5+ Flooring Contractors in Kent, WA

Professional Remodeling Service

SeattleWA 98146
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Laminate Flooring Installation

BremertonWA 98312
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Carpet Cleaning

SeattleWA 98115
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Concrete Polishing

SeattleWA 98134

Carpet and Flooring Dealer

Federal WayWA 98023
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Hardwood Flooring Expert

SeattleWA 98118
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Remodeling cost guides

Stone Floor Polishing Cost
Typical cost to polish a stone floor in Kent is over $870 (buffing and polishing 200 sq.ft. of stone floors)

Radiant Floor Heating Cost
Typical cost to install radiant floor heating in Kent is about $30,520 (2,000 sq.ft. installation with two zones and new boiler)

Laminate Flooring Installation Cost
Average cost to install laminate flooring in Kent is about $2,410 (200 sq.ft. shelton hickory laminate floor with sound-reduction underlayment)

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cost
Total cost to refinish hardwood floors in Kent is over $1,310 (cleaning, sanding, and staining a 200 sq.ft. oak floor, and applying a wax finish to it)

Tile Flooring Installation Cost
Typical average cost to install tile flooring in Kent is about $3,820 (200 sq.ft. of 12-inch porcelain tile, installed)