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20 Top Experts in the Roofing Industry 2024

Written by Irena Martincevic

Published on January 16, 2024


20 Top Experts in the Roofing Industry 2024

Discover the experts shaping the future of roofing through their contribution to the sector as we unveil our list of the 20 top experts in the roofing industry to look out for in 2024.

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As a cornerstone of the construction sector, roofing plays a pivotal role in safeguarding homes and commercial buildings from the elements. The U.S. roofing industry reached a value of $23.35 billion in 2023, setting the stage for a projected 6.6% growth between 2024 and 2032. As the industry continues to develop, it’s important to recognize and celebrate the experts who are driving innovation, setting industry standards, and elevating the field today. 

In light of this, we present the 20 Top Experts in the Roofing Industry for 2024. These professionals stand at the forefront of the industry, contributing their expertise to shape the trajectory of roofing practices and technologies. 

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Take a look below at the profiles of these industry experts, highlighting their dedication and participation in advancing the roofing landscape for homeowners, companies, and laborers.


Arty Molinari

Arty is the Field Support Specialist at Tremco Roofing & Waterproofing, a roofing company based in Green Road Beachwood, OH, serving the U.S. and Canada. As well as being a promoter of sustainable designs, Arty provides education to industry professionals on roofing and related topics through Tremco's Construction Products Group. This group encompasses the Sealants & Waterproofing division, Nudura ICFs, Dryvit's EIFS and Newbrick, Willseal's expansion joints, and WTI, offering general contracting, installation, and training services.

Charles Antis

Charles is the Founder and CEO of Antis Roofing & Waterproofing, based in Irvine, CA. He is a highly respected roofing expert and entrepreneur, and a board member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). He has also established a foundation within his company that helps the community by supporting local and national charities that benefit various groups of people. Charles is involved with The Roofing Alliance for Progress and serves on the Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3). He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Orange County Habitat for Humanity (Habitat OC), where Antis Roofing & Waterproofing has donated every roof installation for homes built since 2009.

Dan Tinker

Under his leadership, SRS has opened over 200 new greenfield locations and acquired 135 companies in the last sixteen years. SRS is now one of the largest building products distributors in the nation with almost $10 Billion in revenue, over 11,000 employees, and operating over 750 locations in 46 states. Mr. Tinker also serves on the board of directors of SRS and Singer Industrial, is a board of trustee for the Roofing Alliance for Progress, and a member of the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. He serves on the board of three non-profits including The TWF foundation, The One Tribe Foundation, which is aimed at ending veteran suicide, and he is also the President of the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation which has raised over $15 Million in the past ten years to benefit wounded veterans, people impacted by weather related disasters and other community needs.

David Millstone and David Winter

David and David are Co-CEOs of Standard Industries, a global industrial company operating in more than 80 countries around the world. David and David are actively shaping the future through a contemporary approach to industrialism. They launched Timberline Solar, a groundbreaking solar roof featuring the world's first nailable solar shingle. Their major focus is on solar, but they're not stopping there. They revamped ten plants in seven months, an unusually fast pace for the industry, to roll out improved asphalt shingles that can handle hurricane-force winds.

Donavan Morgan 

Donavan is the Owner of Roofs By Don, a residential and commercial roofing company based in Marietta, GA. He is also the owner of The Roof Gallery, the first roof museum and venue in the world, which highlights and celebrates the greatest in the roofing industry. Donovan is a well-known influencer in the roofing community, boasting a significant Instagram following. Beyond his social media presence, he channels his creative energy into producing music inspired by the roofing industry. 

Greg Bloom

Greg is the Vice President of National and Strategic Accounts at Beacon Building Products, the U.S. and Canada's largest publicly traded distributor of roofing materials and related building products. Additionally, he serves as a President of The Roofing Alliance. With over four decades of experience in the roofing industry, Greg brings a wealth of expertise, providing deep insights into the challenges and opportunities of the sector. He also imparts impactful messages to the next generation of roofing professionals.

Heidi Ellsworth

Heidi is the president of RoofersCoffeeShop, and the owner of HJE Consulting. She contributes to Professional Roofing, Florida Roofing Magazine, and authors a column on marketing tactics for roofing contractors in Western Roofing, Siding & Insulation Magazine. She consults with the Roofing Alliance and serves on the boards of Western States Roofing Contractors Association, Roofing Contractors Association of Washington, METALCON Advisory Council, Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3), and National Women in Roofing, organizations she helped found.

Joe Hoffman

Joe is the CEO of Hoffman Weber Construction, an award-winning company operating in four states. Joe is a visionary innovator who identified the evolving trends in consumer buying behavior online. He spearheaded the development of technology that enables Hoffman Weber Construction to seamlessly sell roofs to homeowners through online channels. He won several Innovator of the Year awards. 

John Esbenshade

John Esbenshade Jr. serves as the Director of Workforce Development for the National Roofing Contractors Association. Prior to NRCA he worked as a teacher for at-risk highschoolers, and worked at the National Center for Construction Education and Research creating apprenticeship programs for varying construction trades (Concrete Construction, Carpentry, Core, Roofing). In his time at NRCA he’s launched a national Commercial Roofing contest with SkillsUSA, helped connect roofing companies to CTE schools in 33 states, forged partnerships with correctional education groups, and hosts a monthly podcast: Growing America’s Roofing Workforce.

