How much does it cost to repair a dock?

National Average Range:
$250 - $1,500

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Updated: August 19, 2022

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Docks are useful for people who own boats and homes near lakes, ponds, or rivers. As they are exposed to water, rain, storms, and changing temperatures, they can become damaged. Docks of all shapes and sizes encounter issues like rot, cracks, rust, and more. When this happens, you need to hire professionals to repair it before further damage is done.

The national cost average for dock repairs is between $250 and $1,500, with most homeowners paying $800 to replace a rotted post. Costs can be significantly higher or lower, depending on the problem and repair type. This project’s low cost is $100 to pressure wash a 120 sq.ft. dock. The high cost is $3,000 to repair a 540 sq.ft. dock with foundation damage.

Cost to Repair Dock

Boat Dock Repair Cost
National average cost$800
Average range$250-$1,500

Dock Repair Cost by Dock Material

The material significantly impacts the cost of your repair. They can involve various materials, such as concrete, pine, vinyl, and hardwood. Some materials are cheaper and easier to work with than others, leading to lower repair costs. The table below shows common materials and average repair costs for each.

Cost per Sq.Ft. to Repair a Dock by Material: Pine, Plastic, Cedar, Vinyl, Pressure-Treated Wood, Aluminum, Hardwood... (mobile)

MaterialAverage Repair Costs per Sq.Ft. (Labor Included)
Pine$3 - $12
Plastic$3 - $12
Cedar$4 - $15
Vinyl$4 - $15
Pressure-Treated Wood$5 - $20
Aluminum$5 - $20
Hardwood$8 - $35
Synthetic Wood$10 - $50
Concrete$25 - $250

Pine Dock Repair

The average cost of fixing a pine dock is $3 to $12 per sq.ft. Pine is generally seen as one of the most affordable materials, and it is one of the most commonly used options. However, pine suffers from a range of issues, including rot and splintering. You also must have it sealed regularly to reduce the risk of water damage.

Plastic Dock Repair

Fixing a plastic dock ranges from $3 to $12 per sq.ft. Plastic is another cheap and popular material known for being low-maintenance. However, plastic boards are not the strongest and can be damaged in storms or other harsh weather conditions. So, owners replace sections and repair cracks regularly.

Cedar Dock Repair

Expect to pay $4 to $15 per sq.ft. for cedar dock repairs. Cedar is a good softwood choice for decks that can last long when maintained and cared for correctly. One of the downsides of this type is that it can suffer water damage and rot, so it has to be sealed annually. There is also a risk of post and piling damage with this kind of structure.

Vinyl Dock Repair

Owners pay between $4 and $15 per sq.ft. for vinyl dock repairs. This type is low-maintenance because it does not require sealing and has no risks of rotting or rusting. However, sun damage may occur, and vinyl parts may crack or split. Boards and sections may need to be replaced.

Pressure-Treated Wood Dock Repair

Fixing a pressure-treated wood dock averages $5 to $20 per sq.ft. Pressure-treated wood is a good choice because the pressure treatment makes it more resistant to algae, pests, and rot. However, sections can crack, warp, or split, so they must be fixed or replaced.

Aluminum Dock Repair

The average cost to fix an aluminum dock ranges from $5 to $20 per sq.ft. Aluminum is a good choice as it is low-maintenance and does not rot or warp. This type can last for years without any issues but can be damaged in storms or accidents. Damaged parts usually must be welded or replaced.

Hardwood Dock Repair

If you have a hardwood dock, expect to pay between $8 to $35 per sq.ft. for repairs. Hardwood is an expensive but strong material. Tough woods like tigerwood and garapa are great at resisting rot and mold. However, these woods may need to be treated and stained regularly to preserve their strength and help them last as long as possible.

Synthetic Wood Dock Repair

Synthetic wood docks cost between $10 and $50 per sq.ft. to fix. Synthetic woods are designed to last a long time, built around a strong PVC core or featuring PVC wrapping to add more durability. They are resistant to most forms of damage, but the costs can be high if you need to replace boards or sections.

