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5 Best Space Heaters for Large Rooms

Zeeshan Hyder

Published on March 18, 2022


5 Best Space Heaters for Large Rooms

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Image source: Temperature Master

Heating large areas of your home to a comfortable temperature can sometimes be difficult and expensive if your central heating system isn’t up to snuff. Space heaters are not only energy-efficient, but they can also save you money on your utility bills. Most common electric space heaters typically have heating elements of 1,500 watts and are capable of heating up to 1,000 square feet.

Let’s find out which space heater is best for your home.

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An Important Note on Space Heaters

Before we get started, let’s clarify: the types of space heaters on this list are all electric space heaters. While other heat sources like propane, oil-filled heaters, and kerosene heaters are still occasionally used for emergencies, we recommend using electric ones as they are safer, more efficient, and less expensive. Just make sure to plug electric heaters directly into the wall and never use a power strip or extension cord or it could overheat and start a fire. Portable radiator heaters are safe and have a strong heat output, but can be difficult to move and requires airflow to disperse the heat in larger areas.

It’s also important to note that while some radiant heaters and infrared space heaters like the Duraflame DFI-5010-01 can heat some larger rooms, these types are generally best for small rooms. Radiant heat can warm you up if you’re positioned close to it, but won’t warm the air. Convection heaters transfer heat to the air, which creates circulation and can heat the whole room, making them a more efficient space heater.

Let’s jump into the best 5 space heaters available for your home.

5 Best Space Heaters for a Large Room

Lasko FH500

Image source: Lasko

Average cost: $123.75

The Lasko FH500 features a 1,500-watt 3-speed ceramic heater with four different fan speeds, which helps circulate warm air in the room and evenly distributes the heat. This ceramic tower heater is ETL listed, which means it’s been tested for safe use and also includes several safety features such as a tip-over switch and overheating protection. An automatic eco mode thermostat helps to control temperature settings without using much energy.

FH500’s key features:

Vornado VH200

Image source: PCGameGuidesAZ

Average cost: $70

The Vornado VH200 uses a vortex-like fan to help circulate warm air throughout an entire room. This portable heater features three heat settings that increase the wattage from 750-1,125-1,500 and an adjustable thermostatic knob so you can easily control the temperature and airflow. In addition to a tip-over switch, the VH200 has overheating protection and includes a cool-touch case. With a price point between $70-$80, this space heater is a bargain and packs a punch for its small size.

VH200’s key features:

Dr. Infared Heater

Image source: Amazon

Average cost: $106.99

Although the Dr. Infrared offers radiant infrared heating and is well-suited for smaller rooms like a home office, its 1,500 watts of heating power is enough to heat large areas like a living room. This portable space heater features a digital thermostat and dual heating systems with an infrared quartz tube and PTC, which distributes heat more evenly. Infrared quartz and PTC are safer for indoor use because they don’t burn oxygen and cause risks like carbon monoxide like other heaters. Some safety features include an auto shut-off timer, tip-over protection, and overheat protection.

Dr. Infrared’s key features:

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool

Image source: Dyson

Average cost: $500

Yes, $500 is a lot to pay for a space heater, but if cost isn’t an issue, the oscillating Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is an incredibly powerful and versatile small space heater and cooling system. Using a remote control, you’ll be able to switch between long-range and direct heating, while using its fan and air purifier to remove household allergens. You’ll also have complete temperature control, being able to adjust the exact temperature you want. That being said, with 2,000 watts, you could expect your electricity bill to be a little higher with this heater.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool’s key features:

De’Longhi Mica Thermal Panel Heater

Image source: Amazon

Average cost: $120

This sleek panel space heater can either be set up on the floor or mounted on the wall so you won’t have to worry about it taking up any space. With a maximum of 1,500 watts, you’ll be able to heat an entire room with an adjustable thermostat, so you’ll easily be able to control heat levels. Safety features include a tip-over switch and automatic shut-off so it won’t overheat.

De’Longhi Thermal Panel Heater’s key features:

How Many Watts Do I Need?

To figure out how many watts your space heater needs to make your home feel warm and toasty, you’ll first need to check the insulation. Homes built before 1980 with less insulation typically require 10 watts per square foot, and homes built after 1980 require about 8 watts per square foot.

Which Space Heater Is Right for You?

If your HVAC system isn’t providing enough heat for specific areas of your home, buying a portable space heater is a worthy investment. Whether you’re on a budget and need a small ceramic space heater or want something more high-end like the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool heater, there are plenty of highly efficient heaters with enough wattage to heat large rooms in your home to choose from. You’ll just need to factor in your budget, your home’s insulation, and the square footage of the area you want to heat.