How much does it cost to repair a window?

National Average Range:
$150 - $600

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Updated: December 13, 2023

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Windows are important parts of the home, allowing natural light and fresh air in while allowing the occupants to look out. However, windows are prone to damage, especially during storms or accidents happening around the windows. The glass panes chip and crack, frames wear down, and sashes become misaligned, among other inconveniences. When this happens, call a professional window repairman.

The national cost average for window repair is between $150 and $600, with most homeowners paying $350 to replace a sash in a double-hung window. This project’s low cost is $75 to fix a faulty window handle. The high cost is $880 for full glass replacement in a large window.

Cost to Repair a Window

Window Repair Price
National average cost$350
Average range$150-$600

Cost to Repair a Window by Type of Window

Windows come in a wide range of types, from simple single-hung and double-hung windows common in typical family homes to storm windows used to protect your property against storm damage. Different repairs are required for different windows, and the costs vary. The table below shows common window varieties and average repair costs for each.

Cost to Repair a Window by Type of Window: Storm, Single-Hung, Awning, Sliding, Egress, Skylight, Garden... (mobile)

Type of WindowAverage Repair Costs (Labor Included)
Transom$75 - $300
Block$100 - $400
Storm$100 - $500
Single-Hung$125 - $550
Awning$150 - $600
Picture$150 - $600
Double-Hung$150 - $600
Sliding$150 - $600
Arched$175 - $650
Casement$175 - $650
Egress$200 - $700
Skylight$300 - $500
Garden$300 - $700
Bay$300 - $700
Stained Glass$300 - $700

Transom Window Repair

To repair a transom window, expect to pay between $75 and $300. This is one of the cheapest window types to repair because transom windows are usually small and simple, being installed above doors. Issues may arise with the frame and pane, and repair costs can be higher if the pane is made of decorative or colored glass.

Block Window Repair

Professionally repairing block windows averages $100 to $400. Block windows are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, but they are best known for being very thick and insulating. Since they are pretty strong, it is rare for issues to arise with block windows, but the individual blocks can get damaged and need replacing or patching.

Storm Window Repair

Storm window repairs range from $100 to $500. Storm windows are popular in areas with storms and unpredictable weather. They are installed on the outside of your windows, forming a protective barrier against storm damage and improving efficiency. They are designed to be strong, but storms can still cause damage, so cracks and chips may need to be filled and patched.

Single-Hung Window Repair

Professional repairs for single-hung windows cost between $125 and $550. Single-hung windows are a variety of sash windows, with the top panel fixed and the bottom panel free to move and let in air. They are the simplest form of sash window. Issues may arise with the sash, frame, and lock of this window.

Awning Window Repair

Repairing an awning window averages $150 to $600. Awning windows are small windows usually high on the wall and designed for ventilation. They are difficult to access and may suffer frame or pane damage from the weather.

Picture Window Repair

Homeowners pay between $150 and $600 for picture window repairs by a professional. Picture windows are fixed glass windows that do not open or slide. They are usually large, designed to offer an unobstructed view of the outdoors and let light in. The main issues with picture windows are cracks and holes in the glass.

Double-Hung Window Repair

The average costs to repair a double-hung window range from $150 to $600. A double-hung window is a sash window where both panels move independently. This lets the user open the window from either end. Issues may arise with the sash locks, frames, rails, and sashes.

Sliding Window Repair

Professionally repairing sliding windows costs between $150 and $600. Sliding windows open up by sliding, making it easy for the homeowner to let in air when needed. Problems can occur with the tracks, glass, frame, and locks.

Arched Window Repair

To repair an arched window, expect to pay between $175 and $650 for the parts and labor. Arched windows are popular because of their decorative nature, and they come in various types and sizes. These windows must be handled with care because of their unique shape, so they can be more expensive for frame repairs.

Casement Window Repair

Professionally repairing casement windows averages $175 to $650. These windows are found around the home and open outward from the side rather than the top or base. They come in various sizes and may have cranks to open or use handles. As with other windows, problems can occur with many parts of a casement window like the frame, pane, seal, and handle.

