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Which ProVia Storm Door Should I Pick? The 5 Types Explained

Jack Wisniewski

Published on August 31, 2021


Which ProVia Storm Door Should I Pick? The 5 Types Explained

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Source: ProVia

Although they don't carry the name recognition of Larson, Pella, or Andersen, ProVia deserves more than a shout for storm door shoppers.

The Ohio-based, family-owned company offers 54 distinct aluminum storm door models, for starters. Among those choices, ProVia provides a wide range of customization options from colors to glass to hardware.

Finding the perfect storm door configuration for your home among the ProVia lineup might sound daunting with all of the choices at your disposal, but fret not! ProVia conveniently categorizes its storm door selection under five separate product lines – Spectrum, Decorator, Deluxe, DuraGuard, and Superview.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the ProVia storm door series.

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What's so special about ProVia storm doors?

ProVia checks off several boxes for storm door shoppers prioritizing durable frame materials, abundant paint finishes, designs, glass options, screens, and hardware options.

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Frame materials

Common storm door materials include vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum. ProVia makes all of its storm doors out of extruded aluminum – the most durable material of the three.

Finish options

Image source: ProVia

When it comes to matching your new storm door to your home's color palette, ProVia provides a long list of options: 13 standard colors, 3 limited colors, and, 11 "trending" custom colors for a total of 27 colors.

Regarding finish quality, ProVia uses oven-baked polyester. Every storm door comes with a confidence-inspiring lifetime finish warranty.


Storm doors come in three main designs – full view (mostly glass,) three-quarter view (three-quarter glass,) and half-lite (half glass, half door panel.)

ProVia manufactures storm doors in each of these profiles.

Glass options

Glass options refer to aesthetic, energy efficiency, and durability features.

Glass aesthetics

Image source: ProVia

ProVia offers an extensive selection of glass designs and tints as well as their Inspirations Art Glass patterns that provide an elegant flair to their storm doors.

To obscure the view of outsiders while allowing light in, ProVia also offers privacy glass.

Impact-resistant glass

As a standard, ProVia uses tempered glass, which is about four times stronger than normal glass. Tempered glass shatters into small pieces when broken to reduce the chance of injury upon breaking.

For additional safety, you can opt for laminate glass, which prevents the spread of shatter. ProVia also offers acrylic glass, which won't shatter at all.

Energy-efficient glass

To potentially lower your electricity bills, ProVia offers Low-E or low-emissivity glass. This energy-efficient glass coating prevents heat or cold air from entering or escaping through your storm door, which may reduce demand for heating and air conditioning.


We tend to forget our storm doors even have screens, but Provia gives you control over this crucial component with screen material choices (fiberglass or stainless steel) and built-in screen storage systems.

Hardware options

Image source: ProVia

Storm door hardware refers to knobs, locks, closers, and the like. ProVia provides several hardware options and finishes depending on the product line, allowing you to fine-tune how your storm door looks, feels, and operates. For instance, ProVia's Deluxe line of storm doors offers eight unique knob profiles.

On top of the door necessities, ProVia lets you integrate accessories like pet doors and mail slots for select models.

ProVia storm door lines

ProVia Storm Door Line Styles What We Like
Spectrum Full view, three-quarter view, half-lite Screen retracts into door for seamless storage
Decorator Full view only More glass designs, available without a screen, insulated frame core can help reduce utility costs
Deluxe Full view, three-quarter view, half-lite More models than any other ProVia line
DuraGuard Full view, three-quarter view, half-lite Extra strength non-removable screen, heavy-duty closer
Superview Full view, three-quarter view, half-lite Most expansive glass thanks to extra thin frame


Image source: ProVia

What we like: Convenient, retractable screen

Styles: Full view, three-quarter view, and half lite

Provia Spectrum storm doors look pretty ordinary.

That is until you slide the glass sash open, which instantly reveals a retractable screen.

When the sash is closed, this convenient feature keeps your line of sight screen-free. When you want a breath of fresh air through your storm door, just slide down the glass, and the screen comes down automatically!

Only Spectrum storm doors provide this feature, which ProVia calls InVent. You can still find storm doors with retractable screens from other brands, however.


