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Home Buyers’ Top Priority Features in 2024

Written by Adam Graham

Published on July 10, 2024


Home Buyers’ Top Priority Features in 2024

These are the features that home buyers are most interested in this year, according to top experts in the home construction and design industry.

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Every year we ask a variety of home construction and remodeling experts, including real estate professionals and interior designers, what are home buyers' most sought-after features and spaces. Besides the obvious criteria of location, size, age, and value, it is worth knowing what other aspects home buyers consider important. It also helps professionals decide what to prioritize when it comes to designing and building homes.

Below are the survey results of 56 industry experts who chose various features they believe are the most wanted by home buyers in 2024. 

Home Buyers Prioritize Practical Features and Spaces

Top 7 Home Buyer’s Priorities

1. Kitchen Island

Image by Lord General Contractors Corporation

61% of professionals choose kitchen islands as the feature that home buyers rate as their number one priority. A kitchen island has many perks, improving both the look and usefulness of your kitchen, as well as allowing bar seating. It gives you extra countertop space for cooking and prepping meals, making things more efficient and organized. Plus, with built-in storage options, an island helps keep your kitchen tidy by providing additional cabinets and drawers. This makes sense considering 83% of experts said storage was the biggest kitchen priority in 2024. 

2. Walk-In Pantry

Continuing the theme of storage as a must, walk-in pantries are set to impress home buyers when looking around a potential new home this year. According to 43% of professionals, this add-on to the kitchen space is a top priority. With its spacious design, a walk-in pantry helps reduce clutter by providing plenty of shelves and storage options. It gives you ample space to store food and kitchen supplies, keeping everything neat and easily accessible.

3. Laundry Room

31% of those surveyed say that a laundry room is one of the most important home features when looking for a new home. Similar to a pantry, with built-in storage options, a laundry room helps keep cleaning supplies and laundry essentials neatly organized and out of sight. Having a dedicated laundry area means your home remains clutter-free. It also means freeing up space in other rooms where you’d otherwise need to place a washer and dryer. 

4. Patio

With 30% of industry experts agreeing, a patio is a top priority when looking for a new home. When compared to other outdoor living spaces such as a deck and porch, 44% of experts say that a covered patio wins out in terms of most wanted. With indoor-outdoor living still a top trend this year, a patio provides a comfortable spot for relaxation, dining, and entertaining, making it easier to enjoy fresh air and nature comfortably. 

5. Hardwood Flooring

Over a quarter (28%) of experts believe that a top priority for home buyers is a home with hardwood flooring. There are many benefits to having hardwood as your flooring material. It provides a durable and long-lasting surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Also, with its timeless appeal and variety of wood types and finishes, hardwood flooring adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any room, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your living space.

6. Multi-Zone HVAC System

Another 28% of professionals say that they’ve seen clients prioritizing having a multi-zone HVAC system. Niki OBrien at The Handcrafted Home points out that “Our top priority is to buy a property that allows us a budget to make it our own rather than replacing the roof or the HVAC equipment.” It allows for precise temperature control in different areas or rooms, ensuring everyone stays comfortable. By only heating or cooling the spaces in use, a multi-zone system can reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. Sabine H. Schoenberg, the Founder and CEO of Smart Healthy Green Living, says “Today's homebuyers are keenly focused on cost-of-living. Energy efficiency is a top priority”. A multi-zone HVAC system enhances overall climate control, making your living environment more pleasant year-round. 

7. Full Bath on the Main Level

Around a quarter of the experts we surveyed (26%) believe that a full bath on the main level, usually the first floor, is a big priority for those looking to buy a home in 2024. Whether extending a half bath, adding on, or designing a home, a full bathroom provides easy access for guests and residents, eliminating the need to go upstairs or downstairs. This feature is especially beneficial for people with mobility issues or for hosting gatherings. Additionally, it adds value to the home and can make daily routines more efficient and comfortable. 

Open-Plan Layouts Are Most In Demand

Not a single expert we surveyed believed that home buyers prioritize having a closed-plan layout in 2024. In a continuous trend of moving away from the traditional home floor plan, a majority of 53% of industry pros say home buyers look for open-plan layouts. Another 47% believe most people seek out a hybrid floor plan, combining conventional closed rooms with more open areas. 

There are many ways to make floor plans work for homeowners by catering to their needs. For instance, some modern homes use glass sliding doors to create a barrier between rooms when wanted. Another example is using pocket doors on the home office, making the area flexible to whatever the needs of the homeowner, should they want to convert the space into a playroom. Toni Lewis, Principal of Lewis Schoeplein Architects, agrees: “Hybrid floor plans are great, as you get the benefit of open space (larger rooms, connectedness), but also the opportunity to provide for quieter moments, perhaps with a separate dining room or TV room that has doors. This seems to be where many families have landed on the ‘ideal’ floor plan.”

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