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My name is Tiffanie Hicks. My passion is to help singers of all ages develop confidence in their voices by teaching them how to sing the styles of music that they love with more power, larger range and poised stage presence.

I have taught over 100 students ranging from ages 6 to 50. Whether you enjoy singing Broadway showtunes, classical arias, pop, rock, jazz or Christian praise music, I can help you have the voice you have always wanted in a comfortable and fun setting!


  • Vocal agility
  • Vocal freedom and control
  • Audition preparation
  • Vocal belting and riffing
  • Developing a strong chest voice, mixed voice and head voice
  • Vocal performance
  • Sight singing
  • Intonation
  • Stage confidence
  • Stage presence
  • Versatile singing


We often record lessons so that you can hear your progress over the course of time. We use microphones, classical literature (in various languages), chord charts, jazz charts and karaoke tracks for lessons depending on the musical genre students enjoy singing.

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I studied vocal performance and church music and Azusa Pacific University in southern California. I transferred to UNC and finally got my B.A. in vocal music from Boise State University. I have received awards for outstanding jazz soloist at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival as well as the Boise State jazz festival.

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I have been singing in church since the age of three, and in high school became very interested in the jazz, pop, and gospel genres of singing. I decided to study vocal performance in college and had to learn how to sing classical arias and operas which was a huge challenge for me. I benefited from learning how to sing with proper technique and was able to carry that technique into the genres of music I enjoyed singing. After earning my degree, I have directed choirs, musicals, coached soloists in musical theater classes, helped singers prepare for school of music auditions, and helped over 100 students prepare for numerous vocal recitals and competitions.

Students will have two recitals every year in the Winter and the Spring. Students will prepare to perform in front of their peers and an audience.

I am a wife and mother of three. I also enjoy singing weekly leading a church praise team with college students from UNC. I love baking and enjoy going on hikes with my family in the Rocky Mountains.

Taking voice lessons is not only beneficial for your vocal chords. Students learn how to gain confidence in themselves, build their self esteem and learn how to be in front of an audience and be comfortable in their own skin!

For every student that you refer to me, I will give you one free lesson, and don't forget- your first lesson is ALWAYS free!

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Some of my students have gone on to pursue singing as a career which is always exciting for me! I have one student who has decided to move to New York and study Broadway theater and another student who is working on recording her own album!

Once you have learned proper techniques in singing, you will be able to carry them with you into life into all different venues of voice performance.



I can't say enough great things about Mrs. Tiffany. I was sceptical and hesitant finding the perfect teacher online but she is seriously the BEST. We have been with her for 4 months and she is great with kids, goes with whatever they like to do music wise, and super gifted/knowledgeable. She has made this experience fun for my kids and something they are excited to continue grow with.


I'm looking for a vocal coach for my 10 year old granddaughter. She loves to sing and has a talent. She is teaching herself the guitar. I would like to give her lessons for a Christmas gift

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