Top 200 Influencers in the Interior Design Industry 2021

Meet the top 200 interior design influencers who are shaping the industry in 2021.

Cristina Miguelez
January 21, 2021
26 min read

Our homes provide us an escape from the stresses of everyday life and serve as our own personal canvases that allow us to openly express ourselves. They’ve also played a key role in our lives this year in particular, as the pandemic has opened our eyes to the importance of a comfortable, functional space. Having spent more time at home this year, most of us have probably noticed that there is room for improvement in our home’s interior design.

We aren’t all experts in design though. In fact, most people aren’t. Taking your design ideas from your head and translating them into reality isn’t an easy task. And doing it right the first time is nearly impossible for the average person. That’s where interior designers come in.

From becoming experts on design theories ranging from minimalism to mid-century modern to intimately understanding the wide breadth of available color palettes and construction materials, interior designers help make our dream homes a reality. They guide us into the latest industry trends and provide endless creativity to enhance people's/our lives. In addition, some exceptional interior designers have built a more influential platform to move the industry forward.

To honor this exclusive group of professionals, is proud to present the Top 200 Interior Design Influencers of 2021. These honorees will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of interior design, and we invite you to get to know them and follow their journeys throughout the year.

Who They Are and How We Chose Them

Fixr analysts searched far and wide to identify the highest-performing individuals in the interior design industry, including home stagers, decorators, and of course, interior designers. We looked nationwide to find those who take an active approach when it comes to contributing to and improving the industry, and we took into account many different criteria as we narrowed down our list.

Social media influence and engagement, along with media and press features, customer reviews, overall authority in home design, and industry accolades were the main deciding factors when it came to selecting who made the list. Examining these ensured that we only picked the best of the best.

Why You Need to Know Them

Home design ebbs and flows in new directions each year, and these movements are mostly due to the thoughts and practices of the industry’s leading visionaries. Following trends is easy, but starting trends is a skill only a select group of designers possesses. Knowing and following those who are shaping home design will ensure your home is the talk of the town and a model for others to follow.

Designing a home goes beyond trends though. Becoming familiar with available color palettes, unique construction materials, innovative technologies, and inventive home design philosophies is an essential part of defining how you want to improve your home. These influencers can give you the latest and most authoritative information available about all of these.

This list of influencers is particularly useful for:

  • Current or future home designers who are actively seeking to build their own brand and authority in the industry,
  • Homeowners who want to stay on top of the latest trends, and
  • Anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of home design and watch how the industry evolves.

Following those at the forefront of the industry keeps you on top of the latest information and newest design trends. You can incorporate these in your own home or in your clients’ homes, improving their livability and maximizing their value.

Follow the Influencers Who Shape the Industry

As a collaborative process, home design has a lot of moving parts. The designers on this list bring these parts together and harness their power to change lives. We hope you find it useful, and we hope you’ll follow these influencers on social media to stay up-to-date on their latest creations and achievements.

Thank you to all of the influencers who made the list for their contributions and thought leadership in guiding the design industry into the new year.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming home design reports to learn more about these influencers' insights and take a deep dive into the trends they predict will play a prominent role in 2021. You can also take a look at our 2020 list.

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