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Atlas Shingles: Pros, Cons, and Are They Worth Buying

Chris Gennone

Published on November 2, 2020


Atlas Shingles: Pros, Cons, and Are They Worth Buying

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Image source: Atlas Roofing

The Atlas Roofing Corporation is one of the top brands for high-performance roof shingle products. Specializing in asphalt-coated shingles, they offer some of the most competitive prices and warranty coverage.

To help you understand more about Atlas and its product offerings, we’re going to lay out each type of roof shingle the company sells, the pros and cons of Atlas shingles, and determine if they’re worth buying.

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Who is Atlas?

Founded in 1982, Atlas began manufacturing asphalt fiberglass shingles in Mississippi and eventually bought several more roofing plants in the 1990s. Today, Atlas is home to 19 manufacturing facilities across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. While Atlas also manufactures insulation, it specializes in asphalt roof shingles. Its most popular roofing product is currently the Pinnacle Pristine shingles with Scotchgard protector, which Consumer Reports ranked as the top asphalt shingle available due to its strength and durability.

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Types of atlas shingles

Atlas manufactures three types of roof shingles: 3-tab, architectural, and specialty slate shingles. While they’re all made with similar materials, they all differ in shape and size. 3-tab shingles are the cheapest option, but they’re also lightweight and thinner than others, requiring more maintenance and repair. Architectural shingles are more expensive than 3-tab shingles but they last much longer due to their heaviness and thickness.

3-tab shingles

Image source: Menards

All 3-tab shingles are cut into the same size, shape, and thickness, giving them a uniform-style appearance. These asphalt-coated shingles come in three tabs about 12 inches wide and 36 inches long. Although they’re lightweight and require more maintenance and repair, 3-tab shingles are the least expensive option.

Here are Atlas’ brands of 3-tab shingles:

GlassMaster - These shingles are part of Atlas’ value tier and are available in 12 colors. They feature a 30-year limited warranty, offering coverage for algae damage, 60 MPH wind coverage, as well as manufacturer defects. Available in bundles of 3-tab 26 shingles (32.5 square feet), they will cost you about $17.99.

Legend - Atlas’ Legend shingles are made with the Scotchgard from 3M, which protects them from black streaks caused by algae. The shingles are available in five colors, come with a 40-year limited warranty, and a 110 MPH wind limited warranty. The Legend shingles are part of Atlas’ designer tier, which should be available at your local roofing supply company.

Architectural shingles

Image source: Menards

While architectural shingles are more expensive, they can increase a home’s value. These pristine architectural shingles are thicker and 50% heavier than 3-tab shingles, which makes them a more durable option with longer warranties. Here are Atlas’ types of architectural shingles.

Pinnacle Pristine - The Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingle is also made with the Scotchgard protector and features a lifetime limited warranty. These are available in 19 colors like Pristine sienna and are fire and wind-resistant. Part of Atlas’ designer tier, the Pinnacle Pristine shingles feature 56 in a bundle which covers 32.8 square feet and cost about $38.

Briarwood Pro - The Briarwood Pro shingles are available in six colors and feature an industry-leading limited warranty for wind damages up to 130 MPH. Also part of Atlas’ designer tier, the Briarwood Pro shingles cover 32.8 square feet and cost about $36 per bundle.

ProLam - Available in five colors, these value-tier shingles feature 3M ceramic-coated copper granules, protecting them from algae. The ProLam shingles also include a lifetime limited warranty and up to 130 MPH wind coverage. You should be able to find them through your local roofing supply store.

Castlebrook - Castlebrook shingles include a 35-year limited warranty and come in a variety of nine colors. These architectural shingles also feature wind coverage up to 130 MPH. Castlebrook shingles are part of Atlas’ value tier, covering 32.8 square feet and costing about $35 per bundle.

StormMaster Shake - The StormMaster Shake shingles are made with Core4 enhanced polymer technology, featuring PolyCore, FlexCore, WeatherCore, and ThermalCore technology. These four features help the shingles resist cracking in cold temperatures, impact from hail and high winds, and maintain stability in extreme conditions. They also feature a lifetime algae resistance limited warranty, wind warranty coverage up to 150 MPH, and a lifetime limited warranty for protection against manufacturing defects. You can find bundles of the StormMaster Shake weathered wood style shingles for $52 a bundle.

Slate shingles

Image source: Atlas Roofing

These asphalt slate shingles are the only of their kind at Atlas. But both StormMaster brands feature Core4 technology and Class 4 impact resistance, which is the highest rating available.

StormMaster Slate - These specialty shingles are part of Atlas’ designer tier and are available in six colors. They feature the Scotchgard protector and include a 130 MPH wind limited warranty and a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturing defects. The StormMaster Slate shingles are made with the Core4 technology, cover 33.3 square feet, and can be found in your local roofing supply store.

Pros of Atlas shingles

Algae resistant - Many roofing brands feature algae-resistant shingles, but Atlas shingles include a Scotchgard protector made by 3M which comes with a lifetime warranty against any damage caused by algae. The protector is made with a small number of copper granules that prevent black streaks caused by algae.

Familiar with roofing contractors - Atlas shingles are available at stores like Menards, but they’re mostly available through various local independent roofing supply companies.

Wind resistant - Atlas roof shingles feature a larger nailing area and a double adhesive sealant line which guarantees wind resistance up to 150 MPH.

Affordable - While most roofing shingle brands cost about the same per bundle, Atlas shingles remain the most cost-effective.

Cons of Atlas shingles

Not environmentally friendly - While asphalt shingles are mostly made up of recycled materials, they do need to be replaced every 20-30 years and not many recycling centers accept asphalt shingles.

Degrades in extreme weather conditions - Many asphalt shingles don’t seal well in extreme temperatures, allowing moisture in and damaging the shingles.

Warranty issues - While Atlas features warranties that are similar to other brands, many homeowners claimed that their shingle warranty claims were rejected by the company.

Homeowner issues - Atlas faced a class action lawsuit when homeowners claimed it manufactured faulty shingles and failed to inform its customers. The company was ordered to reassess all warranty claims and pay the full cost of all repairs.

Are Atlas shingles worth buying?

Atlas remains one of the largest roofing shingle manufacturers today. They are one of the most cost-effective options for roof shingles and offer competitive warranties for algae and wind damage. While Atlas shingles may not be available at every big box home improvement store, you should be able to find them at your local roofing supply company.

Or you can opt for the Atlas Signature Select Roofing System, which completely assembles your roof with shingles, the Atlas Weathermaster ice & water underlayment, starter shingles, and the Atlas pro-cut high profile hip & ridge shingles with a ridge vent. This includes its Premium Protection Period, which features no prorated labor and materials coverage, tear-off and disposal fees coverage, coverage of the full roofing system, and transferability. All of these features include the Atlas warranty.

So if you’re looking for roof shingles that cost less and feature comprehensive warranties for algae and wind damage, Atlas is a good option.

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