How much does it cost to install a 7kW solar panel system?

National Average Range:
$17,500 - $24,500

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Updated: August 19, 2022

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If you have a larger-than-average home with high energy usage and want to reduce costs, or you have an average-sized home and want to cover all your energy needs, a 7 kW solar system can be the answer. 7 kW systems are large enough to meet the needs of larger-than-average homes and homes with higher-than-average energy needs. This size system with battery backup can also provide near-constant energy for smaller homes.

The national average cost to install a 7 kW solar panel system is $17,500 to $24,500, with most homeowners paying $21,000 for a 7 kW system using roof-mounted monocrystalline panels. This project’s low cost is $14,000 for a 7 kW system using roof-mounted polycrystalline panels. The high cost is $35,000 for a 7 kW system using roof-mounted monocrystalline panels with battery backup.

7 kW Solar System Cost Calculator

Several systems can create a 7 kW solar panel system. This includes three basic categories: thin film, polycrystalline, and monocrystalline. It also includes different inverter types, installation areas and materials, and batteries. A system this size could be used with batteries to provide energy for average-sized homes on most days, while it could also be used for a larger home or a home with higher-than-average energy needs to reduce energy costs. You can have several costs and quality levels for this system. Below are the average costs for a 7 kW system of varying qualities.

Polycrystalline and thin-film panels are typically less expensive than monocrystalline, string inverters are less costly than microinverters, and rooftop installations are less costly than ground installations. Batteries and battery inverters also increase costs. Therefore, a basic setup may include roof-mounted polycrystalline or thin film panels with string inverters, while a standard installation may include monocrystalline panels and potentially power optimizers or microinverters. The highest-quality systems include high-quality monocrystalline panels with microinverters, battery backup, and potential tilting or ground-mounting systems.

What Can a 7 kW Solar System Run?

7 kW systems are large enough to meet the energy needs of larger-than-average homes. They can also meet the energy needs of average-sized homes with higher-than-average energy usage, or when combined with battery backup, may be able to support small to average-sized homes nearly full time. If your home is smaller and you have a second source of backup power, such as a generator with battery backup, a 7 kW system is the smallest size that allows you to go off-grid.

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Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Top manufacturers. Many reputable brands and manufacturers sell solar panel systems, including Tesla, Solaria, CertainTeed, and SunPower.
  • Batteries. You may be able to go off-grid or reduce your grid dependency if you add a battery or batteries to your 7 kW system. This system size is the minimum needed to go off-grid.
  • Inverters. Your solar panel system requires inverters to work. Depending on the inverter type, you may need 1 to more than 25 to meet your needs.
  • Accreditation. Ensure your installer is accredited by the NABCEP, which offers board certification for installers.
  • Maintenance. Solar panel systems require little maintenance. Clean and inspect them regularly to ensure they work at peak efficiency.
  • Mounting. Solar panel systems of this size can be mounted on the roof, but you may need to have them mounted on the ground if you have a smaller home, increasing costs.
  • Net metering. Net metering is available in many states. This allows you to return extra solar energy you produce to the grid. In exchange, you can receive a credit on your next electric bill, lowering your energy costs more.


  • How many solar panels do I need for a 7 kW system?

Depending on the panel type, you need between 18 and 28 panels.

  • How big is a 7 kW solar system?

A 7 kW solar system uses 18 to 28 panels and is large enough to power most larger-than-average homes, depending on the size.

  • How much power does a 7 kW solar system produce per day?

The number of kilowatt-hours - or power - your system produces depends on several factors, such as the number of sunny hours each day in your area. The output typically equals 100 kW per hour of peak sunlight.