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5 Home Office Trends for 2023

Cameron Bates

Published on September 28, 2022


5 Home Office Trends for 2023

Find out the biggest home office trends of 2023 and why you should be following them.

Since the pandemic, millions of Americans have transitioned to working from home, allowing them to turn their attention to their home office. Everything from lighting to furniture is being assessed to ensure the home office is calming and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you have a dedicated workspace or a quiet nook in your living room, there are several popular ways to improve your home office. If you’re in need of some inspiration, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled some of the home office styles and ideas that will be the most popular in 2023.

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Better lighting

One of the most popular home office design trends has involved improving the space's overall lighting.  With many people entering the world of video conferencing, adequate multidirectional lighting is more important than ever.

You want to be looking your best while making your Zoom calls, and a step in the right direction is ensuring you have the appropriate lighting. This can be achieved in several ways, whether it be with natural lighting or artificial lighting.

Looking your best on a video call is not the only reason people are improving lighting in their home office. Good quality lighting in a workspace will also help to improve productivity, increase your energy, and boost your mood

Neutral colors

There is no doubt that neutral colors have been the most popular color scheme for home office decor in 2022, and it looks like that trend will continue. Colors such as brown, taupe, and sand are some of the most common choices.

These neutral colors offer endless possibilities to take the space in any direction. You can make the entire room calming and relaxing or elegant and sophisticated. Whatever style you choose, neutral colors can get you there.

The home office is a space where you want to be able to think clearly and focus. Homeowners have found that by using neutral colors and creating a non-distracting background, they're able to help you stay focused and get your work done.

Add a space to relax & decompress

Home offices used to be a space purely designed for work, productivity, and nothing else. However, more and more people are discovering the importance of taking breaks and are now adding designated spaces in their modern home offices where they can kick their feet up, switch off, and relax. 

A designated small space to relax can improve the aesthetics of your home office by making it look cozier and more vibrant.

The best thing about this home office idea? It's easy to do. Just simply adding some office furniture like a lounge or comfy chair to a corner or empty area of your office allows you to create a space to decompress.

Add some greenery

It will be tough to find or create the perfect home office without having one or many indoor plants and greenery in the room. Not only does an indoor plant look great in a home office but it can also provide several other benefits.

The main reason that indoor plants have become so popular for home offices is straightforward: they look fantastic. Having some well-selected indoor plants in your home office can add pops of color to your interior design and really spruce up the space and enhance the overall appearance.

While they do look good, there are plenty more benefits to having an indoor plant in your home office. Studies have shown that indoor plants can boost moods, productivity, and creativity, and reduce stress. So, while indoor plants are by no means a replacement for the great outdoors, they make an excellent addition to any home office space.

Invest in a standing desk

Over the past few years, sit-stand office desks have been gradually finding their way into home offices and workplaces all over the country. Recenrlt, the popularity of standing desks has skyrocketed with them becoming a real focal point of a workspace.

Here are some of the reasons for standing desks being in high demand for stylish home offices.

  • Physical benefits: Several studies have been conducted on the physical benefits of a sit-stand desk. They have found that a standing desk can help reduce back pain, improve your posture, and blood flow, and burn calories.
  • Mental benefits: Alternating between sitting and standing can improve your mood and focus, reduce anxiety, and control stress.
  • Improve productivity: With standing desks improving your mood, focus, and energy levels, your work performance, and productivity will also benefit.
  • Visual appeal: Many homeowners are preferring the minimalist design of standing desks over the large and bulky corner or executive desks. There are also now more affordable options available.

What should you add to your home office?

Everyone’s personal preferences are different, so while all of these home office trends could be great additions to a workspace, they may not all be the right fit for you.

Start by looking at your home office and finding some of the simple changes you can make to improve the space. This could involve following some of the popular trends such as adding some greenery with indoor plants or making a cozy space in your office to relax. If you’re still not satisfied with the space you can look at some of the larger-scale design ideas.

At the end of the day, your home office is an area where you need to find what works for you. This might mean following all of these trends or just a few of them. In our view, these office trends are definitely worth a try!

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