How much does it cost to repair a ceiling fan?

National Average Range:
$70 - $200

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Updated: September 20, 2022

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Ceiling fans help to keep your home cool and are aesthetically pleasing. While they may operate smoothly for years, they are prone to developing issues over time. Some common ceiling fan problems that require repair include a wobbly, squeaky, or humming fan, a fan that won’t turn on or whose lights are flickering, a ceiling fan with a stuck chain, a speed problem, a faulty motor, or a lack of airflow efficiency.

The national average cost for repairing a ceiling fan is between $70 and $200. Most people pay around $145 for an electrician to tighten screws, clean, and balance the fan. At the low end of the spectrum, you will pay around $50 for a handyman to replace the chain. At the high end, you may pay up to $450 for an electrician to replace a fan blade and motor in a high-end fan.

Ceiling Fan Repair Price

Ceiling Fan Repair Cost
National average cost$145
Average range$70-$200

Ceiling Fan Repair Cost by Type of Repair

The average ceiling fan repair cost by part ranges from $50 to $175, which is influenced by the specific part that needs repairing. Some common parts to be repaired include the fan switch, light, and remote. Sometimes it can be more cost-efficient to replace the part rather than repair it. A professional can help to determine what makes more sense for you. The table below lists the most commonly-repaired parts and the cost, including materials and labor.

Cost to repair the remote, switch, and light of a ceiling fan (mobile)

PartRepair Cost
Remote$50 - $100
Switch$70 - $150
Light$70 - $175

Ceiling Fan Remote Control Repair

A ceiling fan remote control repair is usually an inexpensive repair that costs $50 to $100. If your fan is operated with a remote control but does not start when you click the buttons on the remote, the issue may be in the remote control unit. Repairing a ceiling fan remote can be as simple as checking the batteries or cleaning the receiver with a soft cloth to remove dust. If that does not work, you may need to hire a handyman or electrician to change the frequency of the ceiling fan and remote. If this does not resolve the issue, they may recommend buying a new remote.

Ceiling Fan Switch Repair

A ceiling fan switch repair takes an hour to an hour and a half and costs $70 to $150. If you are experiencing problems with your fan switch then you can expect your fan to not turn on. The first step is testing the breaker. If the breaker is working properly then you are most likely experiencing an issue with the switch. An electrician can repair the switch by checking and replacing the wire connections.

Ceiling Fan Light Repair

The ceiling fan light repair project takes two hours, depending on the issue, and costs $70 to $175. When your ceiling fan light stops working, the fix may not be as simple as replacing the light bulb. There are many reasons that may cause the fan’s light to stop working, including loose wiring, a damaged light socket, and a broken pull chain.

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Ceiling Fan Repair Cost by Type of Replacement

Depending on the replacement part, the replacement costs between $50 and $350. Sometimes, the faulty part of the ceiling fan cannot be repaired, so the only option is to replace the whole part. The ceiling fan replacement cost depends on several factors, including the type of replacement needed, the size of the fan, and the difficulty of the replacement. The table below shows the most common replacements a ceiling fan needs and the cost to do each of them.

Cost to replace a ceiling fan ball bearing, capacitor, chain, motor, and blades (mobile)

PartReplacement Cost
Chain$50 - $100
Blades$70 - $200
Ball Bearing$80 - $175
Capacitor$90 - $300
Motor$100 - $350

Ceiling Fan Chain Replacement

Replacing a ceiling fan chain costs $50 to $100 with labor. If your ceiling fan is starting to creak or the chain is getting hard to pull, it is probably time for a replacement. This is a relatively easy fix that does not take long to do. The professional doing the replacement turns off the power to the ceiling fan and uses a ladder to reach up and remove the old chain. Once the old one is removed, they thread the new chain through the housing the same way as before and turn on the power to see if everything works.

Ceiling Fan Blades Replacement

Blade replacement takes around one hour, depending on the complexity of the project, and will cost $70 to $200. Fan blades are used to move air around the room. If you notice that they are warped or cracked, then it is time to have them replaced. When selecting replacement blades, the new blades must be the same size as the old ones to provide the same airflow performance. If you select the wrong size blades, they create less airflow and rely on the motor to contribute to cooling, which can cause the motor to overheat or fail. The fan blades also have to be oriented in the same direction.

Ball Bearing Replacement

The ceiling fan bearing replacement costs $80 to $175. When the bearings start to wear out or break down, they create rubbing or humming sounds. Fortunately, replacing a ceiling fan ball bearing is a relatively simple process that can be done in a few minutes. The professional will remove the blade from the ceiling fan to remove the old ball bearing and insert the new one. Then, they reattach the blade to the ceiling fan and test it to see if the sound has disappeared.

Ceiling Fan Capacitor Replacement

Homeowners typically spend between $90 and $300 for ceiling fan capacitor replacement. This project takes approximately two to three hours to complete. A capacitor is an electronic component that helps the motor turn on and creates the forces needed for the rotor to spin the fan blades. If you are dealing with several problems with your ceiling fan, such as slow speed, being stuck at one speed, a humming noise, or simply not working, you may have a bad or blown capacitor that needs replacing.

