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Are Simonton Windows Worth Buying?

Chris Gennone

Published on April 20, 2022


Are Simonton Windows Worth Buying?

Simonton is one of the largest manufacturers of vinyl replacement windows and doors, but are they right for your home? Learn more today.

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Simonton is one of the largest manufacturers of vinyl replacement windows and doors and their products are available in most big-box retail stores. In addition to standard single-hung windows, Simonton also offers a selection of double-hung, awning, casement windows, picture windows, sliders, bay windows, and bow windows.

With other big names like Andersen, JELD-WEN, Pella, and Marvin in the window game, are Simonton windows worth buying? Let’s find out.

Simonton Window Collections

Simonton offers different window collections for both Eastern and Western regions, suiting specific climates and weather conditions. Most Simonton products are replacement windows, but they do feature one collection of new construction windows and one collection of windows designed for coastal homeowners.

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East region

Image source: Simonton


Image source: Simonton

Available configurations: Double hung, slider, picture, casement, awning, garden, bay, bow, and geometric

The Simonton Reflections 5500 and 5050 series are the company's most popular collection of vinyl windows, with a selection of different window configurations and glass packages. These energy-efficient windows were recognized as Energy Star's Most Efficient of 2021, featuring ProSolar Low-E glass with an argon gas fill, which helps deflect heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter. With the Reflections series, Simonton offers a limited lifetime warranty on all hardware and three years for glass breakage for the 5500 series, but it doesn't cover labor.


Image source: Simonton

Available configurations: Double hung, slider, picture, and geometric

Simonton's Asure window collection features a narrower and thinner vinyl frame than other styles, providing a larger viewing area. These vinyl windows are low-maintenance and include a selection of different sizes, grilles, and efficient glass options.


Image source: Simonton

Available configurations: Double-hung, casement, sliders, awning, picture, geometric, bay, and bow

The Impressions 9800 collection of Simonton vinyl windows is designed to capture the appearance of real wood without all of the required maintenance. Impressions windows also include tempered glass, providing more security and sound dampening. Homeowners can choose between a selection of three interior wood finishes and seven exterior color options.

Stormbreaker Plus

Image source: Simonton

Available configurations: Double-hung, sliders, awning, picture, and casements

Simonton Stormbreaker Plus windows are designed for homeowners in coastal areas who experience variable weather conditions like hurricanes. With its KeepSafe Maximum glass, the Stormbreaker Plus collection's impact-resistant windows will serve to protect your home from debris and high winds. These windows also deflect up to 99% of harmful UV rays and provide up to 50% sound reduction.


Image source: Simonton

Available configurations: Single-hung, double-hung, casements, sliders, awning, and picture

The ProFinish collection includes Simonton's only series of new construction windows. They feature the ProFinish Builder and ProFinish Contractor series, designed to make window installations easier with integral nailing fins. These windows include a welded frame and sash that improve strength and durability as well as plenty of efficient glass options.

West region

Image source: Simonton


Image source: Simonton

Available configurations: Single-hung, sliders, awning, casements, picture, garden, geometric, bay, and bow

The DaylightMax windows are designed with smaller, narrow frames to maximize viewing areas and bring in up to 40% more sunlight. These windows also feature an AutoSense Lock, which automatically locks your windows when they are closed, providing more security against intruders.


Image source: Simonton

Available configurations: Single-hung, double-hung, sliders, casements, awning, geometric, picture, and garden

The Madeira window collection features wider and heavier frames to help compliment your home's aesthetics. With its triple-pane Low-E and argon gas glass, these windows were named among Energy Star's Most Efficient of 2021.


Image source: Simonton

Available configurations: Single-hung, sliders, and picture

Simonton's Verona series features a narrow window frame and insulating glass, maximizing your home's energy efficiency. In addition to several glass options and grid patterns, there's a variety of window styles and grilles.

Pros and Cons of Simonton Windows

Pros of Simonton windows

Low maintenance – Thanks to Simonton's vinyl frames, their windows are relatively weather resistant and won't rot or peel like natural wood windows. Outside of occasionally cleaning the windows, vinyl won't need to be repainted or require much maintenance.

Lifetime warranties – Simonton offers limited lifetime and double lifetime warranties for its hardware. Make sure you closely read your warranty, though, because some elements only include coverage for 10-20 years.

Energy-efficient – In addition to its durable vinyl frame, Simonton includes a variety of different Low-E glass packages, which will help reduce energy loss.

Cost-effective – Compared to other window manufacturers like Marvin and Milgard, Simonton offers competitive prices, typically costing between $200 and $700 on average.

Cons of Simonton windows

Lack of material options - Though there’s a variety of different wood finishes and paint colors available, Simonton only offers vinyl frames.

Installation is not covered – Although Simonton offers lifetime warranties, it does not cover the actual window installation, so you'll need to make sure you find an experienced contractor that's familiar with the product.

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Are Simonton Windows worth buying?

The Simonton brand is one of the biggest names in home improvement, specializing in replacement windows, sliding glass doors, and swinging patio doors. Their vinyl frames and competitive pricing make them a low-maintenance, durable, and affordable option. While there might not be a large variety of material options, you’ll be able to choose between different energy-efficient glass packages and window styles.

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