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Top 7 Bedroom Paint Colors in 2023

Ornella Bianco

Published on October 6, 2022


Top 7 Bedroom Paint Colors in 2023

We unveil which paint color trends are going to be among the most popular options this coming year for bedroom spaces

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The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. It’s where people retreat to rest, a place that should bring comfort for relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day. A bedroom that exudes tranquility can help with sleep, clarity of mind, and set the stage for the rejuvenation needed to face the next day.

By updating the bedroom with a fresh new look, it can in turn provide a completely new perspective on the space. Painting walls or just the ceiling as an accent feature can be a fast and affordable way to create a dramatic transformation, particularly when incorporating some of the latest color trends.

Below we’ve listed the top 7 color trends for bedrooms in 2023. These trends are likely to help reach the right tone for bedrooms this upcoming year.

1. Soft Blues

One hue to look out for this year in bedrooms is a very soft, almost pastel blue. Its calming and fresh appearance is easy on the eyes and makes the shade suitable to use in all walls of the room. Blue is a popular color for many spaces in 2023, and while it’s showing up in bolder and darker hues in other areas, for the bedroom, it remains a lighter, more pale tone.

Given both how important relaxing and calming hues are in the bedroom, as well as the natural and airy feeling that the color blue brings, it makes sense that soft blues will be popular in bedrooms. This trend is a carry over from last year, despite it not being the stand-out color for bedrooms. This year it seems more prominent as people work to create a more tranquil and soothing bedroom space.

2. Soft Greens

Last year, several shades of green were named as colors of the year, nevertheless many green paint colors are still going strong this year as well. In 2022, sage green was named the most popular color for bedrooms, and this soft, beautiful shade is still predicted to be big in 2023. Creative director Reya Duenas from Reya Duenas Design suggests using soft greens “with a mix of other neutral colors and some wood tones for added warmth”. 

Green colors have the power of providing a strong connection to nature, making one feel relaxed and comfortable, so it’s no wonder that people would want to keep these shades in their bedrooms. In addition to sage, other colors to consider for the bedroom include olive green for a richer hue, or shades of gray/green to create a slightly more neutral space.

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3. Blush, Mauve, and Dusty Pink

Millennial pink made many people view this color in a different way a few years ago. Pink is no longer associated with only juvenile spaces, many shades of dusty pink and muted mauves can bring a new sophistication to adult bedrooms and spaces. Duenas states that these colors are “still on trend layered with other neutral tones, terracottas and a variety of natural, textured fabrics for an earthy effect”. Popular hues this upcoming year can range from pink-tinged white through to darker shades that approach terracotta.

Overall, pastels are very popular right now, as they can give a sense of tranquility and peacefulness to any room. This is something that many people want to add to their interiors, and their lives, and pastels can do all this as well as providing style and elegance to bedroom spaces. This new focus on shades of blush, mauve, and pink can help create a soft glow inside bedrooms that is very appealing. Shades of light pink especially can often be flattering to many skin tones, making these color choices a nice touch for bedrooms and other intimate spaces.

4. Purple Tones

Each year, companies such as Pantone announce their picks for color of the year. And before that color is announced, trend forecasters like to throw their pick into the ring for what they believe that color will be. This year, those forecasters believe that the color of the year for 2023 will be Digital Lavender, a light purple shade that has undertones of both red and gray. The color is being hailed as “therapeutic”, and is thought to promote calmness and serenity in today’s fast paced world.

Last year, a similar shade of purple - lilac - was chosen as a popular bedroom color trend. Lavender follows in its footsteps, but with slightly more versatility. While lilac leans more purple, lavender is delicately balanced between red, gray, and purple tones, which makes it easier to pair with other warm colors like cream, deep red, and maroon. This can allow for a deeper, richer color scheme in the bedroom.

5. Golden Shades

If what‘s needed in the bedroom is something warmer and more energizing, consider looking into the trend of golden and ocher shades. Golden tones can add a lot of energy to a room, while exuding an air of elegance, and sophistication. For the bedroom, warmer, deeper hues rather than vibrant ones are often preferred.

Ocher on the other hand, is a rich, golden hue that can be deepened to a dark bronze or lightened until it becomes more neutral. Consider applying this as an accent or two-toned wall. Colors like this can create a cozy and intimate feeling in your bedroom, while still feeling neutral and earthy - two things that are always on trend for bedroom spaces.

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6. White Tones

According to interior designer Megan Pisano from Megan Pisano Design, white tones are “everlasting and timeless”. Whether it’s crisp and cool or warmer and cream-toned, there is no denying that white is a popular color for any bedroom space. Last year, both cool off-white and cream were popular bedroom hues, and this year the trend continues.

Crisp white is getting a lot more attention this year - this shade is bright with just a hint of cool undertone to add a relaxing ambiance to the space. It’s hard to go wrong with white, as it's an all-purpose neutral that can be used with any bedding, furniture, or accents. While some trends come and go quickly, white has a lasting quality to it, no matter which shade is picked.

7. Dark and Daring Shades

While most of the popular colors for bedrooms this year are light and pastel shades or more neutral colors, there is one trend that is designed for those that want to go a little more daring in their bedrooms. That’s dark, bold, and heavily saturated hues. Dark colors like navy, charcoal gray and even black can still be considered restful, particularly in the bedroom where people may want darker hues to help induce a feeling of rest and sleep. You can use pops of color like ocher or golden accents to your room's decor to add brightness.

Dark hues are also a little more edgy and modern, so they’re a good choice for anyone that is tired of the neutrals and light, natural shades that have dominated the interior design industry over the last few years. While not for everyone, many of these shades can bring added dimension, personality and depth to any bedroom design.

2023 Bedroom Paint Colors Will Evoke Relaxation

Overall many of the color trends for bedrooms in 2023 focus on soft shades and colors that can be considered tranquil, relaxing, and rejuvenating. However, those colors that are a little warmer and more saturated can still bring a sense of warmth, coziness, or depth to the space. For any bedroom ready for a makeover, bring some of these feelings into the space and consider updating the wall or ceiling colors to incorporate any of these trends.

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