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PGT Hurricane Window Prices and Expert Reviews

Jack Wisniewski

Published on July 21, 2021


PGT Hurricane Window Prices and Expert Reviews

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Image source: PGT Custom Windows and Doors 

PGT windows cost between $445 and $1,900 to install.

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With any window brand, several elements influence pricing. These include window style, size, and material, among other factors.

When shopping with a hurricane window manufacturer like PGT, whether you purchase their impact or non-impact windows also plays a significant role in costs.

With hurricane season upon us and tropical cyclones increasing in frequency and intensity every year, outfitting your home with impact-resistant windows is more paramount than ever if you live in a hurricane-prone coastal region.

PGT impact windows withstand debris impacts better than standard windows due to their laminated glass.

On top of persevering against wind-blown debris, impact windows can also reduce ambient noise, prevent break-ins, and lower insurance costs.

Hurricane windows come at an increased cost, however.

To help homeowners decide whether PGT suits their needs, we reviewed each of their window collections, energy efficiency options, and warranties.

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About PGT

Image source: PGT Windows

PGT Custom Windows and Doors specializes in hurricane-grade aluminum and vinyl windows and doors, but they also manufacture non-impact products. They’re one of several subsidiaries of PGTI, or PGT Innovations, which focuses on the hurricane window and door industry.

Based in Venice, Florida, PGT touts that they helped create the rigorous Miami-Dade County code requirements following the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The company still plays an active role on the Flordia Building Commission, which oversees the codes.

That’s the kind of legacy and devotion you want to see from a hurricane window manufacturer, but PGT arguably best asserts its pole position with more Miami-Dade certified products than any other competitor.

As of 2017, 44 windows and doors qualify for use in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones, which is actually the second-most in the industry. The title they claim actually belongs to WinDoor – a sister company of PGT that focuses on luxury high-rise impact windows.

Regardless of whether they boast the most certifications, PGT still has the resume and inventory to make them contenders for the top brand of hurricane impact windows for new construction and replacement.

PGT window lines

PGT window line Styles Why buy?
WinGuard Single-hung, double-hung, horizontal roller, casement, awning, picture, architectural Impact-resistant vinyl and aluminum windows
EnergyVue Single-hung, double-hung, horizontal roller, casement, awning, picture, architectural Energy-efficient vinyl windows
ClassicVue Max Single-hung, horizontal roller, casement, awning, picture, architectural Aluminum windows

PGT offers three separate product lines: WinGuard, EnergyVue, and ClassicVue Max.

For impact-resistant windows, stick to WinGuard. Only WinGuard comes equipped with laminate glass.

If you seek non-impact windows, look towards EnergyVue and ClassicVue Max.

The key aspect that differentiates these two lines stems from window frame materials. EnergyVue only comes with vinyl frames, whereas you can only get ClassicVue Max in aluminum.

Apart from laminated glass and frame materials, little separates WinGuard, EnergyVue, and ClassicVue Max in terms of design and performance options. All three lines come in most popular styles, including double-hung, casement, and picture windows. 


Image source: PGT Custom Windows and Doors

Window types: single-hung, double-hung, horizontal roller, casement, awning, picture, architectural

Key features: impact-resistant glass, aluminum and vinyl options, noise reduction

For uncompromising hurricane protection, look no further than PGT WinGuard.

Each model meets Miami-Dade certifications, and according to PGT, they have not received a single report of impact failures in over four million units sold. Further inspiring confidence, PGT stands by the durability of WinGuard windows with an intruder protection warranty.

 Design options partially depend on whether you opt for WinGuard Vinyl or WinGuard Aluminum. Regardless of frame material, both offer optional colors, grid styles, grid patterns, and energy-efficient glass.


Image source: PGT Custom Windows and Doors

Window types: single-hung, double-hung, horizontal roller, casement, awning, picture, architectural

Key features: non-impact, energy-efficient vinyl windows

EnergyVue windows essentially offer all of the amenities of WinGuard Vinyl minus the impact-resistant laminated glass.

Although they’re non-impact, EnergyVue windows come battle-ready for hurricane season, with design pressure rating up-to-scratch with Miami-Dade codes.

You can find EnergyVue in every design PGT has available from basic single-hung to eye-catching architectural windows. Additionally, they feature an extensive range of customization options from energy efficiency, colors, and grid patterns.

ClassicVue Max

Image source: PGT Custom Windows and Doors

Window types: single hung, horizontal roller, casement, awning, picture, architectural

Key features: non-impact aluminum windows

Like EnergyVue, ClassicVue Max windows also pass up on the impact-resistant glass. Despite this, all models apart from some casement windows meet requirements for the High-Velocity Hurricane Zones of South Florida.

ClassicVue Max windows offer similar customization to their WinGuard and EnergyVue counterparts, including energy-efficiency options, tempered glass, frame colors, and grid patterns.

PGT Energy Star options

PGT offers options across all of its window lines that can potentially lower your energy bills.

Specifically, you can opt for Low-E glass, window tints, and argon gas.

Low-E, short for low-emissivity, filters out UV rays and infrared light while letting in visible light. In essence, it maximizes light while minimizing interior temperature increases.

Argon gas, on the other hand, reduces heat transfer between the outdoor and indoor air.

Unfortunately, PGT doesn’t specify which add-ons qualify each window model for Energy Star criteria on their website. To find energy-efficient PGT windows for your climate zone, you can search National Fenestration Rating Council data.

PGT window warranty

Material damaged ClassicVue Max EnergyVue
Frame Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Frame Finish 10 years Limited Lifetime / 10 years on colored / laminated finishes
Hardware, Screens, and Moving Parts 10 years Limited Lifetime
Insulating Glass 0-25 years: 100% 26 years+: 50% of glass price 0-25 years: 100% 26 years+: 50% of glass price
Laminated Glass N/A N/A
Stress Cracks 1 year 1 year
Transferable Unlimited Unlimited
Residential Intruder Protection N/A N/A

PGT warrants components separately by window line. To no surprise, their impact-resistant WinGuard windows come with their most comprehensive coverage.

PGT is less generous with their ClassicVue Max and EnergyVue lines, though they still score ahead of the curve with a 1-year stress crack warranty. You won’t find this or their lifetime insulating glass warranty with the likes of Pella or Andersen.

WinGuard windows also come with 10 years of Residential Intruder Protection, which means they will reimburse up to $1,000 for lost property after a burglary from an entry of their impact-resistant glass.

All warranties are transferable, but subsequent owners only receive coverage for up to 10 years from installation.

PGT's warranty strictly covers replacement components, not the labor or delivery costs incurred for the warranty claim. That caveat might seem sketchy, but it’s typical for window manufacturers.

PGT window expert review

Image source: PGT Custom Windows and Doors

If you need new windows suited for hurricane season, we say PGT should make the list of candidates.

Not only do dozens of PGT products satisfy the strictest building codes, but they all come with comprehensive and relatively lengthy warranties. PGT also provides a fairly extensive range of design and efficiency options that allow you to fine-tune your windows to your unique preferences.

Remember that PGT also manufacturers hurricane glass doors. Therefore, they’re worth a shout if you want to protect your home with matching single-hung windows and a french door, for example.

Their ongoing involvement and innovation in the hurricane window regulations only add to their case as a leading impact window brand.

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