Ceiling Fan Motor Replacement

The ceiling fan motor replacement cost is $100 to $350. This project takes two to three hours to complete. A motor is the driving force that powers your ceiling fan. Over time, the motor in your ceiling fan wears out, making the fan less effective and potentially dangerous. A few common causes lead to motor defects, including overheating, switch failure, high moisture, dust, and dirt. When any of these motor defects occur, you can expect your fan to stop working completely. The professional working on the replacement will first turn off the power to the ceiling fan to remove the fan blades and unscrew the housing. They will carefully remove the motor, unplug the wiring, and plug it into the new one. After they complete the rewiring, they will reassemble your ceiling fan and turn on the power to test the new ceiling fan motor. Given the average cost to replace a ceiling fan, it might be cost-effective to replace the whole unit instead of the motor.

Ceiling Fan Repair Price by Type of Problem

The average ceiling fan repair price by problem could range from $50 to $350, depending on the issue. Ceiling fans contain several parts that may experience problems over time. Ceiling fans are a very beneficial investment for keeping homes cool, providing lighting, and lowering energy costs. Still, even the best models are not without faults and may experience some problems as they age. The underlying problem determines how much you will have to pay for the repair. The table below illustrates common problems and their repair costs.

Cost to repair a ceiling fan by type of problem: wobbling, humming, squeaky, light flickering, won't turn on… (mobile)

ProblemRepair Cost
Chain Stuck$50 - $125
Wobbling$50 - $200
Humming$50 - $200
Squeaky$50 - $200
Won’t Turn On$50 - $350
Light Flickering$70 - $150
Airflow Inefficiency$70 - $200
Speed Problem$70 - $300
Faulty motor$80 - $350

Ceiling Fan Chain Stuck

The overall cost for the repair of a stuck fan chain is $50 to $125, including materials and labor. Most ceiling fans use a pull chain to turn the lights and fan on and off. Since they are used daily, they break easily over time. Besides breaking off altogether, sometimes the chain gets stuck, and pulling on it has no effect on the operation. An electrician can resolve this problem by adding oil, replacing the pull switch for $60 to $125, or replacing the chain for $50 to $100.

Wobbling Ceiling Fan Repair

The average repair cost for a wobbly fan is between $50 and $200. A wobbly ceiling fan is generally due to an imbalance in the fan blades or blade holders, misalignment of the blades, dust accumulation, or faulty fan mounting. To repair this issue, you need to clean the blades or tighten loose screws for $50 to $120 or replace the fan blades for $70 to $200. This work can be completed by an electrician and only takes one to two hours. They may also reseat the hanger ball or reattach the outlet box, which costs $70 to $150.

Humming Ceiling Fan Repair

The average repair cost for a humming fan is between $50 and $200. Similar to a squeaky or wobbling ceiling fan, a humming ceiling fan can be caused by the loosening of screws or broken or cracked blades. To repair the humming fan, a handyman or electrician will tighten the screws for $50 to $120, add oil to the motor, or if the problem is in the blades, replace them for $70 to $200. This project takes one to two hours to complete.

Squeaky Ceiling Fan Repair

The average repair cost for a squeaky fan is $50 to $200, depending on the cause of this problem. A squeaky ceiling fan may be caused by many reasons. Some reasons include loose screws, dust or debris buildup on the blades, broken or warped blades, or the fan motor needing some lubrication. To repair this issue, you need to clean the blades and tighten any loose screws for $50 to $120, lubricate the fan motor, or replace the damaged fan blades for $70 to $200. This work can be completed by an electrician and takes one to two hours.

Ceiling Fan Will Not Turn On

The average repair cost for a fan that will not turn on is between $50 and $350. If your ceiling fan is not turning on or has stopped working, it can be due to a few common issues. The simplest problem may be the remote control not functioning, a tripped circuit breaker, a shot motor, or internal defects such as the switch or shot ball bearings. If the problem is in the remote, fixing it can either be a DIY project if the batteries need replacement, or a handyman can change the frequency for $50 to $100. More complex repair tasks involve the work of an electrician to fix the wiring, replace the motor for $100 to $350, fix the switch for $70 to $150, or fix the stuck blades for $70 to $150.

Ceiling Fan Light Flickering Repair

The average cost for repairing a flickering ceiling fan light is $70 to $150. There are a few common reasons your ceiling fan light might be flickering, including loose wires, a CFL lightbulb going bad, or an old switch. You can troubleshoot the problem by replacing the lightbulb with a LED or incandescent bulb. If that does not work, the repair will require an electrician to fix the loose wires and screws, reattach the outlet box, or repair the switch. They charge per hour, and these jobs take an hour or two. This costs $70 to $150.

Ceiling Fan Airflow Inefficiency

This repair cost is between $70 and $200, including repair of the blades or modifying the height from the ceiling and labor. If you notice that your ceiling fan is not making much of a difference in the temperature or comfort of your room, airflow could be the issue. Two common causes for airflow inefficiency are an issue with the blades and the fan being installed too close to the ceiling. The blades can become an issue if they are too long, too wide, or have a flat pitch. All these make it difficult for the fan to move air around and can lead to more issues. A fan’s blades must be installed 10 to 12 inches from the ceiling for the best airflow. If your fan is too far from or too close to the ceiling, it will not work at its maximum potential. To improve the airflow inefficiency, the electrician will install a longer fan pole for $100 to $150. If the issue is the blades, replace them for $70 to $200.

