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Silver Spring, MD

About Yankee Doodle English-Tutoring Online

I tutor students over the internet in one-on-one sessions so there will be no need to travel for you or me. The video and sounds are very clear if you have a fast PC and good connection. I will help you improve your English skills.

I also focus in written English as I consider it crucial to mastering the language. I will check powerpoint presentations and papers via email. As an added bonus, I will also forward a document to you containing cultural items, U. S. History, idioms and grammar with useful links to the Internet. This will go out weekly to about 100 former and current students.

My tutoring fee is $25 per hour. Please call me and let's talk about how I can help you.


I specialize in conversational English for non-native speakers.

Silver Spring, MD 20910
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I send them email on a weekly basis with pronouncing help, US history, American culture and stories from other students.


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