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How Much Does Weed Control Cost?

Chris Gennone

Published on December 3, 2021


How Much Does Weed Control Cost?

Looking to get pesky weeds removed from your lawn? Check out our comprehensive guide on weeding costs.

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Image source: Gardening Know How

Independent lawn care professionals typically charge an hourly rate of $40 on average, but it depends on a variety of factors.

Whether you’re an active gardener or simply like to keep a healthy lawn, an abundance of weeds can be invasive and an absolute nuisance. Removing weeds yourself can be time-consuming, so if you’d rather not DIY, calling a lawn care service could be a great option. 

Let’s dig in.

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Weeding cost factors


Where you live impacts the cost of weeding and lawn care services. Your location determines the frequency at which your yard needs weeding and the types of weeds that grow in your climate area. 

Size of your yard 

For most yards that are ¼ acre or 1,000 square feet, lawn care services typically cost around $40 per hour and increase by size. Bear in mind that some weeders also feature a minimum charge, no matter the size of your yard. 

Service company 

Depending on what type of lawn care services you need, you could expect to pay more for additional tasks like mowing and trimming. Some companies may be more expensive than others depending on their reputation and experience.

What weeding services include


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Average cost per application: $60-$150 

One of the most important aspects of weed control is prevention. Pre-emergent herbicides are used to kill weeds before they sprout and control the germination of seeds. Typically, these weed killers are applied in early spring and reapplied periodically throughout the summer and fall. 


Image source: Gardening Know How

Average cost per application: $80-$170

Post-emergent applications like Roundup are used to treat lawn weeds that have already sprouted. You’ll likely need to hold off mowing your lawn and avoid any rainfall for at least 30 minutes, and sometimes up to 8 hours after application.  

Weed and feed 

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Average cost per application: $90-$180

Weed and feed applications feature herbicides to kill weeds and fertilizer to feed your lawn. These weed and feed applications typically come in either granules or liquids, which are applied to a wet lawn. Make sure that you mow your lawn at least a few days before weeding and feeding it, so your lawn can absorb the herbicides. Some herbicides are suited best for specific types of weeds like dandelions, so check with your gardener beforehand. 

Weed removal 

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Average cost per hour: $40 

To effectively pull weeds, the entire root needs to be removed or it can quickly grow back. Pulling weeds can also be an easier task when the ground is wet or moist, or else you’ll likely need to use a hoe or tool to help get them out. Pulling weeds yourself can save money, but if you don’t feel like hand-weeding yourself, weeding service companies will do it for you. 

Lawn care vs landscaping

Before you hire a professional, it’s important to understand the differences between lawn care services and landscaping so you don’t break the bank. Lawn care entails the maintenance and upkeep of your yard whereas landscaping is more intensive with designs, construction, and new plants. Here’s what each specifically covers. 

Lawn care 

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Average price: $40 per hour (depending on labor and the extent of the job) 

Pest control 

If your lawn has brown or dead grass patches, you likely have an insect infestation. Insects like grubs, chinch bugs, cutworms, and other larvae typically feed off blades of grass and lay eggs through spring and summer. Costs can vary depending on how many sq ft your yard is. 

Weed removal 

Professional weed services will use a variety of pre and post-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds from growing or help kill existing weeds in your lawn and flower beds. 


To help develop a healthy green lawn, lawn care services will apply fertilizers to help boost grass growth. It’s recommended that fertilizers be applied three to six times in the fall, but it depends on where you live or what type of fertilizer is used, whether it’s fast-release, slow-release, or organic slow-release fertilizer. For warmer climates like Florida, it’s best to fertilize in the spring. 

Leaf blowing

Excess fallen leaves can lead to insects and dead patches on your lawn. Lawn care services typically feature some clipping and leaf blowing to protect your lawn’s appearance.  

Lawn mowing

Mowing the lawn and edging is one of the most important parts of maintaining your lawn. For busy homeowners, most lawn care services will mow your lawn, but try to avoid having it cut too often or it could lead to weed growth. Edging helps tighten up hard-to-reach corners and areas that a mower might miss. 


If your lawn is looking a little rough and the water doesn’t seem to be penetrating through, aerating it encourages root growth. Aerating creates several holes in your lawn so oxygen, water, and nutrients can reach the deepest roots.  


Image source: Lawn & Landscape

Average price: $75 per hour (depending on labor and the extent of the job) 


If you’re looking to install new plants, shrubs, trees, and irrigation or sprinkler systems, you’ll need to hire a professional landscaper. Prices can vary depending on how complicated the job is or the type of equipment needed. 


For new plants and trees, mulching is critical. Mulching helps prevent weed growth and retains water to keep the roots moist and intact. 


Trimming and pruning trees and shrubs are best left to the professional. While it may seem simple enough to remove several branches and roots, you could stunt the growth of your plants if you prune too much. 

Should you hire a professional to weed your lawn?

Maintaining and removing weeds from your lawn is essential for keeping a healthy, luscious green yard. However, if you don’t have the time to remove weeds yourself or need landscaping work like mulching and planting trees, hiring a professional lawn care service is incredibly helpful. 

A lawn care professional will help determine the right types of fertilizers, herbicides, and other ways to remove weeds to ensure a healthy lawn.

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