Concrete Dock Repair

The cost of concrete dock repairs ranges from $25 to $250 per sq.ft. They are the strongest, and owners do not need to worry about rot or rust with this material. Concrete can stay looking strong and new for years, but serious damage can occur if cracks appear and water gets inside, leading to expensive repair bills. Therefore, it is a good idea to have them inspected regularly.

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Boat Dock Repair Cost by Type of Dock

There are various boat docks, including floating, modular, and roll-in. The type can have a big impact on the cost of your repairs because different types have different problems. Some are relatively simple and cheap to fix, while others can be more complicated and expensive. The table below shows common types and the average repair costs for each, based on estimates for an average dock of 400 sq.ft.

Cost to Repair a Crib, Piling, Pipe, Roll-In, Lift-Up, Floating, or Suspension Dock (mobile)

TypeAverage Repair Costs (Labor Included)
Crib$225 - $1,650
Piling$250 - $1,500
Pipe$250 - $1,500
Roll-In$250 - $1,500
Lift-Up$250 - $1,650
Floating$250 - $1,800
Suspension$275 - $1,800

Crib Dock Repair

Expect to pay between $225 and $1,650 to fix a crib dock. They are usually made of wood, and the type of wood impacts the cost. They are very tough but must be maintained properly, or rot and weather can damage the wood.

Dock Piling Repair

The average cost to fix a piling dock is between $250 and $1,500. They are easy to identify because of big pilings or posts driving into the ground and securing the platform. The main issue with them is the pilings can be damaged or rot and need to be fixed or replaced.

Repair a Pipe Dock

Homeowners pay between $250 and $1,500 for pipe dock repairs. They are very similar to piling ones. The only difference is that, instead of wood, they usually feature PVC pipes filled with concrete. This can give them extra durability, but the pipes, boards, and deck can still get damaged and require replacement.

Roll-In Dock Repair

To fix a roll-in dock, expect to pay between $250 and $1,500. They are usually made from aluminum, so they are strong and durable. They can also be rolled into the water and rolled out before winter arrives. Common issues with them include damage to the wheels and posts and board dents and damages.

Lift-Up Dock Repair

Repairs for lift-up docks range from $250 to $1,650. They usually have aluminum frames and have the potential to be lifted for protection in winter. Issues can occur with the cables and winch system used to lift and lower the platform and general damages to the sections and pipes.

Floating Dock Repair

The average cost of floating dock repairs is between $250 and $1,800. They are some of the simplest you can find. They can be made of aluminum or concrete, and the repair costs vary depending on the material. The main issues you have to worry about with them are damage to the floats or cracks in the platform.

Suspension Dock Repair

Suspension dock repairs average $275 to $1,800. They tend to be the most expensive to install and can have the most costly repairs. They use cables to suspend the main platform. This helps it last longer, but it can be expensive to fix or replace damaged cables or other parts of the suspension system.

Dock Repair Cost by Location

The location may also have an impact on the cost of your repairs. Certain locations may be more accessible or easier to work with for a contractor than others. Some locations may be difficult to access or have more challenging conditions. The table below shows common locations and average costs for a dock of 400 sq.ft.

Cost to Repair a Pond, Lake, or River Dock (mobile)

LocationAverage Repair Costs (Labor Included)
Pond$200 - $1,350
Lake$250 - $1,500
River$275 - $1,650

Pond Dock Repair

The average cost of pond dock repairs is between $200 and $1,350. Ponds are some of the easiest locations to work in when fixing because the water is usually still and shallow around the edges. This makes it easier for professionals to fix and install replacement parts. Common risks include algae buildup and rot damage.

