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Outdoor Living Trends Report 2023

Adam Graham

Published on May 30, 2023


Outdoor Living Trends Report 2023

Top experts in home design and construction share their insights as to what is set to dominate outdoor living trends this year.

To provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information, we consult a number of sources when producing each article, including licensed contractors and industry experts.

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It’s the time of year when homeowners begin to turn their attention to improving their outdoor living spaces. This year, emphasis on blending indoor and outdoor living will continue to be popular as people enjoy their home’s exterior. With that comes more attention to design and style, furniture and accessories, and colors and materials. Outdoor living has taken on a whole new importance in recent years. People continue to appreciate their backyards more than ever, using them for all types of activities and occasions. 

Our annual report highlights the biggest trends in outdoor living. We spoke to 52 top experts in home construction, design, and architecture to get the lowdown on what trends to expect in 2023. We asked them an array of questions and we share their responses. Whether you are looking for inspiration to create a relaxing oasis, a multi-use area for all the family, or an on-trend indoor-outdoor living area to entertain guests, this report will give you insights on what will be big this year. 

Main Findings:

  • Indoor-outdoor living tops outdoor living trends say 73% of experts.

  • 52% of professionals believe outdoor kitchens will be the most popular trend.

  • 85% of experts say homeowners will devote a quarter of their home remodeling budget to outdoor living.

  • Minimalism is set to top outdoor design, and 40% of pros agree.

  • For flooring, 58% say natural stone will be the biggest trend.

Outdoor Living Is Very Important to Homeowners

According to 60% of experts, having a usable exterior area is very important to homeowners. Another 36% also said that it was important. Despite the pandemic being over, the experience has left its mark in terms of how homeowners use and appreciate their homes. It’s no coincidence that more of us are choosing to move to the suburbs, while affordability and working from home (WFH) play a part, those seeking extra space, especially outdoors, find it further outside city centers. For those looking to sell their home, making the outdoor area usable and visually appealing will no doubt help convince buyers due to how essential it is for them. 4% of experts believe that outdoor space is somewhat important, whereas 0% of experts responded to the option not important. 

Homeowners will spend 25% of their remodeling budget on outdoor living

An overwhelming 85% of experts say that people are most likely to assign around 25% of their overall home remodeling budget to their outdoor living space. A home requires frequent maintenance and repairs every year. On top of that, people choose to remodel different areas. The cost to landscape a backyard is broad, with homeowners being able to have a simple yard clean up for an average of $350, or a built covered patio for around $8,500. Although everyone’s situation is different, and where and how the budget is distributed can vary greatly, this statistic goes someway in reiterating how important outdoor living is to people by the fact that most will devote a healthy chunk of their budget to improving it.

Indoor-outdoor living spaces are the top trend this year

Indoor-outdoor living areas are set to be the biggest trend this year, say 73% of home construction professionals. Indoor-outdoor living consists of creating a seamless transition from interior spaces to the exterior. To achieve this you can create spaces outdoors that resemble those indoors and ensure there is cohesion between the interior and exterior design. It also includes breaking the barrier between the two areas. This is often done by installing floor-to-ceiling pocket doors, that completely open up the space making it one. Creating indoor spaces outdoors, you get the luxury of interiors coupled with the beauty of nature. 

Taking into account how important outdoor living is to homeowners, it’s no wonder that so many experts believe that people want to blend the boundary of indoors and outdoors. They can be covered, making them usable for longer periods of the year, especially when the weather is not as warm or dry. They are also designed to be comfortable, meaning you are likelier to spend more time there, entertaining guests and relaxing. 

Outdoor kitchens will be the most sought-after trend in 2023, according to 52% of experts. Outdoor kitchens are an extension of the indoor-outdoor trend, creating a space that resembles interior living. It allows homeowners to go a step further than the traditional grill out. They come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, features, and styles, meaning they can cater to any budget or design. 

