Bamboo Flooring Installation Cost

How much does it cost to install bamboo flooring?

If you are in the market for a durable and yet eco-friendly flooring material; consider bamboo as the ultimate solution. It is harder than some traditional hardwood flooring options, such as Red Oak and Maple, and is just as easily installed. It is created in a plank-style and is installed in the same way as the engineered wood options.

For this discussion, we will consider the materials and costs for the installation of a bamboo floor in the average 250 square foot family room (measuring 16'x16'). This pricing will assume that the owner will want to keep costs low and will NOT include such things as:

  • The fees associated with the removal of pre-existing flooring;
  • Any furniture removal or replacement; or
  • The removal and re-installation of moldings and baseboard.

Is bamboo something that can be installed by a DIY enthusiast? Most flooring experts state that it takes the experienced individual to understand the complexities of a flooring installation, but many people can manage the basic cuts and techniques required for such a project.

The average costs and materials associated with this project include:

  • Preparing the old floor for the new installation - This means taking a good look at the pre-existing subfloor, and if any joists or plywood need replacing the costs would be $22 per 4'x8' sheet of plywood. Assuming that the family room is exactly 16'x16' without any interfering walls or angles, the job would require at least 8 sheets at a cost of approximately $176. Remember, however, that bamboo is one material that can be laid directly atop a concrete subfloor;
  • Installation of the new flooring - Most bamboo flooring will cost approximately $5 per square foot, uninstalled. This means that the total price for the family room would be $1250. This does not include the cost of any vapor barriers or foam underlay that many homeowners choose to use as well. If the project is not tackled on a DIY basis, the homeowner can assume an increase in the square foot price for the installation, and places the price at nearly $20 per square foot, installed, for the complete project.
  • Additional materials costs for the DIY might include an insulating underlay, glue or adhesive, stains and sealants, and any recommended cleansers. Generally, all new bamboo flooring demands a veneer to ensure the best results, and most cost no more than $40 per container.

Additional considerations and costs

  • Even experienced property owners can discover that replacing the subflooring is beyond their skill level and will hire a carpenter to tackle the installation of plywood over a concrete base or of new floor joists. The carpenter will charge between $70, and should need no more than a full business day to complete a project of this size.
  • Although bamboo is similar to engineered flooring, it will still require the homeowner to avoid walking on the surface for at least two full days after installation. Additionally, the finishing techniques usually require a very potent veneer or sealant, and even the "green" options can be extremely noxious. This might mean that some homeowners will also have to consider a day or two in a hotel as part of the total budget.

Typical costs


(16'x16' room)

Cost to install bamboo flooring varies greatly by region (and even by zipcode). Get free estimates from flooring contractors in your city.