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About XpertWritings and Media Productions

XpertWritings and Media Productions is an Independent Company, structured to cater to all of your Multi-Media needs. The Xperts provide professional, top quality services to numerous clients both local and via Internet. All payments are to be made via Pay Pal, Direct Deposit, Western Union or Money Gram; 1/2 of the payment is required in advance and the Balance is due (within 24 hrs.) upon completion of the requested work. Clients will receive an invoice per the completion of each project. We look forward to doing business with you.

Xpert Writings & Multi-Media Productions specialize in the following Services:

  • Writing/Editing (books, magazine articles, artist bios, business proposals, contracts, newsletters,resumes, etc)
  • Administrative services (Microsoft word, excel, access, writing/editing)
  • Graphic Designs (cd covers, promotional flyers, business logos, party invitations, brochures, menus, business cards,banners, etc)
  • Web design/ Web Maintenance)
  • Professional Mixing/Mastering
  • Photography
  • Videography (commercials, music videos, short films, documentaries)
  • Online Marketing/Promotions
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Social Media Networking
  • Ghostwriting
  • Silk Screen T-Shirt Production

Our primary goal is to ensure your return. Therefore, Customer Satisfaction is a must.

Contact the Xperts today for additional information at xpertwritings@gmail.com


XpertWritings and Media Productions is a Multi Media Production Company that caters to numerous clients throughout the Bay Area. Our primary goal is to ensure your return. The Xperts provide professional,top quality services and specialize in the following:

  • Writing/Editing (books,magazine articles,bios,resumes,etc)
  • Logo and Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Videography (documentaries,commercials,music videos,etc)
  • Photography
  • Online Marketing/Promotion
  • Professional Mixing/Mastering of Music
  • T-Shirt Production


  • Adobe Photoshop (CS5)
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Final Cut Pro

Oakland, CA 94612
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Payment options
Xpert Writings Multimedia Services accepts cash, Paypal and credit cards

I have worked with numerous Business Affiliates of the Entertainment Industry including Sony Records (Amir Haqq Shabazz),Snoop Dogg/jt the Bigga Figga of Get Low Records/Mandatory Business(mandatorybusiness.Com),gb Records Hollywood Entertainment (gangstabrown.Net), Black Mafia Records,BayStar Magazine(baystarmagazine.Com),Bay Area Custom Made Online Magazine (bayareacustommade.Com),Crunk Magazine (crunkmagazine.Com) and b.e.t(Comedian:Antonio Blaque) to name a few.


Customers need to know that meeting your requests is very time consuming if the Client does not provide specific details pertinent to their requests. A miscommunication could unintentionally delay in the progress of the Project, so please make sure that you and the Xperts have a mutual understanding of all of the details needed to give you the best possible experience with our company.

For anyone looking to save money, I would recommend that you brainstorm with several different ways that would help to market your Business including the following:

  • Catchy title
  • Color scheme (if Specific Colors are desired)
  • Slogan(representing your Business)

XpertWritings and Media Productions usually averages 75-100 projects per year. Our Staff promises to take our time,making sure to meet the agreed upon deadline for your Project.

  • Q: What is the average 'turn around' time for services provided by XpertWritings Media Productions?
  • A: the Xperts guarantee a 1-3 Day 'turn a round' for Logos/Graphic Design/Writing, but deadlines may vary for Web Design, depending upon request.
  • Q: How many days, in advance, should Clients call to schedule Photo Shoots, Music Videos, Commercials,etc.?
  • A: Please call one week prior to rsvp the date of upcoming Venue/Private Event/Special Occassion and confirm 2 days prior to event.

In the past 12 months, my biggest accomplishments included having the opportunity to market my Graphic Designs on an episode of VH1's "my sweet 16", which featured special performances by Bay Area Artists "Kafani"(Big Cat Records)and "the r.o.d Project"; furthermore, I recently designed Promotional Flyers for bet Comedian "Antonio Blaque", which featured several Comic View and Def Comedy Jam Comedians.Also,I was able to exercise my Creativity in the field of Writing by Co-Writing the Movie "Big Trouble in Little Oakland" with Oakland Rapper "Bavgate",of Black Mafia Records.

XpertWritings and Media Productions was established in 2008, while I worked as a Writer for Snoop Dogg and jt the Bigga Figga's mandatory business magazine (mandatorybusiness.Com). My opportunies began to expand as I interviewed various Industry Artists and Independent Entrepraneurs. Eventually landing a position as a Writer for crunk magazine (crunkmagazine.Com), my ability to Write began to skyrocket as I interviewed Celebrity Artists,which included New Boyz, Audio Push,Jon b,40 Glocc and Bill Bellamy and Cee Lo's new artist, Eddie Fontane.

XpertWritings and Media Productions aims to please, so satisfaction is always guaranteed.We appreciate your Business;therefore, we promise to cater to all of your Multi Media needs.If you are not completely satified, Xperts will work diligently to accomodate your needs, we will forfeit the Contract requiring you to pay the additional Balance of the agreed upon value for the services provided.

  • How long will it take for the Job to be completed?
  • Do you have samples of your work available for viewing?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Is there a Deposit required?
  • Where do I send the Payment?
  • If corrections are needed, how long is the Turn Around?
  • Can you please email an Invoice to verify that XpertWritings and Media Production received Payment for services?

Those that are seeking to expand their Businesses are starting to use Graphic and Web Design more frequently to market their Businesses. Online Promotions and Promotional Flyers have allowed us to gain continuous recognition from Business Owners,Club Promoters,Authors, Independent Entrapraneurs,etc.,looking to brighten up their Promotional Ideas.

Upon completion of the Project, Xpert Writings provides one free week of Online Promotions on many of the high traffic Social Networking areas including FaceBook,Twitter,Myspace,Reverb Nation,Formspring,Mocospace,etc. Our Staff will send you emails for upcoming Promotions, with hopes of building a long lasting Business Relationship to ensure your Return.



Great page can't wait to work


XpertWritings and Media Productions helped me take my Business to the next level. After weeks of frustration while working with other Graphic Designers, Xpert Grafx helped me obtain a professional look for my Entertainment Company. Now, when people see my Flyers, they know I mean business. The Xperts also designed my Website and Social Networking sites for a very reasonable price. I would recommend The Xperts to anybody interested in taking their business to the next level, because they provide real Customer Satisfaction.


I was thoroughly pleased with the Graphic Designs completed by Xpert Grafx for my Web Designing Company. They were extremely Professional and made it a point to fulfill my requests within a timely manner, making sure that I was satisfied with the finished product. I would highly recommend Xpert Grafx to anyone eager to expand their Business Clientele. You're guaranteed to fall head over heels with their Color Schemes and Creativity.


I really enjoyed working with XpertWritings and Media Production. I presented my Idea for a Sexual Energy Drink and they made it a reality; furthermore, they also assisted me with providing a detailed Write Up about the products to be used as a business Proposal for Investors. XpertWritings and Media Productions does excellent work! I would recommend them to anyone looking to make a Statement with their Graphic Designs. You won't be disappointed.


Xpert Grafx designed me an awesome Flyer for my Exotic Housekeeping Service. After giving them a General Idea of how I wanted to market my business, they were able to recreate my visual with a Touch of Class. They promised me a 3 day turn-around and the Graphics were ready in 48 hours. I would definitely recommend Xpert Grafx to anyone looking to advertise/promote their business with Professional Graphic Designs.

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