People want privacy in 2023

Another emerging trend this year is privacy, with 44% of top professionals agreeing. With homeowners spending more time outside, it makes sense that they want fewer onlookers from neighboring yards. This can be achieved most commonly by installing a fence, but also by trees, whose foliage can disrupt the view from neighbors' windows. 

Another popular trend set to dominate outdoor living spaces in 2023 is upscale relaxation, as chosen by 35% of home-building experts. Upscale relaxation involves using quality, long-lasting materials, and creating a space that as well as having many top features, also creates a sense of a vacation getaway. Through the use of tropical plants and elaborate amenities, homeowners can use the space as a real escape from everyday life. Working from home has remained part of everyday life for many people hence why 29% of experts say it’ll be one of the biggest trends this year. Firepit tables are also on-trend this year, say 27%. They are more accommodating than fire pits, allowing for more intimate settings and more practical use, such as placing glasses and plates on them. Kitchen gardens and climate-resilient gardens are both sustainable-living features that 17% and 13% of top experts say will be popular, respectively.

From Flooring to Furniture: Outdoor Design in 2023

Minimalism set to dominate backyard design

A majority of 40% of experts believe that minimalist design is set to be the most on-trend design for outdoor spaces this year. Simple-look furniture and features with rounded edges and cool, natural colors will create a relaxing vibe for homeowners. 31% believe that eclectic design will be the most popular, allowing homeowners to create a space unique to their tastes. This is closely followed by 27% who say cottagecore will be a big trend. Cottagecore incorporates a lot of aesthetic color through fresh florals, a design inspired by rural, cozy cottages. International-inspired design is also predicted to be popular with 17% choosing Mediterranean design and 13% opting for global design as some of the biggest trends in 2023. A further 10% of experts shared other ideas, including modern and contemporary design as well as a design that matches that of the home itself. 

Homeowners want modular furniture and comfortable outdoor furniture, say experts 

Modular furniture is the most sought-after type for outdoor living this year, according to 40% of professionals surveyed. Modular furniture works well for backyards as it is adaptable to different situations and spaces. 33% of experts say comfortable sofas will be the most prominent outdoor furniture trend. A comfortable sofa moves away from traditional backyard furniture to embrace more indoor-outdoor living. Eco-friendly furniture (23%) resonates well with homeowners, as they seek to protect the local environment - precisely the space they wish to spend time in. 

Other furniture trends to look forward to in 2023 include bold-colored furniture (17%) hanging chairs (15%) oversized furniture (15%), and rounded furniture (10%). Rounded furniture has proven to be a huge trend in interior design recently, yet it seems that it is not as easily incorporated into outdoor areas just yet. 

Natural stone tiles are the preferred outdoor flooring option

58% of home construction experts tell us that the most popular flooring for outdoor areas in 2023 is natural stone tiles. Natural stone comes in various options, such as limestone, sandstone, and slate, among others. Stone tiles bring elegance to a backyard and resist harsh weather conditions. The cost to install stone tiles varies depending on which type you choose, but the average is between $15 and $30 per square foot. 

Concrete tiles are also predicted to be popular in 2023, according to 38% of pros. With concrete being durable, low maintenance, and affordable at around $6-$17 per square foot, its sleek and clean look helps it match top outdoor design trends such as minimalism. 

The versatility of brick pavers means 36% of experts say they will be a top trend. They come in a range of sizes and shapes and can be configured in various patterns to match the style of the patio best. Other trending flooring this year includes artificial grass (27%), porcelain tiles (25%), and gravel (17%).

Mix and match is experts’ top trend prediction for materials

A majority of 38% of experts say that mixed materials are the top trend for materials and colors in outdoor spaces. Mixing different materials creates a dynamic aesthetic by adding depth to the overall design. A mix of different materials can also help separate different areas, frame certain features, and complement each other in both texture and color. 

