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Barbiecore: Experts Reveal 5 Ways to Add Barbie Pink to Your Home

Written by Charlotte Granville

Published on July 11, 2023


Barbiecore: Experts Reveal 5 Ways to Add Barbie Pink to Your Home

Interior design experts reveal 5 ways to incorporate Barbiecore design into your home, from Barbie pink walls to gold accessories.

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There is no escaping the hype surrounding the upcoming Barbie movie, starring Margot Robie as the famous doll. So much so that pink is emerging in home design through the Barbiecore trend, one of the hottest interior design trends of 2023. But what is it? 

As Kevin Wang, home decor expert at Inyouths, explains “The Barbiecore trend taps into our culture's love for nostalgia and brings a sense of fun and imagination to interior design.”

It’s more than just painting the walls Barbie pink, however. There are many ways to incorporate the design style into your home. Wang adds that “Like any style, the key is to balance it with other elements and avoid going overboard, respecting your taste and the design of your home.” 

So, if you believe life in plastic really is fantastic, here is how to create your Barbiecore dream house, according to design experts.

1. Incorporate Pink Furniture

Having a Barbiecore interior design theme can vary greatly depending on your preferences. For instance, Julio Arco, Architect and Interior Designer at Bark and Chase says that “Incorporating Barbiecore can range from bold features, such as a statement furniture piece in hot pink or a pink accent wall, to more subtle elements like pink throw pillows or accessories.” If you’re looking for a bolder, more daring approach to this design, furniture is a great way to achieve it. 

Wang says that you can “Integrate pink furniture, such as a velvet sofa or an accent chair, to add a pop of color and luxurious touch.”

If you opt for pink furniture, make sure that it strikes the right tone. Devin Shaffer, Lead Interior Designer at Decorilla advises to “explore fabrics and materials that use the color in a way that it's blended with more neutral undertones.” 

You can also use furniture to balance out the room if you use pink elsewhere. Pamela O’Brien, Principal Designer at Pamela Hope Designs, comments that “White furniture, white ceilings, white trim, doors, and windows will make your Barbiecore style pop.”

2. Use Pink Wallpaper to Achieve the Look

Wallpaper is a top trend in 2023 and many experts consider pink wallpaper a great way to nail the Barbiecore design trend. As O’Brien claims, “Wallpaper is another place to pack a punch! Any whimsical design or graphic print in Barbie-like hues is sure to bring up the happy quotient in your room.” 

Wallpaper can be used in any room and can completely transform the space or add a subtle touch with an accent wall. For instance, “You can incorporate it [pink wallpaper] in small spaces like accent walls, powder rooms, or reading nooks. It works well in these spaces because it adds personality and warmth without dominating the entire room.”

Ricky Allen, Designer at EverWallpaper, believes wallpaper can be used strategically to highlight other features; “Pink wallpaper can be used to bring out the color of furniture pieces, such as couches or chairs”. 

The versatility of wallpaper makes it an appealing option. “You can use pink wallpaper to line the inside of cabinets or drawers, or to line the ceiling.” points out Raf Michalowski, Interior Designer at Meble Furniture

3. Try Out Different Paint Color Options

When you hear “Barbiecore” you probably instantly think of a hot pink color. This is the typical Barbie color, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint your walls this shade to achieve the design. 

However, O’Brien says that “If this is a color you enjoy, go wild. It pairs well with white and purple for strong Barbiecore vibes.” Wang also advises to “Start with a statement wall in a room by painting it hot pink”. 

For a variation of the traditional Barbie pink, Erin Lageman-Louies, PPG's GLIDDEN® brand expert, shares Rose Hip (PPG1055-3) saying that it “is a gently soothing shade of pink, with a hint of sandy undertones. This exquisite paint color effortlessly infuses a room with a soft and inviting ambiance. And can provide a subtle nod to Barbie’s signature hue.” 

And if traditional pink really doesn’t work for you, try Cinnamon Diamonds (PPG1055-5). Lageman-Louise says that it “embodies a rich and intense hue of Merlot pink, elegantly shaded and imbued with a nuanced oaky undertone. This captivating paint color is an ideal choice for infusing warmth into any space with a hint of pink.”

4. Add Pops of Pink to the Exterior

You can include Barbiecore for the exterior of the home to help blend outdoor and indoor design cohesively. Unless you are planning a complete Barbie dream house transformation, most experts advise sticking to pops of bold which doesn’t overwhelm or clash with the overall design of the home. “I recommend using pink in subtle ways, such as painting the front door, adding pink flowers, or outdoor seating cushions,” says Wang. The cost to paint your front door averages around $275. But if you want to use the opportunity to upgrade your entry door, it’ll cost you around $1,500. 

Talk to local pros to get quotes for your front door installation

Michalowski agrees, saying “I would suggest using pink or peach paint to create a modern look, and then add pops of color with accessories such as flower pots, outdoor furniture cushions, and outdoor rugs. One idea is to paint the front door a bright pink or peach color, which will make your home stand out and be more inviting.” It costs around 

And if you want to get the full Barbie dreamhouse look, it’s not just the color pink you need. Davin Eberhardt, Home Designer at Nature of Home, explains that “If someone is looking to include the Barbiecore trend on the exterior of their home, they should add palm trees in the garden area.” 

5. Accessorize, You Don’t Need to Go All In

While Barbiecore is a fun and uplifting design trend, it may not be something you want for the long term. If you’re not ready to fully commit, adding accessories is a great way to achieve the look, without going overboard. 

“Retro, 70’s-style accessories can also further the look – think fluffy rugs and mushroom lamps,” says O’Brien. Whereas Wang recommends “Pair pink with metallic gold accents, like a gold mirror, chandelier, or picture frames, for an elegant and sophisticated look.” He goes on to say that you can “Incorporate Barbie-inspired art prints and decorations around the house to accentuate the theme.”

Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Painting

Barbiecore is a great way to incorporate some uplifting color into your home. You can choose to completely overhaul your interior and embrace the fun of pink, or subtly add hints of the color to your current design. As Michalowski puts it, “You see, the great thing about Barbiecore interior design is that it gives you a lot of opportunities to express yourself in creative ways. It also adds a lighthearted, playful element to the home that can easily be changed or modified with time.”


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