Image source: ProVia

What we like: Full view only for maximal views, archway beveled glass option, available without a screen, standard insulated frame core can lower energy bills

Styles: Full view only

For homeowners seeking to let more light through their entryway or leave their entry door visually unobstructed, we recommend ProVia Decorator storm doors.

This series only comes in full view style, which means glass dominates all but the frame.

To further refine your views, ProVia allows you to forgo a screen unit. No screen leaves you with nothing but crystal clear glass.

Decorator arguably best lives up to its name through its available glass designs, particularly its archway beveled pattern – a series exclusive.

To sweeten the deal even further, Decorator storm doors come with an insulated frame core. Storm door insulation reduces heat transfer between your interior and the environment, which can reduce energy bills.


Image source: ProVia

What we like: More configurations than any other ProVia line

Styles: Full view, three-quarter view, half-lite

To take full advantage of ProVia’s customization options, shop their Deluxe storm doors.

This series not only offers storm doors in full view, half-lite, and three-quarter view styles, but Deluxe storm doors also come in an extensive array of sub-styles.

Among half-lite doors, you can opt for Crossbuck, Provincial, and Colonial, profiles that add dimension and personality to the aluminum door panel.

You can also opt for inlaid glass patterns, like the prairie style, as well as colored tints, coatings, and Low-E glass for improved energy efficiency.

Overall, Provia Deluxe storm windows best suit extra picky shoppers.


Image source: ProVia

What we like: Superior screen and closer durability

Styles: Full view, three-quarter view, half-lite

The crafty portmanteau DuraGuard arguably implies vault-grade titanium, bulletproof glass, and sophisticated locks. The real aspects that set these doors apart, however, come down to screen material and hardware.

All ProVia DuraGuard storm doors feature a non-removable .023 gauge stainless steel screen designed to withstand the potentially violent wrath of children and pets.

As most other storm doors come with fragile and removable fiberglass mesh screens, DuraGuard doors offer greater peace of mind for homeowners concerned with screen durability.

On top of a tougher screen, all DuraGuard storm doors also come standard with heavy-duty closers designed to endure constant opening and closing – a must-have for high-traffic entryways.

It starts making perfect sense when you learn this brawn doesn’t compromise on beauty. Among full view, three-quarter view, half-lite profiles, DuraGuard storm doors come in 15 sub-styles to meet your unique tastes.


Image source: ProVia

What we like: More glass than any other ProVia storm door

Styles: Full view, three-quarter view, half-lite

More glass, more light, more views – ProVia Superview storm doors feature the skinniest frame of their entire lineup, which means glass covers more of the door.

Perhaps on the downside, ProVia Superview storm doors only come in four colors – Snow Mist (white,) Tudor Brown, Café Cream, and Rustic Bronze. At least one of these shades should suit your home, but if you crave something different than these options, you should look elsewhere than Superview.

It’s a similar story for hardware customization. For SuperView storm doors, you can only choose between black and white finishes for knobs and closers.

Despite these sacrifices on customization, you won't find a storm door with more glass than SuperView among the ProVia lineup. That's perfectly fine if you prioritize expansive views over ornamental colors and doorknobs.

ProVia storm door warranty

ProVia warrants offer a lifetime warranty for the following components:

  • Baked enamel paint finish
  • InVent Retractable Screen
  • DuraGuard screen
  • Glass
  • Hardware with Bright Brass, Bright Brass Look, Satin Nickel, Aged Bronze, and Black finish

By lifetime, ProVia means "for as long as you own and live in the home in which the product was originally installed," which is as good as it gets for warranties.

For all other screens and hardware with an Antique Brass finish, you get 15 years and 10 years of warranty coverage, respectively.

All other hardware is warranted against defects for 1 year from the date of installation.

Separate warranties apply in non-residential and coastal applications.

ProVia storm doors: in summary

With five distinctive product lines, abundant ways to personalize most of them, and a strong warranty, ProVia makes a compelling case for shoppers.

Once you find the ProVia storm door that fits your needs, get in touch with a highly rated local contractor for an enduring installation.

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