Lake Dock Repair

If your boat dock is on a lake, the average repair costs are between $250 to $1,500. The price depends on the size and type and the lake. Some lakes can be deep with rocky ground underneath, adding costs to certain repairs like piling replacements. Others can be relatively shallow around the structure and easy to work with. Common issues include board and post damage.

River Dock Repair

Homeowners pay between $275 and $1,650 for river dock repairs. Rivers can be the most expensive places for repairs because the water is constantly flowing. This can make it difficult for professionals to access and repair certain parts. The rushing water can also damage them, including cracks, rot, and foundation damage.

Dock Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Docks have many parts and potential issues. You might need repairs for your boat lift or require work on the frame, roof, posts, or piling. Costs vary depending on the repair. The table below shows example costs for a 400 sq.ft. dock.

Cost to Repair a Dock Bumper, Float, Frame, Roof, Boat Lift, Piling, or Post (mobile)

Type of RepairAverage Costs (Labor Included)
Bumper$85 - $125
Floats$100 - $150
Frame$150 - $500
Roof$150 - $1,000
Boat Lift$175 - $500
Piling$200 - $700/piling
Post$200 - $700

Dock Bumper Repair

It costs between $85 and $125 to fix bumpers. Bumpers are positioned along the sides, serving as protection. They act like a barrier around the it, protecting it from impacts if a boat gets too close. Bumpers can come loose and need to be reattached or suffer minor damage and need patching.

Dock Float Repair

Homeowners pay $100 to $150 for float repairs. This is one of the cheapest and simplest repairs. Floaters keep them floating on the water, but they can get damaged from storms and accidents. Fortunately, you can fix most superficial damage to floaters by welding the damaged sections or patching over them.

Dock Frame Repair

Fixing a dock frame averages $150 to $500. Frames are the skeleton of the structure, appearing in various types and typically being made from wood. Because of this, they can suffer from issues like rot damage and splintering, so damaged pieces must be patched or reinforced.

Dock Roof Repair

The average cost to fix a dock roof ranges from $150 to $1,000. The reason for this wide price range is many issues might affect the roof and various materials. Wooden roofs can suffer from rot and splintering, while metal roofs can have issues with cracked or missing shingles. Common repairs include replacing rotted sections, replacing shingles, reinforcing the frame, and fixing the gutters.

Boat Lift Repair

The cost of boat lift repair averages $175 to $500. The boat lift is a key part of many docks, keeping your boat out of the water when not in use to reduce the risks of damage. However, various issues can arise with boat lifts, such as control problems, rusted sections, worn wiring, and a broken motor. Different repair methods may be used, such as rewiring or scrubbing away rust.

Dock Piling Repair

Fixing piling costs between $200 and $700 per piling. Since the price is for each piece of piling, the costs add up quickly if you need multiple sections of piling fixed. Piling is the main part of a piling dock. Pilings are big posts submerged into the sand or ground to stabilize it. Pilings can suffer damages like rot, cracks, and splintering.

Dock Post Repair

It costs between $200 and $700 to fix posts. Posts are a key feature in piling docks and some other types like a roll-in dock. They add safety and structure. Posts can wear and require patching from water exposure, the weather, and changing temperature conditions.

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Dock Repair Cost by Type of Replacement

In some situations, the damage to your dock might be too severe, and damaged parts must be replaced rather than fixed. The cost of replacements vary greatly, depending on the replacement type, because some parts are much more expensive to replace and more difficult to work with than others. The table below shows examples of replacements.

Cost to Replace a Dock Board, Deck, Bumper, Boat Lift Cable, Float, Piling, or Post (mobile)

ReplacementAverage Costs (Labor Included)
Board$4 - $35/sq.ft.
Decking$4 - $300/sq.ft.
Bumper$8 - $30/sq.ft.
Boat Lift Cable$25 - $50/sq.ft.
Float$150 - $200/float
Piling$300 - $1,600/piling
Post$300 - $1,600/post

Replace a Dock Board

To replace boards, expect to pay $4 to $35 per sq.ft. The price depends on the wood type. Hardwood and synthetic wood boards are more expensive to replace than pine or cedar boards. Wooden boards split, crack, warp, or rot from exposure to the elements.

