Staircases and Elevators

Average Costs for Staircases and Elevators

If your home has more than one level, then you will need a way to access each one safely. In most homes, this means installing a staircase, stairlift, or elevator. Most houses have stairs or stairwells, but homeowners may add stairlifts or elevators if accessing the stairs is too difficult. Each of these projects has a different price point, labor cost, and timeline for installation.

Stairs are generally the simplest of the three, with labor costs of around $720. The labor costs for the installation of a stairlift will be about $300 for just the lift installation. Any project that also requires a new outlet will have additional labor costs of up to $700. Installing an elevator can also have a wide range of associated labor costs, depending on the type of elevator and its location. Expect to spend on average around $4,000 to start, with some projects having labor go as high as $50,000.

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