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My name is Meghan Dailey-Faulhaber. I offer Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching. My primary focus is helping people that have negative relationships with food discover a passion for eating well. I am not a weight loss guru and do not support fad or crash diets. I inspire life-long, sustainable changes to diet that supports overall health.

My primary service area is Lane County, Oregon, but I offer coaching via phone and internet which means that location is no barrier to receiving services!


I specialize in helping people reach their nutrition and wellness goals. I have 7 years experience helping people reach goals of all kinds, and an educational background in human development, psychology, and public health.

P.O. Box 417
Elmira, OR 97437
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Meghan Dailey-Faulhaber accepts cash, checks and Paypal
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What is your educational background?

What is your coaching philosophy?

I am a born and raised rural Oregonian. I have also lived in more metropolitan areas as well as abroad in Cork, Ireland. I have returned to rural living, but I have a unique perspective on nutrition because of my varied living experiences.

I would recommend that customers with limited budgets take a look at my coaching packages that are available on-line only.

I provide "refresher" sessions at a reduced rate to clients who have concluded their work with me. "Refresher" sessions are 30 minutes or less and may be done over the phone or email.

I got started after I had been out of the workforce for nearly a year. I am a stay-at-home mother, but have a unique skill set that I want to utilize outside of child-rearing. I needed a career that allowed me the flexibility to be home with my children, life the lifestyle I enjoy, as well as share my skills with the broader community.


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