This is closely followed by 36% who say natural stone will be the most wanted material for backyards, tying in with the top trend for patio flooring. 31% predict natural, earthy colors to be popular. This color palette works perfectly with the surrounding area and natural elements such as plants and trees. This is also true for neutral colors (21%) which can also help blend interior and exterior designs. For a more lively but not overpowering splash of color, pops of bold color (17%) can add some fun to the look of the space. 

Other material and color trends that are expected to be big this year include monochromatic (13%), terracotta (11%), bold and bright colors (8%), and metallic finishes (6%). 


For this report, Fixr.com surveyed 52 top experts in the home construction industry, including architects, home builders, home remodelers, and landscaping specialists. Each of the professionals who responded has a wealth of experience and currently works in the industry in the U.S. The contributors to this report were selected due to their extensive expertise, as well as their success in the industry and reputable designs. Their responses are based on their first-hand experience with homeowners, therefore representing a clear picture of current trends in 2023.

In order to compile the trends and associated percentages, we asked them multiple-choice questions. All percentages were rounded. In most cases, they were able to select more than one option. Below we list most of the experts who participated in the survey. Some wished to remain anonymous. 

Expert Survey Respondents

Adam Helfman, CEO & Founder

Alexander Akel, President
Akel Homes
Amy A Alper Owner
Amy A. Alper, Architect

Artem Kropovinsky, Interior Designer & Founder

Ben Neely, Owner
Riverbend Homes
Brent Kendle, Principal
Kendle Design Collaborative

Carlos Pelegrina, Architect
Pelegrina Design

Charles Hendricks, Architect
Gaines Group Architects
David Earley, President
Sundog Homes

Diana Melichar, President
Melichar Architects

Don Howe, Construction Expert
Barndominium Life
Eric Corey Freed, Principal & Director of Sustainability

Hubert Miles, Owner
Patriot Home Inspections LLC

Jason Wheeler, Founder
Instinct Builders

Jay Kallos, Senior VP, Architecture
Ashton Woods Homes

Jeff Pelletier, Principal & Owner
Board & Vellum

Jeff Sweenor, President & CEO
Sweenor Builders

Jeffrey Bogard, Owner
R.E.A. Homes

Jeremiah Russell, AIA, NCARB, RIBA, Principal & Architect
Rogue Architecture

Joey Balsitis, Owner and CEO
Balsitis Contracting Inc.

John Nehmey, President
Nehmey Construction Inc.

Justin Larrison, Co-Owner
Kim Bauer, Principal
Bauer Design Group, LLC

Lee Calisti, Principal
Lee Calisti Architecture + Design 

Marc Manack, Principal

Marc Michaelson, Founder
Michaelson Homes, LLC

Mark English, Founder
Mark English Architects

Michael Wood, President
Callen Construction

Nathan Outlaw, Owner
Paul Doherty, President & CEO
The Digit Group

Peggy Hsu & Chris McCullough, Principals
Hsu McCullough

Rachel Street, President
Hestia Construction
Richard Miller, President
Richard Miller Custom Homes
Rick Berres, Owner
Rick Byrd, Owner
Byrd Design & Build
Rob DaSilva, Designer
Elite Kitchen & Bath
Robert Lord, President
Lord General Contractors Corporation

Sabine H Schoenberg, Founder & Host
Sabine’s New House

Steve Parker, President & COO
Park Square Homes

Susan P. Berry, Founder & ADA Expert
Disability Smart Solutions

Toni Lewis, Principal
Lewis Schoeplein Architects
Tom Kraeutler, Host & Founder
The Money Pit
Traci DiGiorgio-Kelley, CPBD & Principal
Kelley Design Group

Warren O’Shea, Owner & Remodeler
O'Shea Builders LLC

Wesley Niemiec, Owner
Coastal Construction Group LLC


Adam Graham is an industry analyst at Fixr.com. He analyzes and writes about the real estate and home construction industries, covering a range of associated topics. He has been featured in publications such as Better Homes and Gardens and The Boston Globe and has written for various outlets including the National Association of Realtors, and Insurance News Net Magazine.