Replacing Dock Decking

To replace dock decking, expect to pay between $4 and $300 per sq.ft. The total cost of your replacement project depends on the amount of decking that needs replacing and the materials. Wooden decking is usually cheap to replace, but the costs can be much higher if you have concrete decking.

Dock Bumper Replacement

The average cost of replacing bumpers is between $8 and $30 per sq.ft. Bumpers are designed to take a hit and not suffer much damage, but they may become too damaged and eventually need to be replaced. Bumpers may also come loose and require replacement, or you may need to upgrade your bumpers if the existing ones are not tough enough for your boat.

Boat Lift Cable Replacement

The cost of replacing a boat lift cable ranges from $25 to $50 per sq.ft. The price depends on the cable size and strength. Bigger and tougher cables tend to be more expensive. You may need to have your boat lift cable replaced if the existing cable is old, frayed, or damaged. Experts recommend new boat lift cables every few years.

Replace a Dock Float

It costs between $150 and $200 to replace a float. That is the price per float, so the costs add up quickly if you need to replace multiple floats on your floating dock. Floats may need to be replaced if they have suffered serious damage in storms or other accidents where repair is no longer possible.

Dock Piling Replacement

The cost of replacing piling averages $300 to $1,600 per piling. This can be one of the most expensive types of deck repair, especially if multiple sections of piling need replacing and the structure is in deep water. Replacing the damaged piling pieces involves digging them out, and then the new pilings are driven into the ground and fitted to the platform.

Dock Post Replacement

Post replacements typically cost between $300 to $1,600 per post. Posts can be made from different materials like wood or metal and are the long, cylindrical parts that are typically positioned along the sides and extend down through the water into the sand or ground beneath. They help to anchor the structure in place but will need replacing as they wear away or rot.

Dock Repair Cost by Problem

Many problems can arise with a boat dock. Rot is a very common issue, leading to damaged wooden parts like the posts and frame. Rust, cracks, splintering, and other issues may occur in metal sections of a dock. The costs of repair vary greatly based on the problem and the level of repair. The table below shows examples for a 400 sq.ft. dock.

Cost to Repair a Dock by Problem: Algae Buildup, Rusty Nails, Crack, Splintering, Sinking, Rust, Rot... (mobile)

ProblemAverage Repair Costs (Labor Included)
Algae Buildup$100 - $250
Rusty Nails$150 - $250
Crack$150 - $600
Splintering$150 - $750
Sinking$150 - $800
Rust$150 - $1,000
Rot$200 - $2,000
Hurricane Damage$250 - $2,000
Foundation Damage$750 - $3,000

Algae Buildup in a Dock

Homeowners pay between $100 and $250 to remove algae buildup. Algae may start to form around your dock, but it is relatively easy to remove. A professional may use a pressure washer to blast the algae away or apply commercial cleaning products to kill it and prevent it from coming back.

Rusty Nails in a Dock

Fixing rusty nails in a dock costs $150 to $250. The nails of the boards and frames can rust from moisture exposure and rainy weather. Fortunately, it is inexpensive and simple to fix this because the rusted nails simply must be removed and replaced with new ones.

Crack in a Dock

Patching a crack in your dock averages $150 to $600. Cracks can naturally appear in different areas from wear, weathering, and other issues. They can appear in wooden sections, concrete, and vinyl docks, and the cost to fix each crack depends on its size and the materials. Usually, cracks can be patched or filled.

Dock Splintering

Repairs for splintering docks range from $150 to $750. Splintering is a common problem in older wood docks, and it can be dangerous and unsightly to have splintering wood around yours. There are a few possible ways to fix this. Usually, a professional uses special products to clean and coat the deck, filling cracks and covering splintering sections. Sanding and power washing may also be used.

