste and combine it with our expertise which reflects in our extensive portfolio consisting of quality work with an eye for detail.

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VI & OL GROUP Corp did a really good job painting my apartment. I placed an ad on Craig's List in search of a professional painter but had no luck finding someone professional, affordable and reliable.

With no luck on Craig's list I decided to search on Yelp for highly rated contractors in my area. VI & OL GROUP Corp was highly recommended on Yelp, I felt confident with their reviews and I knew right away that I had found the perfect contractors for my project.

VI & OL GROUP Corp was very professional, and did an excellent job painting our apartment, they were surprisingly affordable and were very patient with me, considering that I am very picky with minor details, they hooked me up.

They did a bit of extra work for me that was not included in the price quote, I was really pleased with their generosity.

The most important thing to me was that they were neat, professional and left everything clean.

If you are in need of general contracting needs, I recommend VI & OL GROUP Corp.


This business is a honest, and with such hard working people.

I have called and asked to come for free estimate for my kitchen and matching island. Not only the they came on the same day, they accommodate to come after hours with no charge since I work in NJ.

After discussing the price which was much reasonable than the other company I was quoted by, they brought samples according to our request.

Within 4 days, they installed beautiful kitchen counters and an Island.

They came on time and installed them such professional manner. They cleaned up well after the job was done and made sure that my husband and I were satisfied with their job.

I can not thank enough for this company and am so happy that I choose them to work on my kitchen.

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