Egress Window Repair

Homeowners pay between $200 and $700 to have an egress window repaired. Egress windows are used as emergency escapes or exits from the home, usually large and often opening to the side. Due to their large size, they can be costly to fix when something goes wrong, such as cracks, chips, or frame damage.

Skylight Repair

The average cost to repair a skylight ranges from $300 to $500. Skylights are usually found in roofs and attic spaces, and one of the most common issues with these windows is leaks. Damage can occur around the frame that leads to water dripping through, and the seal and flashing might need to be replaced or repaired to deal with this issue.

Garden Window Repair

Professional repairs for garden windows cost $300 to $700. Garden windows extend outward, sticking out on the sides and being made up of four primary panels, one on each side, one to the front, and another on top. They are great for growing plants, but they can suffer damage more often than other windows because they are more open and exposed to falling items like branches or wear and tear.

Bay Window Repair

Repairing a bay window costs between $300 and $700. Bay windows are some of the most aesthetically pleasing windows, usually consisting of three panels positioned side-by-side at an angle so that the bay sticks out from the rest of the wall. Issues occur with the frames and brackets around and between the different panels and glass.

Stained Glass Window Repair

The average cost to repair a stained glass window is $300 to $700. This is one of the more expensive windows to repair and may require a higher level of service because of the nature of stained glass. Chips and cracks may appear in the glass, or the paint may get damaged or fade.

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Cost to Repair a Window by Frame Material

Window frames get damaged because they are exposed to the elements and sunlight. They may start to fade from sunlight exposure, or paint may peel and crack. Holes, cracks, dents, and other damage may occur from impacts, accidents, and storms. The repair price depends on the damage type and material. The table below shows common frame materials and average repair costs for each.

Cost to Repair a Window with a Wood, Aluminum, Vinyl, Fiberglass, or Composite Frame (mobile)

MaterialAverage Repair Costs (Labor Included)
Wood$175 - $300
Aluminum$250 - $500
Vinyl$300 - $600
Fiberglass$300 - $600
Composite$400 - $650

Window Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Windows may seem simple at first glance, but they often have many parts, so different window problems can occur that require professional repair. The seals can wear away, or the glass can crack or chip. The frame may be damaged, or other parts like the lintel or flashing might need to be fixed. The table below shows common window repair types, complete with average costs for each.

Window Repair Cost by Type of Repair: Spring, Seal, Thermal Seal, Screen, Glass, Sash Cord, Frame... (mobile)

Type of RepairAverage Repair Costs (Labor Included)
Spring$75 - $125
Handle$75 - $125
Hinge$75 - $150
Lock$75 - $150
Seal$75 - $150
Thermal Seal$75 - $175
Screen$100 - $200
Glass$100 - $500
Sash Cord$125 - $250
Well$125 - $275
Lintel$150 - $400
Molding$150 - $500
Frame$170 - $600
Flashing$250 - $550

Window Spring Repair

Fixing a window spring costs between $75 and $125. The spring, also known as a sash balance, is a part of the sash window design in the frame and helps control the opening and closing. It facilitates the movement of the sash and allows them to remain in place when opened. Springs can get damaged, misaligned, or fall out of position with repeated use, and usually, they just need readjustment.

Window Handle Repair

Homeowners pay between $75 and $125 to repair a window handle. The handle opens and closes the window and may also be fitted with a locking mechanism. Handles become dirty and damaged and loosen with repeated use. Repairmen can clean superficial damage to your window handle and refasten it.

Window Hinge Repair

If you need hinge repairs for your windows, expect to pay between $75 and $150. Window hinges can become sticky or locked in place, making it hard or impossible to open and close the window. Hinges can also become loose, leading to the window feeling like it is about to fall off. The hinges might need to be refastened into position, oiled, or adjusted.

Window Lock Repair

Professional repairs for window locks range from $75 to $150, depending on the damage. Locks might stop working, get blocked if the key breaks off in them, or become frozen in winter. A repairman can get your lock working again, using various tools to free any blockages or thaw a frozen lock.

Window Seal Repair

Repairing the seal of your windows averages $75 to $150. This is one of the cheapest kinds of professional window repair you might need, and it is important to have cracked or damaged seals repaired or refitted to prevent drafts or leaks from passing through. Often, damaged seals have to be replaced, but you can sometimes use adhesives to repair the damaged parts.

