Top 200 Experts in the Construction Industry 2020

With environmental concerns, new smart technology, an aging population, etc. the industry has never faced so many challenges. That’s why we’ve brought you the top 200 experts in the home construction industry; so you can follow the people at the forefront of these changes.

Yuka Kato
January 31, 2020
26 min read

The home construction industry is reaching new heights as outside influences begin to accelerate change. With environmental concerns, new smart technology, an aging population, scarce housing supply, and a labor shortage, the industry has never seen so many changes in such a short amount of time.

With all this change, it’s harder than ever to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. That’s why we’ve brought you the top 200 experts in the home remodeling and construction industry; so you can see the people at the forefront of these changes. As trends change, so do the people who work with them and influence others.

Each expert is chosen for several factors, including their influence within the industry. We looked for experts who had particular knowledge in some of the latest and fastest growing areas of the industry such as green technologies, sustainability, aging in place and universal design, as well as the latest in smart tech. We’ve presented them for you here in a simple, easy to follow layout so that you can easily see their names, their websites, and their companies.

Who Are They and How We Selected Them

We carefully examine the top experts within the construction industry to find only the best. They come from all parts of the country, and are known within the industry for the awards they’ve won, the designs they’ve worked on, and the projects they’ve completed. They are also active in social media or leading industry publications, helping to influence the industry’s trends, and engaging with others to help shape the construction industry into what it is today.

Why You Should Know Them

Home construction is an ever changing field. Materials, designs, and innovations are constantly being discovered and added, which can make it difficult to keep up. These experts are adept at not only influencing the industry, but also in engaging with it. They help communicate these trends to others, and play a major part in how well each new material or innovation does in the long run.

By watching the way that these experts work, you can gain a better, deeper understanding of the industry as a whole. You’ll see the freshest trends and latest designs as they’re being created, and you’ll have a chance to engage with the people who are making it happen.

If you’re a professional working in the construction industry yourself, knowing these experts can help you make better choices for your home clients. This in turn can help you grow your business and become an expert in your own right.

If you’re a homeowner looking to renovate, build, or remodel in the coming months or year, following these experts can help you discover what’s fresh, give you inspiration and ideas for what to include, and help you learn more about the workings of the industry, so that you can better apply them to your own project.

In addition, anyone with an interest in the construction industry can learn a lot from following these experts. Whether you want to see new designs as they emerge, watch trends unfold, or simply follow along with the best, watching these 200 experts can help you see the industry in a different light.

Follow Them to Discover Where The Industry is Heading

Whether you’re a homeowner, an industry professional, or simply someone with a special industry in home construction and design, we hope that you can use this list to learn more about where the industry is headed. By following these 200 top experts in the field, you’ll be able to capture the construction industry and its impact on the lives of the people it employs and works with in new and innovative ways.

Look out for further posts on this and other topics to ensure you stay current as the year moves forward.

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