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Meet the Expert: Kerrie Kelly

Adam Graham

Published on February 26, 2024


Meet the Expert: Kerrie Kelly

We interview influential interior design expert Kerrie Kelly. She shares insight into the latest trends and her illustrious 25-year career.

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Meet Kerrie Kelly, an expert interior designer with over 25 years of experience in the industry. She owns her firm by the same name, which “is a multi-faceted studio bringing design into everyday life” based in Sacramento, California.

Kelly has been featured in Fixr.com’s top interior designer list for 2024 and has contributed to Fixr.com’s design reports. We speak to her about current design trends, her career, and her experiences in the industry.

Firstly, we put Kelly to the test. We wanted to get her expert take on the trends in residential interior design this year.

Kitchens: “In 2024, kitchens are embracing a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements, with a focus on functional elegance. Matte black fixtures and appliances add a touch of sophistication, while sustainable materials and smart storage solutions cater to the demands of modern lifestyles, creating a space that's both stylish and efficient.”  

Bathrooms: “In 2024, bathrooms are all about creating a serene spa-like retreat within your home. Soothing color palettes, natural materials, and luxurious fixtures combine to evoke a sense of relaxation and well-being, transforming the bathroom into a haven of comfort and style.”

Image by Kerrie Kelly

Paint and color: “In 2024, we're witnessing a shift towards soothing and earthy tones, with soft, serene blues and calming sage greens taking center stage. These colors evoke a sense of tranquility and connection with nature, creating a harmonious and timeless backdrop for modern interior design.” 

Home offices: “In 2024, the home office is evolving to become a versatile and inspiring workspace. Designs emphasize comfort, natural light, and personalized touches to foster productivity, while ergonomic furniture and innovative technology solutions cater to the growing demand for remote work, creating a space where you can thrive professionally without sacrificing style.” 

Smart technology: “In 2024, smart technology is seamlessly integrated into our living spaces, focusing on convenience and energy efficiency. From AI-driven home management systems to appliances that respond to voice commands, the trend is to make our homes more intuitive and eco-friendly while enhancing our daily routines.”

Kelly’s Californian Career  

We asked Kelly to tell us a little about where she is from: “I am based in Sacramento, California, where I was born and raised, and built my interior design and brand consulting business. I am a California gal through and through, attending college at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.” 

Interior designers’ backstories are never the same. Inspiration and opportunities come in various forms. What was it that got Kelly into this field? “Design captured my imagination over 25 years ago. I was originally drawn to its aesthetic functionality and how we could intertwine inspiration we found in fashion, travel, and culture” she says.

Image by Kerrie Kelly

Some of her first taste of design work came via a luxury brand store: “The ability to transform spaces into environments of beauty and purpose sparked my interest which ultimately led me to work for Ralph Lauren Home Collection after college.”

Decades later, her business, Kerrie Kelly, is a design studio that is ‘bringing considered design into everyday life’ as her website states. But what is the biggest change she has seen in the industry over the years? “Technology has been a game-changer, offering immersive design experiences and accelerating project timelines.” She continues: “Moreover, sustainability has rightfully taken center stage, reshaping materials and design philosophies.” 

Livability, Aesthetic Flair, and Flexibility in Design 

To better understand Kelly’s work, we asked her to describe her interior design style: “My style embraces livability, blending classic elements with an aesthetic flair that tells a story of those who inhabit the space.” If she had to design a space with her favorite elements, she would include “Timeless elements like natural light, versatile storage solutions, and incorporating biophilic elements [...] They form the backbone of any well-designed space.”

Image by Kerrie Kelly

As inclusive as her style may be, it can’t be easy adapting to different clients’ desires. How does she deal with this? “Flexibility is key; understanding clients' unique visions allows me to curate spaces that resonate with their lifestyles and preferences.”

Inspiration is vital to keep designs fresh and innovative. Kelly explains the multitude of ways she gets inspired: “Inspiration sprouts from everywhere: nature's hues, cultural nuances, even everyday experiences, like cooking or setting a table. Travel, art, and engaging with diverse design disciplines and people in our industry fuels my creative process.”

Rewarding Projects 

Like many designers, a client’s satisfaction with a finished project is what keeps driving Kelly forward. “Witnessing a client's joy as their vision materializes is incomparable” she states. “Yet, the intricate balance between creativity and functionality can pose challenges, demanding ongoing problem-solving.” 

But one project stands out above all others for Kelly. 

“One project that remains close to my heart involved reviving a home we designed after a fire took place” she explains. “Seamlessly blending its original beauty with new modern comforts helped the family heal from the dramatic event.”  And while all successful work is pleasing to Kelly, this one was special: “The opportunity to honor the family with a new chapter was immensely rewarding.”

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If you are looking to get into the world of design, Kelly advises you to “Immerse yourself in diverse design disciplines, seek mentorship, and never stop learning. Embrace every challenge as an opportunity to hone your craft and refine your unique design voice.”


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