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Small Engine Repair in Suffolk, VA

Suffolk, VA

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We are one of the small engine shops in Virginia. We offer tune ups, blade sharpening, replacing worn parts, rebuilds, and many other similar tasks.

We provide service in the Eastern area of Virginia, Suffolk being the main section. Our company was founded because of lack of employment in the area and mechanics running in the family.

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We specialize in carbs, tuneups, Chinese engine repair, rebuilds, two stroke weed eaters and chainsaws, and diagnosing problems.

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Structural Engineer Cost
Typical cost to hire an structural engineer in Suffolk is over 8% (of total construction project fee)

Suffolk, VA 23434
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Services offered

Preventive maintinence, change the oil and clean the filters regularly; small engines are very dependable if taken good care of.

  • Do you use only OEM parts?
  • Who will actually be working on my equipment?
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • Have you seen this problem before?

Have the model numbers on hand, and what kind of fix you want such as "running", "fixed", or "perfect condition".

I could not find any jobs in my area and I noticed a significant absence of this trade, so I learned about it and started a business for it as a service to the public.

I had a 150cc Baja Metal Motorsports dune buggy that needed rings to be replaced and other such parts had been broken; I replaced the parts and it ran like a champ.

The most common jobs are carb cleanings, tune ups, and oil changes. I have an occasional engine come by that has been neglected and requires more work than average.

Thirty day warrantee, washing equipment, placing any tires in correct tread direction, preventive maintenance, making repairs to achieve maximum performance, answering any questions.


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