John Kiesel

John is the President of Division 7 Roofing and Imagine Technologies Group. John identified the potential of 3D technology in roofing and actively invested in its development and integration, bringing about a cultural shift in his company. He is introducing this technology to trade schools with the aim of altering perceptions about roofing careers. John is dedicated to giving back to his community and actively supports industry organizations, such as National Women in Roofing.

Kristina Hill

Kristina is the Co-owner of HomeShield Roofing & Exteriors, a company based in Lincoln, NE. She is also the proud Founder of Harness & Heels - Women in Roofing, a thriving community designed exclusively for women in the roofing industry. This platform is dedicated to fostering connection, support, and empowerment. Her visionary leadership has earned her recognition, with notable achievements such as being named in Forbes Next 1000 and receiving the 2022 NWIR WORLD Rising Star award.

Michelle Ly

Michelle is the Operation Manager of Hall Roofing and Construction, a full-service roofing contractor based in Texas. Her accomplishments as a leader in both the roofing industry and the community, along with the profound impact her story has had on readers, have led to her being honored as the North American Female Roofing Professional of the Year 2023. Michelle is also a member of Professional Women of Williamson County and National Women in Roofing. Furthermore, she was recognized with the Round Rock Chamber’s Ascend Emerging Leader award.

Mishell Cox

Mishell is the Owner and CEO of Cox Residential, a roofing and exterior design company based in Indiana. The company earned recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies, and Mishell leads the Indiana chapter of National Women in Roofing. She actively supports the Hispanic community in Indiana, where her company provides jobs to hundreds of individuals, making a significant contribution to the community.

Peter Horch 

Peter is the Owner of Horch Roofing based in Warren, ME. As an engaged member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), Peter actively participates in their training and education initiatives. His company upholds a commitment to environmental sustainability by recycling 100% of all roofing debris. Peter’s dedication to eco-friendly practices has earned Horch Roofing prestigious accolades, including the 2021 Environmental Leadership Award from the IFOB and the 2010 Good to be Green Award from the Penobscot Bay Chamber of Commerce.

Rae July-Fistonich

Rae is the Director of Business Development at Chinook Building Envelope Services, a Washington-based construction company. She received the Washington Women in Trades Cathy Jett Workplace Leader Award this year and currently serves as the Co-Chair of the DEI Committee for National Women in Roofing, as well as being on the Board of Directors for Rebuilding Together – South Sound.

Sergio Terreros

Sergio is the President of National Hispanic Contractors Association (NAHICA). He is also a President of Expo Contratista, the largest Hispanic construction trade show. He joined forces with the International Roofing Expo, linking NAHICA for more opportunities and a stronger sense of community among Hispanic contractors in the roofing industry. This partnership marks a significant advancement in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the roofing industry.

Shawn Stanley

Shawn Stanley is the sustainability director and part owner of IB Roof Systems. Being an advocate for cool roofs for over 40 years, Shawn serves in many leading organizations, chairing the PVC environmental task force for SPRI, on the education committee for CRRC, and an active member of the Vinyl Institute and the CFFA – vinyl roofing division. Shawn also developed two energy calculators for cool roofs using studies by the DOE, EPA and environmental consultants.

Steve Little

Steve is the President of KPost Roofing & Waterproofing, based in Dallas, TX. He is extensively involved in the industry, serving on the boards of TEXO's Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) National and Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3), among others. He is a founding member of the National Women in Roofing (NWIR) and is associated with multiple organizations, including ROOFPAC, NRLRC, The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress, CFMA, and IRMI. Steve's past roles include President of Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) and involvement in various NRCA committees.

Thomas Clardy

Thomas, the Founder and CEO of Powder Watts, is an innovator at the forefront of cutting-edge heat cable control systems incorporating AI technology. This system efficiently manages rooftop snow risks, streamlines cable maintenance, and results in cost savings. In the 2023 Smart Cities Innovation Challenge, the company was awarded for innovating Megawatt-class energy savings through Smart AI Regulation in the largest building electric load in snowy North American areas.

Wendy Marvin

Wendy is the Founder and CEO of Matrix Roofing, a 100% woman-owned company based in Vancouver, Washington. She partners with local schools to mentor and speak, helping students build their skills and knowledge. Wendy's company has donated roofs to charities, including Habitat for Humanity and local groups, as part of their commitment to giving back to the community. She also serves on various boards including the Vancouver Downtown Association, Western States Roofing Contractors Association, Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) Executive Board, and is a new committee member for the NRCA.


Fixr.com extensively researched top experts currently contributing to the roofing industry in the U.S. and selected the 20 professionals in this list based on their authority, recognition, influence, and media presence. Many of the selected professionals have appeared in exclusive features through top media outlets, won awards, or have been recognized as leaders due to their projects, initiatives, and commitment. 

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