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With emphasis on the contracting and services industries, YP offers online, print, mobile and direct mail advertising campaigns to generate leads for local businesses, either on a short term or long term basis.

In business for over 50 years, we have been a local search leader and trusted by hundreds and even thousands of people nationwide.


I offer marketing services across print, online, mobile & postal mediums. These programs are offered on a subscription, pay per click or a pay by performace basis (depending on the marketing program). Some of the programs we offer are guaranteed to bring in customers. All of the marketing programs I am able to offer are customerized to your business & your customer's needs so that you achieve a high return on investment. Ultimately, I will bring you customers.


I work with YP. YP is the new name of AT&T Advertising Solutions. With YP, we produce the yellow pages as well as YP.com (which is a Top 40 website in the USA). I also specialize in Website Design, Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization. All of which will help you to advertise and reach potential customers on Google & the other search engines. If your target customer is between 18 & 28, I can help you with a text message marketing campaign to reach these younger clients. Direct Mail is also a very strong medium and something else I specialize in. More money is spent on direct mail advertising than any other medium. Direct mail is great becasue I can target the exact type of customer you want to reach. All of these advertising mediums are effective, but only after a consultation of what your business needs will determine which medium(s) would be best for your success.

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I hold a BA in Marketing from CSU Chico. I am also Google Ad Word certified and a Yahoo! Ambassador. I can be found on LinkedIn and I socialize with various networking circles.


The biggest follow up service I can provide is tracking of results. Online advertising is 100% trackable. Call tracking numbers can show the phone calls your advertising is generating. Being able to show results has kept my customer's advertising with me year after year. Excellent customer service also helps. There are many different marketing firms out there but most just want your dollar. Results & customer service are the 2 factors you should take into consideration with any marketing firm.

q. How can I be sure that my adverising program is bringing me customers?

a. To be sure, use a call tracking number and keep information on your customers (like their telephone number). Most customer's do not save telephone numbers anymore because it is too easy to obtain them so having an "established" telephone number is not always necessary anymore. A call tracking number will prove calls coming into your business and you can cross reference the calls with the information you gather from your customers.

q. How can I get the most out of my online advertising?

I average over 300 projects a year. Many of my projects are simple because many customers do not want to take the time to develop a complex marketing strategy and consequently, these same customer's don't get the number of customer's they deserve. When you are ready to advertise and start gaining more customers, sit down & listen to what the marketing firm or myself has to say. It really isn't a sales pitch.

What I have to say really isn't a sales pitch. You really do need to advertise your services because your word of mouth really does not drive in as many customer as you may think. People may have good things to say about your company, but advertising seen drives in more customers when it comes time for the customer to make a buying decision, than any other reason. By telling me what it is you are tying to achieve, I can setup a advertising campaign that will bring you the results you are looking for.

Have a goal. Do you want to be seen on the internet? Do you want to be at the "Top of Google"? Do you want to micromanage your advertising & desire to see results? Do you just want people to see you in the world? What is it you want your advertising program to do for you? Having an answer to that question is going to ensure an successful advertising program.

I worked with a small carpet cleaning company to help them gain more customers. This company was a small "Ma & Pa" type business and only had 1 van. 3 months into the year and their annual revenues to date was less than what I had earned in 1 month. I worked with them to setup an advertising program that provided a short term jump in phone calls while setting up a long term program to pull leads from both printed & multiple online mediums. In 1 month, I had tripled their revenues and the company was pleased.

Marketing was (and still is) a favorite subject of mine while I was in college. It intrigued me to see how the psychology of the right message at the right time really can influence the masses. I started to work with a marketing firm that focused on advertising programs for small & medium sized businesses and was able to apply what I learned into success for these types of business. I eventually moved on to a larger company that used many different advertising mediums to assist small & medium sized businesses reach their business goals. Using what this company has taught me & what I have already learned, I have become the marketing guru I am today.

First, is the company a reputable company? There are many "fly-by-night" companies as well as individuals that claim to be "marketing specialists". See who the company has helped and is currently helping.

Second, how does this marketing firm stand out & above other marketing firms. Even if a marketing firm has many similar competitors, there are ususally leaders and this is based upon their customer's success & longevtiy with the company.

Finally, have a goal in mind with what you want to achieve with your marketing program & flat ask the marketing firm how they will be able to achieve this goal for you. If the marketing firm does not have an answer that makes sense, they may not be able to help you achieve your goal.

Behind the scenes, I work really hard for you. I work through the obstacles of both the company and the world to make sure your message is heard. When we talk, you don't see everything I have done for you & I usually do not bore you with every mundane detail. Please know that I am one of the hardest working people you do not see in action.

Figure out which advertising mediums will be best for you and then find out which companies are the most successful in helping you achieve your marketing goals. The beauty of advertising is that a successful company will provide you with a return on investment based upon what you invest. Advertising is only expensive if it is not producing for you. You may be able to save $5 by going with company B over company A but if company B can't produce you the results that company A can, then you have really spent more than you should have becasue you did not make your return on investment.

Basic printed yellow page search advertising. More & more people feel that the yellow pages are not used anymore and people that are still sticking with yellow page advertising are reaping the benifits. The second most common job that I perfrom is paid search engine marketing. This form of advertising allows your ad to appear on the 1st page of Google. Between these 2 advertising mediums, you will reach a majority of the people.


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