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Madison, AL

About Wood Structures for Florals

Wood Structures for Florals is a new company in the north Madison area. It is operated by a two-man team, both with years of wood working experience.

Our goal is to provide customers affordable flat rate choices or work with original ideas to make something new.

One cedar floral box or a dozen, no project is too small or big.

For floral wood work that kind of fits in with your yard, contact Wood Structures for Florals today!


Fine wood working and attention to detail can create any look and feel to bring your floral, patio and lawn together. I personally like to create rustic clean look.


I hand pick the wood to make sure the board is straight and the flow of the wood has character. I choose hardware (screws) types and colors depending on how I want the project to look. It's the little details that make a project beautiful to the eye.

Madison, AL 35757
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I provide delivery and installation for my products on the customer's schedule. Being an ex-marine I also believe a firm hand shake is in store after satisfying a customer.

I started making wood products for friends and family mainly as gifts. Recently after talking to a local contractor I have decided I would enjoy making products more often at an affordable price in my community.

What is it I want overall? I keep project models on hand for examples or to spark a new idea when working with a customer.

Take the time to look at work they have on hand or have done for customers. Meet the professional in person to decide if he/she is easy to work with. Also see if they want to listen to you or just push pricey ideas.

I get a lot of questions on wood patio planters the price on these can range $80-$200. They seem to be growing in popularity for urban dwellers with little room for a large garden. I like to see the patio to help advice style and size. My favorite wood to use is cedar it ages to a rustic look.

I would recommend looking in a store or online at something they want. Send the picture or web address via email and I can give you my price and even build it to a desired size.

I would say there's really no common, everything I make is to fit in and enhance the floral areas with more character.


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