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6 of the Best Front Door Colors for Blue Houses

Written by Charlotte Granville

Published on August 21, 2023


6 of the Best Front Door Colors for Blue Houses

Here are some of the best front door colors for your blue house to help you find the perfect color combination for your home.

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First impressions are lasting, and for your home, it begins with the front door. The right front door color does more than just complement the exterior of your house. It sets the tone, expresses your style, and warmly welcomes guests. 

When it comes to blue houses, a myriad of color options can pair beautifully with a wide spectrum of blue shades. So if you’re looking to narrow down these options, here you’ll find the top six front door colors for blue houses, as well as tips and ideas for a captivating and harmonious exterior for your home. 

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1. Red Front Door

A red front door with a blue house backdrop can create a striking visual impression. A red door set against a blue exterior offers an intriguing interplay of colors, making for a distinctly vibrant statement.

But how can you ensure a balanced exterior with such a powerful color? The key lies in simplicity. The red door already acts as a focal point, so avoid overwhelming the scene with too many additional bright colors. Instead, opt for neutral elements to frame and accentuate the door. Consider using accents of white or gray, be it in window frames, trims, or other decorative elements. These tones will help ground the bold red, ensuring your home's exterior feels balanced and well-coordinated, not overpowering.

2. Black Front Door

Paint your front door black if you’re looking for something strikingly sleek and modern, yet subtly refined and sophisticated. The effect this color will give depends on the shade of blue of your home's exterior, as a lighter blue provides an eye-catching contrast with a black door, while a darker blue offers a more subtle and nuanced interplay of tones.

To truly highlight a black front door, use white or light-colored trim around the door and windows. This approach carves out a clean, polished frame that helps the black door make its mark against the blue backdrop.

3. Brown Front Door

The natural, earthy tones of a brown front door create a visually pleasing contrast against the cool hues of a blue house. Medium brown doors lend themselves beautifully to light blue-gray and light blue siding, offering a complementary palette. Alternatively, dark wood doors against dark blue siding create a rich, deep contrast that's both captivating and elegant.

For an extra boost consider using white or off-white trims and accents to frame the door. This trick enhances the contrast, and when combined with some landscaping you can create a fresh, inviting look.

4. White Front Door

A white front door offers crisp and classic elegance. Its universal appeal means it pairs seamlessly with virtually any shade of blue siding. The resulting look is clean and fresh and has an inviting allure that’s timeless as well as trendy.

A white door also has the added advantage of reflecting light, providing a bright and cheerful ambiance to the entrance of your home.

5. Bright Yellow Front Door

Pairing a bright yellow front door with a blue exterior offers a color palette that brims with cheerfulness and creativity. Because yellow and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel, that makes them complementary colors, and their combination creates a great contrast.

When combining the boldness of a yellow and blue combination, it's important to find a balance with neutral accents. Consider incorporating white, gray, or black elements in your exterior details such as trims, window frames, and other features.

6. Orange Front Door

An orange front door against a blue house exterior exudes a warm, dynamic energy. Depending on the shade of orange you choose, you can create an exterior that ranges from playful and vibrant to warm and sophisticated.

A bright, saturated orange brings a pop of vibrance, while a softer or burnt orange door exudes a more sophisticated and warm appearance. For trims, window frames, and other architectural elements, consider using white, beige, or gray to create a cohesive exterior that feels balanced and stylish.


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