Window Thermal Seal Repair

Repairing the thermal seal of your window costs between $75 and $175. The thermal seal creates a vacuum of air between the panes of glass, providing additional energy efficiency by keeping warm air inside and preventing cold air from entering. A thermal seal may split or crack, and it might need adhesive repairs or realignment.

Window Screen Repair

Window screen repair ranges from $100 to $200. Screens are fitted to many different windows. They keep bugs away and offer additional privacy and security for your home. But screens can tear, rip, and weaken. When this happens, a professional repairman may be able to adhere the damaged sections back together or use patching kits and materials to cover the damage.

Window Glass Repair

Having your window glass repaired by a professional costs between $100 and $500, depending on the problem. This is one of the most common window repairs homeowners need because glass can be fragile and easily cracks and breaks. Cracks, holes, and light superficial damages may be filled or patched to repair the glass.

Window Sash Cord Repair

Window sash cord repairs average $125 to $250. If your sash window is heavy and hard to move or does not stay open, the sash cords have likely been damaged. To repair the damaged cords, the repairman must open the sides of the frame to access the cords and make the necessary adjustments.

Window Well Repair

Window well repairs range from $125 to $275. A window well is a small excavation, usually positioned around a basement window. This well may be installed to transform an existing window into an emergency escape and prevent moisture damage or improve the amount of light in the space. Wells can become blocked, damaged, and cracked, requiring different repair types.

Window Lintel Repair

Homeowners pay between $150 and $400 for professional window lintel repair. The lintel is the part of the window positioned horizontally above the window opening, helping to support the weight of the wall above. They are often made of wood or brick but can also be made of other materials like concrete and timber. Cracks and damages in the lintel due to pressure or weathering may be repaired with patching and filling techniques.

Window Molding Repair

To repair your window molding, expect to pay between $150 and $500. Molding is the most decorative part of the window that sits above the frame, and it may be curved or have different styles and features to make the window more attractive. Moldings can become worn and may need patching, repainting, or refinishing.

Window Frame Repair

Repairing a window frame ranges from $170 to $600. Window frames are a huge part of the overall window structure, holding the glass panels and other pieces in place. They may become cracked, chipped, or damaged from sunlight, changing temperatures, and exposure. Cracks might need to be filled in, rotted or excessively damaged parts may need removing, and frames might also need resealing.

Window Flashing Repair

Professional repairs for window flashing cost between $250 and $550. The flashing of a window is the piece of material installed on the outside around the angles and joints of the window to prevent water from getting in. With exposure to the air, elements, and changing temperatures, flashing can wear and might have to be patched.

Cost to Repair a Window by Type of Replacement

In some cases, the parts of your window may not be repairable, requiring replacement. This can be a good way to breathe new life into old windows. The table below shows common window parts and the average costs to have each replaced.

Cost to Repair a Window by Type of Replacement: Hinge, Lock, Seal, Screen, Sash, Glass, Lintel... (mobile)

Type of ReplacementAverage Replacement Costs (Labor Included)
Hinge$75 - $200
Arm$75 - $200
Spring$100 - $175
Lock$100 - $200
Seal$100 - $200
Screen$125 - $350
Sash$250 - $600
Glass$300 - $880
Lintel$400 - $750

Window Hinge Replacement

Homeowners pay $75 to $200 to have their window hinges replaced professionally. The total cost mostly depends on the number of hinges and the window size because bigger windows require larger and stronger hinges. Hinge replacement is required if your window hinges have broken or the window cannot open or close.

Window Arm Replacement

Replacing a window arm costs between $75 and $200. The arm is the long metal piece stretching and extending when you open certain window types. It helps keep the window stable and in position, even when open. But the arms can be damaged from impacts and accidents, so it might need replacing.

Window Spring Replacement

When installing a replacement spring in a sash window, expect to pay between $100 and $175. If the window jams, sticks, or feels hard and heavy to open or close, the spring could be broken. To replace it, a repairman will unscrew part of the frame to access the spring and remove the damaged piece.

