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Single-Family Home Construction Trends in 2019

Written by Cristina Miguelez

Published on April 25, 2019


Single-Family Home Construction Trends in 2019

Based on unique insights from the best construction experts, Fixr brings you the upcoming trends in the home design and building industries in 2019.

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Each year, Fixr brings you the upcoming trends in the home design and building industries. We begin by polling experts on what is going on in the building industry, and use their unique insights to gain an idea of what the latest trends are. This year, we are bringing you a comprehensive look at what single-home buyers are looking for in their homes, which helps current homeowners know what changes to make and industry professional know how better to advise their clients.

Key findings from this year's report include:

  • The most common home buyers are married couples with children
  • Most people building a home instead of purchasing do so with customization in mind
  • New homes are most commonly built to be year-round residences
  • Energy-efficient home designs and open floor plans top the list of popular home
  • Buyers want homes with either three or four bedrooms and at least three bathrooms
  • A gas furnace is the most popular way to heat a home, while central air cools it
  • Smart lighting tops the lists of how people include smart technology in their homes
  • The most common special room addition is a home office

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