Women's Computer Consulting

Computer Tech Support in Owensville, IN

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Women's Computer Consulting

Computer Tech Support in Owensville, IN

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About Women's Computer Consulting

We are Women's Computer Consulting, the very definition of small business. We can help you out with the best tech support you can get. Remote anywhere to fix your computer, now not later.

We are A+ certified, licensed and insured. We have 20 years of computer experience.

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I am qualified to repair, upgrade, and remove viruses from your PC (personal computer). This can be done in the comfort of your own home, as I remote log-in from my location to yours.

I teach individuals how to use their personal computer, focusing on the applications that they will use the most and will serve their purpose. I also teach individuals (and groups) the work applications they need to make them more marketable when looking for employment.

Owned and operated by Hollyecho Montgomery, Women's Computer Consulting, provides instruction and /or operation of computers, forms and applications.

Licenced and insured - A+ Certified, IBM Certified, Dell Certified, HP Preferred Tech. We provide total computer repair.


All windows based computers with certificates from Dell, HP, IBM, and Panasonic. I have and do work with several Linux Operating Systems, Ubuntu and Kbuntu being my favorite.

Questions and Answers

  • What do you recommend to know before hiring you?
What type of computer that you have, by this I mean is it a Dell, HP, Gateway - What type of Operating System does it have - by this I mean is it a Linux, Windows - XP, ME, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Is it a 64bit or 32bit, how much memory (RAM) does it have, what is the size of the Hard Drive? Most of this can be found out by simply:Right Click on your computer Icon
  • How can we save money hiring you?
Use free products as much as possible for anti-virus to photo editing, there are so many out there it can be surprising and many of these products are as good as, if not some ways better then their paid versions. Through your internet, you can save money on Phone services and even your regular TV watching.
  • What are you most proud of?
I am proud of all my jobs, it is a great feeling to be able to fix something broken and make it work like new.
  • What types of jobs are the most common?
Virus Removal is the most common, there are so many viruses out there and I am including spyware, Trojans and tracking cookies. Other common jobs include email setups, on Outlook, Live Mail etc., printer (wired and wireless) installations and operations, MSWord questions and procedures and how to setup or personalize the computer itself.
  • How did you get started?
USMC, first worked on the P.I.N. (Personal Identification Number) network in 1977, that was connected to the pentagon. I have learned, worked and studied dos/windows based computers ever since.
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
  • What experience have you had?
  • Can you tell me in words that I understand?
  • What is this total job going to cost me?
  • What payments do you take?
  • Do you work on Mac or PC? This is important, for they are not the same and some of us only work on one or the other.
  • How many projects do you average in a year?
Since I do both remote and onsite service, I do circa 800 jobs a year. Being that I work from a office, gives me the opportunity to work on computers around the world.
  • What kind of questions do customers ask you?
How can I keep from getting viruses?
  • What is important to know about your profession?
I really wish that people would understand that no matter how much we study, learn and get informed on products and applications for your computer, we can not know them them all. Just because we work and repair computers does not mean we are gamers, or Photoshop experts.I repair the computer of these specialties for they may know how to run games and make beautiful photos, does not mean they know how to remove a virus or setup their PC, but I do, and that is what I do. All programmers are not PC Techs and PC Techs are not programmers.
  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
This has a lot to do with what was done, for all services do not fit all services. That being said, I usually have at least a 15 day email question (free) time and 24hour guarantee on virus removal. Any longer than than and "uncle mike" has been clicking on the wrong things again and get you re-infected.
  • What we may not know about you?
A female, middle aged tech that is a USMC Veteran. Married and from Southwestern Indiana. I was raised on a dairy farm and I joined the USMC at age 17.
Owensville, IN 47665
   (812) 779-6088
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  • CompTIA A+
  • Dell
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Panasonic
  • Women Owned Business
  • Veteran Owned Business
  • United Methodist Church

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