Window Lock Replacement

Fitting a new lock to your windows averages $100 to $200, depending on the lock. Most locks are inexpensive, but some high-end models offer additional security with higher price tags. Fitting a new lock can be very important for home security because a broken lock could make your home an easy target for thieves and intruders.

Window Seal Replacement

Having your window seals replaced ranges from $100 to $200. The seal reinforces the window, plugging the gaps and blocking out drafts and water. It also helps muffle sound. However, seals can wear away and may eventually crack or snap. When this happens, the seal must be replaced.

Window Screen Replacement

When replacing window screens, expect to pay between $125 and $350. Screens are made of thin mesh materials, so they are easy to break. It is common for holes and tears to appear when heavy items fall onto the screen. Replacing screens involves removing the previous one from its frame, securing the new screen into the frame, and fitting it back.

Window Sash Replacement

Professionally replacing a window sash costs $250 to $600, depending on the sash size and type. A sash is a movable panel found in hung or sash windows. Individual sashes in single-hung or double-hung windows may have to be replaced if they are damaged or smashed, and the replacement process involves fitting the new sash into the current frame to work with the existing parts like the cord and balance.

Window Glass Replacement

Homeowners pay between $300 and $880 to have window glass replaced. The glass in your windows might need to be replaced if it is chipped, cracked, or old. And, there are numerous replacement types to choose from. You might want to install tempered glass for stronger windows or opt for a low-E glass, reducing the UV light entering your home.

Window Lintel Replacement

When replacing a window lintel, expect to pay between $400 and $750. Lintels that are very damaged from rot, water damage, big cracks, and serious storm damage must be replaced because a weak or broken lintel affects the entire stability of the window and wall. This is a complicated repair job that can take several hours, leading to relatively high labor costs.

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Cost to Repair a Window by Problem

Several problems might occur with your windows, and these issues can arise at any time. Keep a close eye on your windows to watch for signs of damage and call in a professional if you see anything that needs fixing. The table below shows common window problems that homeowners regularly deal with, complete with average repair costs for each.

Cost to Repair a Window by Problem: Foggy, Scratch, Condensation, Will Not Open, Will Not Close, Cracked, Rotted Frame, Broken Pane... (mobile)

ProblemAverage Repair Costs (Labor Included)
Foggy$75 - $200
Scratch$75 - $200
Condensation Between Panes$75 - $200
Drafty$75 - $300
Will Not Open$75 - $300
Leak$75 - $600
Will Not Close$100 - $450
Crack$100 - $880
Water Damage$150 - $600
Rotted Frame$250 - $600
Broken Pane$300 - $880

Foggy Window Repair

Fixing foggy windows costs between $75 and $200. It can be worrying for homeowners to see their windows become misty or foggy. This happens when condensation builds up, and it is usually because the seal has broken. The way to fix this issue is to have the seal inspected, repaired, or replaced.

Window Scratch Repair

Fixing a scratched window costs $75 to $200. Scratches occur on windows from items being dragged along them, and pets and kids can cause scratches on your windows. To repair scratches, repairmen may use different methods and tools. They might buff out the scratch with polish and rags or use steel wool or a scratch remover kit.

Condensation Between Window Panes

If you notice condensation between your window panes, expect to pay $75 to $200 to repair it. This issue usually happens when the window’s seal breaks. The usual fix is to remove the damaged seal and replace it with a fresh one. Once a new seal is in place, the condensation should fade.

Drafty Window Repair

Homeowners pay between $75 and $300 to repair a drafty window. Drafts usually pass through the window when the seal is broken or cracks appear in the frame and around the pane. You could fix this problem cheaply using a caulk gun to fill in gaps, or a more serious and costly fix involves new replacement seals and sections.

Window Will Not Open

If your window does not open, the price averages $75 to $350 to fix it. There are many reasons why a window will not open. It might be because of something cheap and simple to fix, such as a faulty handle or lock, or something more serious like balance or spring issues.

Window Leak Repair

Fixing a leak in your window costs from $75 to $600, depending on the cause. Usually, leaks happen when seals break, so the most common repair is a seal replacement. However, parts of the frame may be worn or damaged, allowing water to pass through.