Dock Sinking

The price to fix a sinking dock averages $150 to $800. If your floating dock starts to sink, it is most likely a sign that the floats have become damaged, with possible cracks or punctures. The floats may need to be repaired or potentially replaced to fix the problem and help it float.

Rusted Dock

If you have a rusted dock, expect to pay between $150 and $1,000 for repairs. The price mostly depends on how extensive the damage is. Rust can set in if metal sections are exposed to the elements. If rust is left for too long, it can lead to cracks, holes, and other structural weaknesses. Rust can be removed if treated quickly, but otherwise, the damaged sections may need to be replaced.

Rot in a Dock

Fixing a rotting dock averages $200 to $2,000. The price depends on how widespread the rot is and how much of it needs fixing or replacing. Rot naturally builds in wooden sections of the dock that have not been properly sealed or maintained. Rotted sections must be removed and replaced, and the structure may require additional reinforcement if rot sets in.

Hurricane-Damaged Dock

Homeowners pay between $250 and $2,000 to fix a hurricane-damaged dock. The cost of your repairs depends on the hurricane’s scale and the amount of damage. In some cases, you may only have some missing boards and cracked sections to fix. In other cases, the damage might be more extensive, requiring several replacement parts and restoration services.

Dock Foundation Damage

Expect to pay between $750 and $3,000 to fix a dock foundation. This can be one of the most expensive repairs, and foundation damages typically require complete replacement. You could restore and reinforce the foundation to preserve the existing one and save money in some situations.

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Dock Repair Cost by Solution

Docks can have a range of problems, and various repair methods and solutions may be used to fix those problems. Depending on the problem, it might require restoration, reinforcement, sealing, or pressure washing. Repair costs vary from problem to problem, and the table below shows common methods and average costs for each based on a 400 sq.ft. dock.

Cost to Pressure Wash, Seal, Level, Reinforce, or Restore a Dock (mobile)

SolutionAverage Repair Costs (Labor Included)
Pressure Wash$100 - $200
Seal$150 - $600
Level$200 - $900
Reinforce$250 - $1,500
Restore$500 - $2,000

Pressure Wash a Dock

Having your dock pressure washed costs between $100 and $200. Pressure washing can be an effective method for cleaning up old structures and restoring them after stains and marks have built up. Pressure washing can also be a useful method for getting rid of algae buildups.

Seal a Dock

Professionally sealing your dock averages $150 to $600. This can be a really important process for wooden docks prone to rot, moisture damage, and sun damage, especially those in areas with extreme weather conditions and rainfall. Sealant is applied around them to provide a protective barrier against moisture.

Dock Leveling

Professional dock leveling services range from $200 to $900. The price for leveling mostly depends on the size and scale. Leveling is needed if the structure leans or feels unbalanced. In some cases, the posts or pilings can be extended to even it. In other cases, special leveling kits or jacks must be used.

Reinforce a Dock

Homeowners pay between $250 and $1,500 to reinforce a dock. The price mostly depends on the size and type and the reinforcement. Floating docks can be reinforced inexpensively with anchor poles or pilings driven into the ground for extra structure. Damaged frames may also need reinforcement, with additional materials attached to strengthen them.

Dock Restoration

The average cost of dock restoration ranges from $500 to $2,000. The total price mostly depends on the state of the structure and level of restoration needed. Restoration work is all about bringing the dock back to its former glory. This can include replacing rotted or damaged boards and rusty nails, sanding down splintered sections, and fixing cracked or split posts.

Labor Costs to Repair a Dock

Labor costs to fix docks range from $40 to $100 per hour. Many repair specialists have set fees for certain jobs, but others charge an hourly rate, so consult with repair workers to find out how they work before hiring them. Many workers may have minimum fees and call-out fees of $50 to $100, and they may also charge for urgent repairs or if you live far away.

