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Bathroom Vanities: Which Style is Right For You?

Written by Cameron Bates

Published on September 20, 2023


Bathroom Vanities: Which Style is Right For You?

Choosing a bathroom vanity style is important for any bathroom remodel. See what your options are and what styles are the most popular.

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With endless bathroom vanity options to choose from, it can often take time to narrow down your preferred vanity and make a final decision. Do you want a fairly inconspicuous vanity that won’t take attention away from other bathroom features, or are you looking for more of a statement piece? This is just one of the questions you must ask yourself before deciding.

To help in your search for a new vanity, we’ve looked at some of the most popular bathroom vanity styles and found their best qualities and what bathrooms they suit best.

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Types of bathroom vanities

Floating vanity

A floating bathroom vanity, also commonly referred to as a wall-mounted vanity, has no direct connection to the floor and is instead fastened to the wall. This leaves the vanity with a gap between the bottom of the cabinets and the floor as if floating in mid-air.

Installing a floating vanity will not only provide a sleek and modern look to your bathroom, but it will also bring with it plenty of storage options. With the cabinets raised above the ground, you can store things like stepping stools or extra towels underneath and out of the way.

As for installing a floating cabinet, this will usually need to be done by a professional to ensure that it is safely and securely mounted to the wall.

Vessel vanity

A vessel vanity is where the sink sits atop the countertop of a floor-mounted cabinet. A vessel vanity will also have a specialty faucet and drainage system to accommodate the raised sink.

Unlike many other vanity options, a vessel vanity can be used in practically any style of bathroom, whether traditional, modern, or contemporary. You will also love the extra storage a vessel vanity provides due to the sink sitting on the vanity top and not taking up space in the cabinets.

Something to consider with a vessel sink is that it will require extra cleaning. Both the interior and exterior of the sink will need cleaning, as well as the extra countertop space.

Cabinet vanity

The most common single-sink bathroom vanity on this list is the cabinet vanity. It consists of box cabinets similar to what you would see in your kitchen, with a sink and countertop mounted on top.

This is one of the more versatile single-sink vanity styles and can be customized to fit just about any bathroom design. A cabinet vanity will support most sinks and can range in different sizes and materials. This allows it to be used in small and sizeable master bathrooms.

As for storage, the bathroom vanity cabinet provides plenty of space to keep your bathroom accessories tucked away. Most cabinet vanities will consist of several draws and at least one cabinet.

Double vanity

A double vanity is where two sinks are installed into the cabinetry allowing two people to use the vanity simultaneously. For that reason, double vanities are often seen in master ensuites and larger shared bathrooms.

To make room for the two sinks, the body of double sink bathroom vanities will often extend longer than your average bath vanity. This provides ample storage space to hide away any of your bathroom essentials. However, due to the space a double vanity takes up, they will usually be found in larger, more open bathroom designs.

The body of a double sink vanity will often be a floor-mounted cabinet vanity. However, a floating double vanity is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners in 2023 willing to spend more on bathroom additions.

Pedestal vanity

A pedestal, or freestanding vanity, is a floor-mounted vanity with a sink basin and a stand. This minimalist vanity style is popular with remodels on a budget but can still make a great focal point in your bathroom.

A pedestal vanity can most often be found in older homes or bathrooms with a small space available. A pedestal vanity is as wide as the sink, meaning it can fit in just about any bathroom space, making it perfect for half baths or powder rooms.

The major downside to a pedestal sink is that you will have to find somewhere else to store your toiletries and other bathroom products. Most pedestal vanities provide zero storage space with a bar and soap; your toothbrush is about everything it can handle.

Under-mount vanity

An under-mount vanity is where the sink is built directly into the vanity base. Most of the sink is concealed below the countertop, providing a smooth and seamless look. This is one of the more modern bathroom vanities seen in many new builds or remodels.

Installing an under-mount sink will emphasize your other bathroom features, such as the countertop and faucet. Make sure to choose an aesthetically pleasing countertop sturdy enough to hold the sink's weight. While having the sink built into the vanity does provide you with more useable counter space, it will also eat into your storage space.

You may have to go for one of the more expensive high-quality countertop materials, but trust us – it’s worth it.

What bathroom vanity does your home need?

It is difficult to say that one vanity is better than another simply because they all bring something different to your bathroom. This is why only some vanity styles are appropriate for some bathroom styles.

For example, while a double vanity may be perfect for a spacious master bathroom, it just isn’t a feasible option for some smaller bathrooms. Then there’s a pedestal sink, which is ideal for a half bath but doesn’t have the storage capabilities to be installed in a larger shared bathroom.

To make sure that you choose the right bathroom vanity, consider the size and style of the bathroom you want to create, the amount of storage you require, and its functionality.

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