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Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

Written by Ornella Bianco

Published on June 14, 2022


Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

The best way to ensure your pool functions at full capacity is to maintain it on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Check out which projects needed to be carried out for your pool's upkeep.

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Having a swimming pool is a great addition to any backyard. They are a lot of fun in the summer months, as well as a great way to cool off. Whether your pool is large or small, saltwater or chlorine, or above or in-ground, maintenance is essential. If your swimming pool is not maintained on a regular basis, performance levels and safety standards can deteriorate. This can result in fungi, virus and bacteria buildup, and potential costly damage in the long run. Pools may also be contaminated with each swimmer's entry, as they bring in cosmetics, dirt, and other substances on their bodies.

That’s why it is handy as well as important to have a checklist, scheduling the tasks that need to be carried out on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Below is a downloadable pdf, with the necessary information to be able to easily refer to throughout the summer months.

We also explore in more detail each of the projects needed to be carried out, and the average costs to have a professional come and ensure your swimming pool is being well maintained.

Daily Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

There are some things as a pool owner you should be checking on a daily basis. These need not be time-consuming or difficult, but they are useful in keeping your pool clean, safe, and comfortable. It is better not to leave more than a day or two between the following tasks:

  • Check and adjust the water temperature accordingly for your comfort. Temperatures can dip and climb during the summer months. 
  • Run the pool filter. The pool filter should run for around 12 hours a day in order for it to filter the water around 2 to 3 times daily. 
  • Visually inspect the pool for any debris. Removing anything floating with a net daily will stop a build-up over the week. 

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

Some tasks do not require as much regular attention as others. Therefore, homeowners can opt for a weekly maintenance service for the pool. Weekly tasks include those that if left unattended for too long could make the pool unsafe and more difficult to clean later. 

The average cost for a weekly pool maintenance service is $20 - $50. This includes the following tasks: 

  • Vacuuming  the  pool,  paying close attention to the areas where the debris settles.
  • Adjusting  water  levels,  which  may mean emptying the pool slightly after a rain or filling it during dryer times. 
  • Emptying the skimmer basket, and brushing down the walls. 
  • Adding algaecide as recommended for your pool type, shade level, and size: Pools with a lot of sunlight may need more algaecide than pools that do not see as much sunlight or that are regularly shaded. 
  • Testing pH and chlorine levels: Checking chlorine and other chemical levels, such as calcium and PH. A professional will make sure that the chlorine is around 3ppm. If they suspect a biological contaminant, they will shock the pool to 30ppm to help eliminate any issues.
  • Checking the condition of walls at the water line: looking for cracks, leaks, missing or loose tiles, or tears in a vinyl liner.

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Monthly Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

Monthly pool maintenance involves a general upkeep which may be less urgent, yet by no means less important. If an issue is found, then this may need to be checked on a more regular basis to ensure the problem is not persistent. Monthly inspections are important in making sure a problem is found and fixed before it becomes a bigger issue. 

The average cost to hire a professional to conduct monthly swimming pool maintenance is between $30 and $90. The service will typically include the following:  

  • Cleaning the filter and inspecting it for signs of wear or need of replacement.
  • Checking for scale and build-up on the heater and filter, and then cleaning and using a scale remover if necessary.
  • Checking the walls for cracks, leaks, or holes, including inspecting the ground around the pool for excess moisture or water in the ground, which can be an indicator of a leaking pool.
  • Inspecting the fencing, gate, steps, and other equipment to make sure that they are safe and operating normally.
  • Checking pool lights to make sure they are all operational.
  • Shocking the pool to kill bacteria, raising free chlorine levels to 30ppm temporarily.

Budget for Pool Maintenance 

Whether you already have a pool or are considering installing one, you should take into consideration the additional costs to maintain it. Installing a swimming pool can cost anywhere between an average of $20,000 up to $110,000. For a large investment like this, you are going to want to keep the pool working well and safe. As well as carrying out daily cleaning tasks, the best option is to budget for professionals to conduct weekly and monthly checks. That way, you can enjoy your pool in peace, knowing it is clean and safe to use.

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