Window Will Not Close

If your window does not close, expect to pay between $100 and $450 to repair it. This is usually an urgent problem, so the price may be higher than usual if you require rapid repair. Windows may not close for various reasons. There may be problems with the sash, tracks, spring, or lock, and various parts might need to be replaced.

Cracked Window Repair

Repairing a cracked window costs from $100 to $880, depending on the problem. Light and small cracks can be filled quickly with epoxy and polished once set. However, the window glass might need to be replaced if the crack is large and deep, which is more expensive.

Water Damage Around a Window

Repairing windows with water damage averages $150 to $600. The price you pay for this repair depends on the extent of the damage and the materials. Water damage occurs in many windows, leading to unsightly marks and potentially causing rot in wooden frames. The damaged areas may need cleaning and refinishing, or they might have to be removed and replaced.

Rotted Window Frame

Fixing a rotted window frame ranges from $250 to $600. Rot is a serious problem in wooden window frames, and it appears if the frame is exposed to excessive moisture without proper sealing and treatment. To deal with this, the rotted sections usually must be carefully removed and replaced with fresh wood or filled in with resin.

Broken Window Pane

Professional repairs for a broken window pane cost between $300 and $880, depending on the pane type and size and the amount of damage. Window panes may break from impacts and accidents. Usually, the broken glass must be removed and replaced.

Window Repair Cost by Solution

Window repairs take many forms. A repair specialist analyzes the situation and decides on the best course of action. They may choose to use special glass scratch removing tools to deal with scratches or recommend other processes like window restoration or rescreening, depending on the problem. The table below shows common window repair solutions and the average costs for each.

Cost to Reseal, Rescreen, Remove Scratches, Align, Insulate, Reglaze, or Restore a Window (mobile)

SolutionAverage Costs (Labor Included)
Reseal$75 - $150
Rescreen$75 - $200
Scratch Remover$75 - $200
Alignment$75 - $200
Insulation$100 - $250
Reglaze$250 - $450
Restoration$300 - $700

Window Resealing

Expect to pay between $75 and $150 to reseal your windows. It is often wise to have windows resealed before the winter months arrive because you can feel when cold winds begin blowing through cracks and gaps. There are various resealing methods, as shown in the table below, which also includes average costs for each method for a typical home.

Cost to Reseal a Window Using Shrink Wrap, Caulk, or Weatherstrip (mobile)

Type of SealingAverage Costs (Labor Included)
Shrink Wrap$75 - $100
Caulk$75 - $125
Weatherstrip$75 - $150

Shrink Wrap for Windows Cost

Installing shrink wrap on your windows averages $75 to $100. This process involves applying shrink wrap film to the windows, cutting and installing the film piece by piece, and using a hairdryer or other heating device to shrink in place. This can be a good way to seal windows for winter.

Cost to Caulk Windows

The average cost to have windows caulked is between $75 and $125. Caulking is a simple, affordable, and effective way to remove drafts from your windows and insulate them during the winter. The process involves using a caulk gun to dispense caulk into any gaps or cracks around the window frame and edges.

Weatherstripping Window Cost

Expect to pay between $75 and $150 to have weatherstripping installed on your home’s windows. The average cost of weatherstripping windows is between $5 and $10 per window, but the rate you pay depends on the number of windows you need sealing. The costs may be higher if you have many windows or large windows, and many workers have minimum service fees for weatherstripping.

Rescreen Windows

The average cost of rescreening a window ranges from $75 to $200 for each window. Rescreening a window can be useful if the existing screens are damaged or old and need to be replaced. The process consists of removing and disposing of the existing screens, and then constructing and installing new ones.

Glass Scratch Remover

Removing scratches from glass can be done by a professional at a cost of $75 to $200. To get rid of scratches, a professional repairman typically uses professional scratch removal kits or tools. These kits are specially designed to buff away scratches and make them disappear without doing further damage to the glass or window.

Window Alignment

To have a window aligned, expect to pay between $75 and $200. Sometimes, windows need to be realigned if they are not closing properly. The tracks may have fallen out of alignment, or the panes are not straight. A repairman can reposition the window manually.

Window Insulation

To have your window insulated, prices average $100 to $250 per window. Contractors use a few methods to insulate a window. They might use special insulation film to create an insulating barrier. They may also add thermal seals, caulk any cracks, and possibly use magnetic tape to hold insulating vinyl in place.

