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ProVia Patio Doors: a Buyer's Guide

Written by Chris Gennone

Published on April 14, 2022


ProVia Patio Doors: a Buyer's Guide

With summer approaching, it is time to shop for new patio doors. Learn whether ProVia patio doors are right for your home.

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As the weather becomes more pleasant, it’s time to leave the windows and doors open for fresh air. If you’re looking to install new patio doors to enjoy this spring and summer, ProVia is one of the biggest names in the industry. In addition to patio doors, ProVia manufactures windows, entry doors, and siding materials.

ProVia offers several types of patio doors made from different materials for you to choose from.

Let’s dive into what they have to offer and whether their patio doors are right for your home.

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ProVia Patio Door options


Image source: ProVia

ProVia’s Endure patio doors are made from vinyl materials and are Energy Star certified, meeting strict energy efficiency standards. These sliding glass patio doors feature ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing and glass options that help reduce heat loss, warm glass temperatures, and lessen interior condensation. The Endure’s vinyl frame includes Neopor foam insulation, which reflects radiant heat and helps to improve greater thermal efficiency and R-value. These doors are available in different panel configurations, custom sizes, 18 different woodgrain interior colors, and multiple paint colors.


Image source: ProVia

ProVia Aeris patio doors feature a vinyl wood-clad frame with real wood stains, including options of oak, cherry, and maple. The Aeris frame includes Neopur foam insulation and other customizations like internal grids, glass styles, tint options, ComforTech glazing system, and internal blinds. ProVia offers limited lifetime warranties for hardware, glass breakage, door handles, and screens and 10-15 years on paint and staining.


Image source: ProVia

Aspect sliding glass doors are not only Energy Star certified, but they’re also designed for thermal efficiency, durability against wind and air infiltration, and energy savings. These doors include weatherstripping on the frame and sash, ensuring a tight seal and no chance for air infiltration.


Image source: ProVia

ProVia’s Designer hinged patio door systems are made of fiberglass with a wood exterior. If you need specific sizes, these doors are available in custom heights and widths in ?” increments. You’ll also be able to choose between a variety of different exterior colors and stains, which include a 10-year paint and stain warranty.


Image source: ProVia

ProVia’s Ecolite sliding glass doors feature a low-E glass coating and a U-shaped Blackline spacer between the glass, which improves efficiency and reduces heat loss. These doors also include a bottom sill protector designed for drainage, a variety of grid styles, and a multi-chamber profile, which improves insulation. However, if you’re looking to paint or stain this door, ProVia doesn’t offer any other exterior or interior colors besides white.

ProVia vs. Andersen

Image source: Home Depot

ProVia and Andersen are two of the largest manufacturers of windows and doors. Andersen tends to focus more on customizations and more options, including 15 different series of doors to choose from. ProVia’s strengths include durability and improving thermal efficiency, offering several low-E glass packages. Here are some of the two manufacturers' biggest differences.


ProVia – Though ProVia offers a solid amount of customizable options including paint and stain finishes, grid styles, and decorative and privacy glass packages, there are not a lot of different ProVia products available. There are currently only five different series of doors to choose from, with either sliding or hinged patio doors.

Andersen – Andersen offers a large selection of different doors, including sliding, hinged, and French patio doors. They currently offer 10 different patio door options, not including their Big Door series. There’s also a wide variety of different paint and stain offerings.

Our choice: Andersen


ProVia - Improving thermal efficiency is one of ProVia’s biggest strengths. All of their patio door options include argon and Low-E glass packages as well as insulated frames. All of ProVia’s patio doors are also Energy Star certified, which ensures premium efficiency.

Andersen - Andersen also ensures energy efficiency, with some doors featuring an aluminum exterior, which protects the doors from outside elements. However, ProVia has the edge with its selection of low-E glass offerings.

Our choice: ProVia


ProVia - ProVia has strong warranty coverage, offering a limited lifetime warranty on all hardware and glass breakage, and a 10-15 year paint warranty.

Andersen - Andersen offers 10 or 20-year warranties on hardware and glass, depending on what series you choose.

Our choice: ProVia

Which patio door is right for you?

Choosing the right patio door depends on what you’re looking for. For homeowners looking for more customizable options at a lower price, Andersen is a solid choice. But, if budget isn’t an issue, ProVia is superior. Not only does ProVia offer high-quality energy-efficient doors, but they’re also backed by strong lifetime warranties that should last for years.

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