5+ Fence Contractors in Fairfax, VA

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Silver SpringMD 20902

Fence Contractor Manassas

ManassasVA 20109
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Fence, Shed, Landscaping

StanardsvilleVA 22973
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"Your Outdoor Specialist"

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Residential Soft Washing

FairfaxVA 22030

Remodeling cost guides

Pressure Wash a Fence Cost
Average cost to pressure wash a fence in Fairfax is over $210 (pressure wash a 500-square-foot wood fence with labor and cleaners)

Metal Fence Installation Cost
Average cost to install a metal fence in Fairfax is about $5,100 (96 l.f. decorative aluminum 48” high fence with gate, installed)

Wood Fence Repair Cost
Average cost to repair a wood fence in Fairfax is about $650 (repair 12 ft section of 6 ft stockade panels with materials and labor)

Wood Fence Installation Cost
Total cost to install a wood fence in Fairfax is around $5,310 (new, quarter-acre 3’-4’-tall picket fence with a medium quality wood and a gate)

Fence Painting Cost
Typical cost to paint or stain a fence in Fairfax is around $1,770 (paint 200 ft. wood privacy fence with prep work, minor repairs, priming, and one coat of paint)