Reglaze Window

The average cost to have a window reglazed is between $250 and $450 per window. The total price depends on a range of factors like the window type and size, pane type, and the number of windows that need reglazing. Reglazing is a good method to choose for dealing with superficial damage like cracks and scratches.

Window Restoration

Window restoration ranges from $300 to $700 per window. This can be a good method to choose as an alternative to having your windows replaced or to save money if you just purchased a home with old and slightly damaged windows. Restoration involves preserving most of the existing window structure and restoring it to its former glory rather than replacing parts.

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Cost to Repair a Window by Location

Windows can be found everywhere, from the bay and picture windows that might be in your living room to casement or awning windows in the basement. Some window locations are easier to access and simpler to fix than others, and the costs of window repairs vary depending on the location. The table below shows common window locations around the house, along with their average repair costs.

Cost to Repair a Window in a Mobile Home, Basement, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, or Sunroom (mobile)

LocationAverage Repair Costs (Labor Included)
Mobile Home$100 - $400
Basement$100 - $500
Bedroom$150 - $600
Kitchen$150 - $600
Bathroom$150 - $650
Sunroom$250 - $500

Mobile Home Window Repair

Mobile home window repairs cost between $100 and $400. These windows are usually among the cheapest to repair because they are small and made of relatively simple materials. They are also usually reinforced well against damages, but if the mobile home is in a stormy area, the risk of problems increases, and the repair costs add up.

Basement Window Repair

To repair your basement windows, expect to pay between $100 and $500. Basement windows have the advantage of being highly accessible, without ladders or special equipment. However, their low position makes them susceptible to damage from accidents and impacts in the yard.

Bedroom Window Repair

Homeowners pay between $150 and $600 for bedroom window repairs. Bedrooms have a wide range of window types, such as casement windows and double-hung windows. Many issues can arise with these windows, such as frame damage, cracks, and chips. Your repair costs vary depending on the damage type.

Kitchen Window Repair

Repairing your kitchen windows averages $150 to $600, depending on the window type and amount of work. Kitchen windows sometimes have issues with dampness and water damage from cooking fumes and humidity. There are also risks of cracks, chips, and scratches as with other windows.

Bathroom Window Repair

Expect to pay between $150 and $650 for bathroom window repairs. The bathroom often features windows that are frosted for privacy, so these windows may require specialized care and treatment. Since there is a lot of moisture in this room, it is also more likely for bathroom windows to have water damage.

Sunroom Window Repair

To repair the windows of your sunroom, expect to spend $250 to $500. Sunroom windows are usually designed to be strong and long-lasting, but they are regularly exposed to changing temperatures and the elements, so it is not uncommon for issues to arise like cracks, chips, and superficial damage. A range of repair solutions may be used, such as cleaning, repainting, patching, and refinishing.

Labor Cost to Repair a Window

If you need a window repair, call a licensed handyman, contractor, or professional window repair company to assess and repair the problem. Many of these workers have set fees for different window repair types, but others charge by the hour. In general, expect to pay from $50 to $100 per hour for window repairs. Some repairmen have call-out fees of around $50, but these fees are usually waived if you hire them to do the repair. Certain contractors and companies might also charge extra if they have to drive long distances to get to your house.

Emergency Window Repair

There are some situations when you might need emergency window repair. For example, if a storm occurred in your area and a tree branch smashed into one of your home’s windows, have it fixed as soon as possible. If a hole in the skylight is leaking water onto your property, it is important to seek rapid repairs. Many repairmen and companies offer same-day urgent repair services, but you need to pay extra. On average, expect to spend $100 to $200 in additional fees for emergency window repairs.

Professional Using Screwdriver to Fix Window Frame

Window Maintenance

A good way to reduce the risks of window problems and minimize the amount you have to spend on window repairs is to look after your windows. Homeowners can do many things to keep their windows in top condition, beginning with regular inspections. If you inspect your windows once a month and after storms, you can usually spot early signs of damage, such as chips, holes, cracks, and drafts.