Dock Maintenance

Maintenance can be a great way to keep it in the best possible condition and reduce the risk of problems occurring. Maintenance depends on various factors, such as the structure type and size, materials, and the weather conditions it is exposed to.

At a bare minimum, do an inspection at the end of each season. Look for cracks, holes, rotting areas, or other signs of weakness, and contact professionals as quickly as possible if anything needs to be fixed. It should also be kept as clean as possible because this can also help reduce the risk of problems.

If you have a movable dock, take it out of the water when not in use before the colder and harsher weather arrives. This can extend their lifespan. If you have a dock with wooden decking and boards, the wood may need to be treated with stains, oils, and sealant to prevent moisture damage.

Wooden Dock With Chairs on a Lake

Dock Inspection

A professional inspection usually costs around $50 to $100. During this process, a professional visits your dock to inspect it for damage or issues. They look at various parts, such as pilings, railings, the frame, decks, and boat lifts, searching for problems like cracks, rotting sections, and other issues. At the end, they should provide you with a full report of their findings. This can be a useful way to identify issues and fix them rather than letting them develop into larger issues. In general, annual inspections are recommended. It can also be good to get an inspection after a storm or hurricane if you fear it may have been damaged.

Dock Replacement Cost vs Repair

Homeowners may hesitate between fixing or replacing their dock. This can be a difficult decision, and one of the main factors to think about is cost. The average cost of installing a new dock is between $7,000 and $25,000, depending on the type, size, and material. You may also have to pay removal fees of between $250 and $1,000 if you replace an existing one. So, replacing it might make more sense if your repairs cost a lot of money and there is a risk of additional issues and repair bills in the future.

You should also think about age. A typical wooden dock lasts between 10 and 20 years before major issues like rot, splintering, and serious wear set in. If yours is old and has suffered repeated issues, you may have to continue dealing with more regular problems if you stick with it. So, having an old one replaced might be a better value-for-money option. Even if it costs more initially, it might save you money long-term because you do not have to deal with many repair bills.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Dock Removal

Typically, it costs between $250 and $1,000 to remove and dispose of an existing dock. The exact price depends on the size, materials, and accessibility. Bigger and harder-to-access ones cost more money to remove because additional labor and time are necessary to take them apart and remove the materials.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Permit. Permit rules for repairs vary by state. You may not need a permit for minor repairs, but they might be required for larger repairs and replacements. Contact local building authorities to learn more before you start work.
  • Value. A well-maintained dock in good condition can add value to your property, so inspect and repair yours if you plan to list your home for sale.
  • Insurance. Many homeowners insurance policies cover damage and help pay for repairs and replacements from certain perils and damage types. However, they do not usually cover repairs needed from wear and or other issues like flood damage.


  • Can dock floats be repaired?

Yes, you can usually repair damaged floats if the damage is not severe. Cracks and punctures can be patched, and damaged sections can be welded.

  • How much does it cost to repair a dock?

This depends on the problem. Most homeowners pay between $250 and $1,500 for repairs, but prices can be higher or lower.

  • How long do docks last?

This depends on various factors like the materials, climate, and maintenance. In general, they last between 10 and 20 years.

  • Should you pressure wash a dock?

Yes, you can, and it is recommended to use a pressure washer to clean most docks. Pressure washing can be a useful way to remove stains, marks, and algae buildups.

  • How do you maintain a dock?

Proper maintenance should involve regular visual inspections, cleaning, and protection from cold weather and storms.

  • Should you seal a dock?

Yes, sealing can be very useful for extending their lifespan and preventing sun damage and water damage on wooden sections.

  • How do you clean algae off a dock?

You can use several methods. Pressure washers can blast away algae, or hydrogen peroxide can remove it. You can also use a homemade blend of white vinegar and water or commercial algae removal products.

  • How do you replace dock boards?

First, the damaged or rotting boards must be removed. The area to fill must be measured, the new boards cut, and then nailed in place.