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Yep We Fix Carpet

Best Carpet Repair and Carpet Dyeing in Minneapolis and St Paul in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN

About Yep We Fix Carpet

The people to call when you have carpet repair needs from pet damage, stubborn stains, bleach on carpet, or a mismatched carpet seam. We also provide carpet patching, carpet dyeing, and carpet stretching. We provide quality cleaning and carpet repair services throughout Minneapolis (mpls) and St Paul. Loyally serving the twin cities. Learn more about carpet repair, carpet dyeing, and bleach repair on our website.


We specialise in all areas of carpet repair and carpet dyeing services. This includes pet scratching repair


We use professional dyes from Colorful Carpets and powerstretching equipment provided by Robert Atlas - both leading experts in their fields. We also use specialty stain removal products.

Remodeling cost guides

Furniture Upholstery Cleaning Cost
Average cost to clean furniture upholstery in Minneapolis is over $60-$100 (professional cleaning of one standard piece)

Deep Cleaning House Cost
Average cost to deep clean a house in Minneapolis is around $410 (a deep clean of a three-bedroom home with two bathrooms)

Window Cleaning Cost
Typical average cost to hire window cleaning services in Minneapolis is about $190 - $560 (clean 22 standard exterior windows and full screens)

Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost
Typical average cost to clean tile and grout in Minneapolis is about $580 (flat fee standard cleaning service with added sealant)

Air Duct Cleaning Cost
Typical average cost to clean air ducts in Minneapolis is over $940 - $1,250 (complex air duct system cleaning and pest control)

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Minneapolis, MN 55404
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Payment options
Jon Oyen accepts cash, checks and credit cards

We are certified by the best in the world. We hold a training certification from the leader in carpet repair in the United States - Robert Atlas of Phoenix Carpet Repair. Additionally, we are trained and certified in both carpet dyeing and heirloom area rug color restoration by dye master Chris Howell (who annually cleans the White House). We also hold a variety of smaller certifications in carpet cleaning and related services.

Cities served
Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Eden Prairie, Burnsville, Minnetonka, Shakopee, Cottage Grove, Inver Grove Heights, Andover, Savage and other cities within 35 miles of Minneapolis.

If you are looking for carpet repair services we recommend knowing how big the spot is. This will determine the options that you might have in fixing the process. We often recommend taking a picture of an issue next to a pencil or common object to help us assess the issue.

If a customer is looking to dye their carpet (and not entertain the possibility of carpet patching) we require a sample of the carpet fiber to be sent to us. We provide the address to send the carpet fiber to via phone call and phone call alone. This helps us determine the current state of the carpet as well as the dyeability of carpet.

One customer called us up to come fix an area of carpet that her dog had scratched up. While fixing the spot we realised that she had a bleach spot near the bathroom from a cleaner spill. We gave her a deal to fix it on the spot. She was shocked that we could dye the spot back to a normal color. After a demonstration of dyeing half the spot, she paid us to have the repair done. She was so ecstatic that she called all of her friends while we were there and set up to have our color clean services on the rest of her carpet.

Most people want to know the price upfront but this is often hard to determine via a picture and without traffic information (as we drive upwards of an hour to reach some clients). Although we cannot tell our customers this we can say that our minimum is $150. Although this may seem pricey on the surface, carpet repair routinely saves people thousands of dollars every month across the United States.

Why is there a test question and why should I fill it out? If you're reading this confused - don't worry, so are we.

Pet scratching carpet repair is the most common form of carpet repair. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times we have repeat customers on this issue! Bleach damage repair is also quite common.

As for normal jobs we provide carpet stretching to many clients and it’s the most common form of repair - as most carpet needs stretched when it’s fixed.

We also provide regular carpet cleaning but this is not something that makes us unique.

We provide free carpet spotter for life and a loyalty program that gives all of our customers a discount on our carpet cleaning, color clean, or repair services. We are a one stop shop for all carpet needs and we take pride in giving our customers the best in mpls and st paul. As always we check in our customers to ensure that their satisfactions are met and often give deals to our customers if they leave a review for our services.

Our services! We provide carpet repair and carpet dyeing services that routinely save customers 60-80% off the cost of replacing the carpet. Our specialty stubborn stain removal services are also a great way of ensuring that you don't have to replace carpet just because of a blemish.

We can solve virtually any carpet pet damage, carpet seam issue, or stretching issue. We also know how to remove bleach from carpet, how to dye carpet, and how carpet repair works on a fundamental level. Normally our work is seamless to the casual onlooker. They won’t notice but your wallet and purse will!

The cost of carpet. Many customers are reluctant to pay our $150 minimum until they make calls to 5 carpet installation businesses. Once they do, they almost always call back but the relationship is less excited and more resentful. We love providing a service that allows us to build relationships and save people money - we never like to be a drag.

Why is there a test question and why should I fill it out? If you're reading this confused - don't worry, so are we.

Carpet dyeing is a possibility and we do it. We also perform rug color restoration - we restore priceless area rugs from all around the world. This can often increase the value of a hand loomed Persian rug or Oriental rug from the east. We also provide a service called ColorClean™ - a carpet cleaning that restores the color of a carpet at the same time it cleans. This is a service annually by the White House every year by our teachers Colorful Carpets out of Maryland.

Yep we fix carpet was born out of a series of international grade certifications that the owner, Jon Oyen, received by world leaders. This includes a carpet repair certification from Robert Atlas, the leading carpet repair expert in the US and a certification from Chris Howel, the international leader of the carpet dyeing industry. Between these certifications and a series of smaller - yet still valuable - certifications, Yep We Fix Carpet has become a leader of carpet repair in Minneapolis and St Paul.

The first question they should ask is where the carpet comes from in the repair. Unlike most carpet repair services that require that you remove carpet from a closet or inconspicuous area, we *also provide the option to carpet dye color damage and stains to avoid a physical repair. This is the only true way of repairing color damage or loss. Our carpet repair and carpet dyeing combo gives our customers options to chose from depending on their situation and this is something that benefits everyone.

We are a new company but we average one or two projects a week and it is picking up. Our success comes from the wide variety of services that we provide in the Minneapolis and St Paul area.


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