Docks and Boats

Average Cost for Docks and Boats

If you live on or near a body of water, you may wish to build a dock, boathouse, or other boating facilities. Docks are comparable to decks but modified to be installed in a body of water and can be used for boat access as well as fishing, swimming, watersports, and relaxing by the lake, ocean, or river. Docks often have similar decking and construction methods to decks, and many are built alongside boat lifts and houses. Some docks may be elaborate and include roofing structures and benches. Others may be simple and designed to be put into and taken out of the water, depending on the season.

Building a dock, boat lift, or boathouse requires different amounts of time and labor, depending on the location and design. Installing a pre-made dock is quicker and often cheaper than building one from scratch, which requires measuring materials, fabricating the dock, and securing it in place. The same goes for boat lifts and boathouses, with custom-made designs costing more than standard ones.

Because so many styles, materials, and designs are available, docks and boat facilities have a wide range of associated costs. The size, scope, and placement of your dock, boat lift, or boathouse impact your total cost. When building any new dock or boathouse, the labor portion of your costs is usually around $20 to $50 per sq. ft. on average based on style or size.

$7,000 - $25,000
$250 - $1,500

Installations and Replacements

Repairs and Maintenance