Another good tip is to clean your windows regularly. You can use pre-made window cleaning solutions for this or make your own DIY cleaner with home ingredients like water, vinegar, and dish soap. Use paper towels or newspaper when cleaning windows to avoid scratches, or buy a gentle sponge brush, and make sure to get to the edges and in the corners. While cleaning, you can also inspect the windows for drafts and use a caulk gun to touch up any damaged or weakened areas.

If you have wooden frames, keep an eye on them for signs of rot and act quickly if you notice any rotted areas. If the damage is minor, you may be able to scrape out the rotted parts yourself and fill them in with epoxy putty, or you might want to call a professional repairman. You may also choose to contact professionals to handle your maintenance needs. For a fee of around $75 to $150, window repair companies visit your property to inspect, clean, and touch up minor window damage.

Window Repair vs Replacement

When window damage occurs, homeowners may hesitate between having their windows repaired or replaced. This can be a tricky dilemma to deal with, and there are pros and cons to both. In general, repairs are less expensive than replacements, so it is best to repair the windows if you want to save money. If the damage is only light and the windows are new, opt for repairs over replacement.

However, consider a replacement if your windows are old and damaged regularly or the damage is extensive and affects several windows. Replacing windows costs from $3,500 to $8,500, but it can be worth it to add value to your home, protect your property, and improve curb appeal.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Hurricane-Proof Window

You can hurricane-proof your windows in several ways. You may install steel shutters on the outside, install hurricane window film, reinforce the windows with plywood, or purchase high-impact, hurricane-proof windows to replace your existing ones. Depending on the method, the costs range from $50 to $500 per window.

Soundproof Window

If you live in the middle of the city with noise or produce noise in your own home from your work or hobbies, consider soundproofing your windows. This costs $750 to $1,500 per window and involves installing special inserts into the windows.

Window Cleaning

Windows need to be cleaned, inside and outside, to get rid of dirt, dust, and marks. Professional window cleaners use ladders and pro-grade cleaning supplies to get the best results for your windows. Costs average $150 to $450 for a professional window cleaning service.

Home Window Tinting

Window tinting is another possible enhancement you might make. This process works to make your windows harder to see through from the outside, so it can be great for people who live on the ground floor of apartment buildings or do not have much space between their home’s windows and the street. Tinting adds privacy and costs around $330 to $570, but prices vary depending on the window size, type, and number.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • DIY. You can carry out basic window repairs on your own if you have the necessary skills, experience, and tools. You can find various tutorials and guides online. Installing caulk to plug gaps in the frame is easily done with a simple caulk gun. Homeowners may also do other repairs like installing new screens or using resin to fill holes and cracks. If you have any doubts, contact a professional.
  • License. Work with licensed professionals when repairing any part of your home, and this applies to window repairs. We recommend checking the licensing status of the repairmen you hire and always making sure to work with official, proven contractors for the best results.
  • Insurance. Your insurance policy usually covers many types of window repair, such as damage from storms and accidents. However, every policy is different, and they often have limitations to the window repairs they cover. Check the small print in your policy to see which repair costs you may be able to claim.
  • Permit. Window repairs do not usually require a permit, nor do you need a permit to replace existing windows. However, if you want to have a hole cut in your home to install a new window, this usually needs a permit.
  • Location. The location of your windows may have an impact on the price. For example, a ground-floor window with easy access may be cheaper to fix than a skylight on the roof because it is more dangerous and may require additional time and specialized labor.


  • Can home windows be repaired?

Yes, home windows can be repaired, and you can fix almost any window damage, such as holes, cracks, chips, and frame rot.

  • How much does it cost to fix a broken window?

Fixing a broken window costs between $300 and $880. The broken glass must be removed and replaced.

  • How much does it cost to reseal a double-pane window?

This depends on the window size and resealing method. It costs between $75 and $150.

  • Can fogged windows be fixed?

Yes, you can fix fogged windows. Usually, new seals must be installed when windows become foggy.

  • How do you cover a hole in a glass window?

Holes in windows are usually filled with putty, epoxy, or resin. Home remedies, such as tape and nail polish, may also be used.

  • How do you fix a cracked window without replacing it?

Cracked windows can be replaced with putty and resin to fill the crack without a total replacement.