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8 Top Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends in 2023

Irena Martincevic

Published on October 13, 2022


8 Top Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends in 2023

We bring you 8 top kitchen cabinet color trends that are set to be popular in 2023, together with experts’ opinions on each.

The kitchen cabinets set the tone for the rest of the kitchen design. They are often the first thing selected, which means that they influence everything else that goes into the space. And one thing that can really set the stage for the rest of the kitchen is the color. Kitchen cabinet colors can range from natural wood tones to rich greens, blues, and even blacks.

To uncover the latest trends in what kitchen cabinet colors will be popular in 2023, we undertook research into the topic, and reached out to experts in the kitchen design field as well. Below are 8 top trends that will dominate kitchens in 2023.

1. Dark Blue-Green

Blue green kitchen interior with marble countertops and wooden floors.

Deep blue-green is showing up as an increasingly popular color for 2023. Both PPG and Glidden have named it their color of the year, and it’s turning up in homes across the country, including in kitchens on the cabinets. Dark blue-green is a nice twist on the shades of green and blue that have been popular for the last several years. It’s richer and more saturated than other colors that have dominated in the past, and can add a sense of elegance to the design while calling to mind still, deep waters and rich green leaves.

Painting the kitchen cabinets in this shade can help hide a lot of sins. It’s dark enough that many fingerprints and stains won’t show. And it’s still bright enough to not overpower the rest of the kitchen design.

Keep in mind that cabinets cost between $3 and $12 a square foot to paint. A color this dark may require a primer if the previous color was lighter in hue, which may make costs fall on the higher end.

2. Sophisticated Black

A modern kitchen interior with black cabinets and white countertops.

Black is another color that has been showing up everywhere this year. Last year it made the list of popular kitchen colors alongside other very dark hues of navy and dark gray. This year, it’s become more of a stand-alone trend. Black cabinets are very sophisticated and can look modern or transitional in design depending on what they are paired with. White countertops will shine against black cabinets, while a matte black cabinet makes a good contrast to glass or glossy backsplash.

When using black cabinets, make sure to keep other colors in the room light or glossy and reflective in order to prevent the space from getting too dark. Used in a well lit kitchen, however, black cabinets will elevate any design to the next level.

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3. Clean Whites

A modern kitchen design with white cabinets and a kitchen island with seating.

White cabinets are another trend that has a lot of staying power. They ranked on last year’s list of popular cabinet colors as well, and Interior Designer Joe Human from Design by Human believes that they will likely continue to grow in popularity: “I think white will always be the number one go to as it is super easy to pair anything with.

White cabinets have a clean, bright appearance that can brighten any kitchen. They do particularly well when using either glossy materials or a more glossy paint, which makes them easy to wash, despite their light color. White is the ultimate neutral, so homeowners that want a more colorful backsplash or focal point in the kitchen can use white cabinets to help show it off.

4. Shades of Green

A nature inspired kitchen interior with green cabinets.

Last year saw many companies choose varying shades of green as their colors of the year. And earthy greens were chosen as one of the top trends for kitchen cabinets as well. Green is still very popular going forward, with several shades showing particular promise. Look for colors like Sage, rich Pine Green, Olive, and a few deep Hunter greens that nearly border on black.

All shades of green are associated with nature, which may help create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen. 

Interior Design expert at Fixr.com Sarabeth Asaff South explains, “Green is nearly a neutral color because it pairs so well with everything. Match a deep dark green cabinet with a white marble or quartz countertop, or choose a more earthy toned countertop with a lighter green. Either way, green cabinets are sure to add a lot of natural depth and beauty to the kitchen design.

Just be sure not to try and match your cabinets and countertops or go tone-on-tone, as that much color in one space could get overwhelming.

5. Earth Tones

A nature inspired kitchen design with taupe cabinets and wooden countertops.

Earth tones is an all-encompassing color trend for many hues and colors found in nature. This can include shades of green, as well as colors that call to mind mushrooms, tree bark, mulch, or rivers. Many of these colors are deep and rich, so they have some gravity and elegance to them that can let homeowners include colors in an otherwise understated design. As Toombs explains, “Earth tones are having a BIG moment. I am getting a lot more requests for cabinets in shades like mushroom or sage green. The earthy tones allow kitchens to have color without going too bold.

When using earthy shades, consider layering them within the space. Pair a mushroom colored cabinet with an earthy brown countertop, for example, or choose a deep brown for cabinets with a lighter green countertop. Most earth tones work well together, so it’s possible to get a built-in color palette very quickly.

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6. Timeless Gray

Gray is another color that has been around for a while, proving its staying power. Toombs agrees; “Gray cabinets haven’t fizzled out yet. Homeowners still love a gray cabinet with gold hardware for a modern, clean look.” Gray cabinets can be found in many shades from very light to nearly black, making them a good choice for many different styles and types of kitchens. Go for a lighter shade in kitchens with less light, or opt for something more saturated to match some of the other deep colors springing up this year.

Gray is a good neutral, so it’s a nice backdrop when used on kitchen cabinets. The countertops, wall colors, and backsplash can all take on more color and movement when used with a gray cabinet. This can allow for more freedom of expression throughout the space, without overwhelming it at the same time.

7. Shades of Blue

A nature inspired kitchen design with taupe cabinets and wooden countertops.

Blues are another color that has been popular recently, with ocean and baby blues being popular last year. And according to Liz Toombs, certified interior decorator and owner of PDR Interiors, “Blues and greens are still holding strong in the cabinet world. Coastal homes use shades of these colors along with the ever-reliable navy.

Navy blue in particular has been trending for a while, showing up alongside shades of black for kitchen cabinets last year, it is now taking center stage on its own. Sean Walsh, CEO of Walcraft Cabinetry agrees, “For the previous years it seemed like white and gray cabinets were it, until navy blue crept in.

Blue also works well with many different shades. Pair it with white, green, or golden countertops, or even blend it with lots of natural wood for the flooring and butcher block on countertops. White always looks crisp against blue, so consider one of this season's white shades for the walls to set the cabinets off.

Like darker blue-green, navy blue will help disguise a lot of handprints and stains, which leads such colors to lower maintenance over time.

8. Natural Wood

A modern kitchen interior with wood cabinets and marble countertops.

Natural wood is also a popular cabinet trend that has incredible staying power. It topped last year’s list of popular cabinet colors, and can be found across the country. There are many natural wood hues and wood stains. Some let the natural color of the wood show through, such as a clear maple or natural cherry. Others will deepen and darken the wood to bring out its grain and natural beauty. Natural wood has timeless appeal, so it’s unlikely to go out of style any time soon.

Natural wood cabinets pair well with any color of countertop, and most types of backsplashes. They are one of the most versatile ways to create a kitchen design, since they work so well with any material.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors With Staying Power

Many of the cabinet colors on this year’s list of popular shades have been seen before. This means that every color here has staying power, helping to create a more timeless kitchen design. Whether the kitchen is country or modern in style, these colors will be sure to set the stage for a beautiful and lasting design.

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