Top 100 Influencers to Follow in the Swimming Pool Industry 2017

With the hot weather fully established, pool owners and pool lovers are relishing the fact that in addition to being summer, it’s also swimming pool season. To celebrate, we’ve put together a

Yuka Kato
July 17, 2017
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With the hot weather fully established, pool owners and pool lovers are relishing the fact that in addition to being summer, it’s also swimming pool season. To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of the top 100 influential people and companies in the swimming pool industry to follow this year. Each one of these influencers has a strong social media presence on blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and several other channels.

This list will be of use to anyone who works in the pool industry, as well as pool owners and future owners intending to build or purchase a pool. Whether you’re building a business in pool repair, or you’re looking for ideas on a new inground pool of your own, following these industry influencers can help you get the ideas, styles, and information necessary to reach your goals.

Top 40 Blogs & Websites to Follow

Blogs, online magazines, and other news sites dedicated to this subject are a fantastic way to keep up with in-depth industry news, as well as new styles and advancements. From learning more about saltwater pools to getting information on waterfalls and other features, blogs and their writers have a lot of influence over the industry as a whole. That’s why we’ve selected 40 of the best news outlets and industry blogs for you to follow.

We chose these blogs based on several verifiable criteria points, including:
  • Their total number of followers
  • How often they’re publishing fresh content
  • What their Alexa rank is in total visitors compared to other industry news sites or blogs

We looked for sites that were head and shoulders above the competition to show measurable success.

Top 30 Influencers to Follow on Twitter

For quick links, pithy facts, and instant engagement, you’ll find a lot of pool industry information on Twitter. Industry influencers in this branch of social media help drive trends by offering lots of quick coverage on important areas such as materials or the latest in technology for pumps and filters. That’s why we’ve gathered the top 30 industry professionals on Twitter, so you can more readily get the quick, 140 character bites you need to stay up to date.

We selected these influencers by taking a look at:
  • Their total number of followers
  • How frequently they publish fresh content
  • How often they interact with their followers

In order to find the very best of the pool industry influencers using Twitter.

Top 30 Influencers to Follow on Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why you’ll find a lot of pool designers and businesses on Instagram. When you want ideas on things like swimming pool fences or designs for indoor pools, following some of the top industry influencers on Instagram can really help you see the big picture. These 30 influencers are amongst the best you’ll see on Instagram, offering you frequent visual insights into the world of the pool and spa industry.

We’ve chosen these Instagram-based influencers by:
  • The total number of their followers
  • How frequently they publish fresh content
  • How often they interact with their followers

To bring you the best image-based influencers on Instagram.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools are one of the best ways to cool off on a hot summer’s day. They’re also a fantastic addition to your landscaping, especially when features like waterfalls or elaborate patios are involved.

That said, costs can really vary when it comes to building a pool, depending on several factors such as where it’s located, what type of pool it is, and what type of pumps or filters you have. After you’ve had a chance to follow up with some of the influencers and get some ideas for a pool of your own, you may be curious to find out that building a typical, inground swimming pool will cost around $29,600. This overall cost includes things like filters ($1,005), water pump ($2,100 - $3,000), fencing ($1,120) and heater ($1,800 - $2,400).
However, there are several other upgrades to consider as well, such as a waterfall feature for $1,020 and the yearly maintenance costs - around $750.

10 Money Saving Tips

There’s no question that pools are expensive both to build and to operate. Follow these money saving tips to make your pool a little more affordable.

  • The single best way to save money on a swimming pool, is to opt for an above ground pool, which costs around $6,200.
  • Consider opting for a saltwater pool, versus a typical chlorine pool, which can save you hundreds of dollars a year in maintenance fees.
  • Opt for a concrete pool, instead of a fiberglass, saving about $2,000 in total fees.
  • Save about $5,000 more by opting for a vinyl pool liner instead of concrete.
  • Pool enclosures are one of the more popular ways to create a safe pool area, however, they cost thousands more than a simple fence. Use a fence with a tall gate to save you money while still keeping kids and pets out of the pool.
  • Have any pool leaks sealed up as soon as they are noticed, to avoid additional, more costly damage down the road.
  • Have your pool inspected yearly by a qualified pool inspector. Inspectors can tell you how long a piece of equipment has to last before it needs replacement, so you can plan more effectively for the long term.
  • Invest in a solar heater. While it’s a bigger up front expenditure, it will pay for itself in lower fees over its lifetime.
  • Run your pool’s filter less during the cooler months of the year. According to Swim University, If your pool is in use year round, you only need it to be on 4 - 6 hours a day during the cooler months, rather than the 8 - 12 needed during the rest of the year.

Become an Industry Leader Yourself!

The pool and spa industry changes just as quickly as the rest of the home construction field. So, for anyone who has an interest in this industry, from pool owners to pool maintenance company workers, following along with industry influencers can help you make better contacts and better choices that can help you achieve your own goals. After all, keeping up with industry trends will put you in a better position to become an industry leader yourself.

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