Ceiling Fan Speed Problem

The average cost for the repair of a fan speed problem is $70 to $300. If you notice your fan working slower than usual, it may be caused by one of three culprits. These include an issue with the bearings, a bad capacitor, or a blade out of balance. With the help of an electrician, this issue can be resolved within one to two hours. The repair will include replacing the bearings for $80 to $175, replacing the capacitor for $90 to $300, or repairing the blades for $70 to $200.

Ceiling Fan Faulty Motor

The average cost for repairing a fan motor is between $80 and $350, including labor and materials. The problem may require the replacement of the capacitor for $90 to $300, the ball bearing for $80 to $175, or the motor for $100 to $350. If your motor is malfunctioning, some common problems are a failed bearing in a belt drive, failed run capacitor, or a broken motor. An electrician should determine the cause of the faulty motor before proceeding with replacing the motor. In most cases, this requires replacing the capacitor or motor.

Cost to Repair a Ceiling Fan by Brand

The cost to repair a ceiling fan by brand ranges from $65 to $200. It can be difficult to pick out a ceiling fan due to the multiple manufacturers on the market. The industry has become very competitive and manufacturers are working hard to offer new products that will outdo their competition. Investing in a reputable brand is very important as it can save you money in the long run. There are many great brands on the market, each offering fans of different sizes, quality, and performance, with the most popular being Honeywell, Minka-Aire, Casablanca, Modern Forms, Hunter Fan Company, Harbor Breeze, and Monte Carlo.

Honeywell fan problems include light flickering, noisy/wobbling fan, fan stuck on one speed, or the fan will not turn on. Minka-Aire is another well-known ceiling fan manufacturers that sells decorative lighting. Some typical issues with their ceiling fans include the fan not starting, wobbling fan, malfunctioning remote control, making noises, not reversing, or an unexpected shutdown. When you have a Casablanca ceiling fan, you may have problems like ceiling fan wobbling or shaking excessively, making noise while operating, being unable to run at low speed, light being too dim, remote control issues, the fan not working or not wanting to turn on. Modern Forms is known for its “smart fans” with integrated smart home capabilities. Some common problems you can experience with their fans are wobbling, noisy sounds, not spinning, not connecting to the app, and the light not working. While the Hunter Fan Company offers high-quality ceiling fan products, some problems include the fan stops working, or the installation does not work, the light stops working, the fan works on its own and turns itself on/off randomly, speed failures, or humming noise. Harbor Breeze fans are meant to last for upwards of 10 years, but you may experience some problems like the fan stops working or starts to wobble, or the light stops working. These fans may also experience speed failures or capacitor problems or produce a humming noise. Finally, some common problems experienced with Monte Carlo ceiling fans include wobbling, noisy sound, light not working, and fan not starting.

Cost to repair a Honeywell, Minka-Aire, Casablanca, Modern Forms, Hunter, Harbor Breeze, and Monte Carlo ceiling fan (mobile)

BrandRepair Cost
Honeywell$65 - $160
Minka-Aire$70 - $175
Casablanca$70 - $175
Modern Forms$70 - $200
Hunter$70 - $200
Harbor Breeze$80 - $200
Monte Carlo$80 - $200

Labor Cost to Repair a Ceiling Fan

Labor makes up the largest portion of the total cost of ceiling fan repair. The average cost for repair is $70 to $200, depending on the extent of the project. Approximately 60% of the cost of the project is for labor, and the other 40% is for materials. The project of repairing a ceiling fan can be completed by an electrician or a handyman for more simple jobs. An electrician charges $40 to $120 per hour, while a handyman charges $50 to $100 per hour. Small repairs can take up a maximum of an hour. Major repairs may require up to two or three hours.

A professional will have the tools and experience necessary to troubleshoot the problem and make the necessary repairs. When you call a professional, the first thing they will do is assess the problem. Depending on the problem and signs, they will test different things to pinpoint the exact part that causes the issue with the ceiling fan. Once they detect the problem, they will recommend the best solution to repair or replace the faulty part. In some cases, the professional will recommend replacing the entire fan.

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Ceiling Fan Replacement Cost

The average cost to replace a ceiling fan with a new unit costs between $100 and $1,600, which includes the labor cost to replace the ceiling fan, plus the cost of the fan and other materials. Suppose you are experiencing major issues with your ceiling fan, such as cracked blades, deterioration, discoloring, a failing motor, or a noisy sound. You may want to consider replacing it as the cost for repair of something like a ceiling fan motor replacement can be quite high. Replacing an existing ceiling fan can be a much easier process than installing a new one as it will not require any new wiring or additional supports. Ceiling fan replacement can be completed by an electrician or handyman and will take approximately two to three hours to complete.

Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

Ceiling fans may need troubleshooting before you determine whether they should be repaired or replaced. In some instances, the issue may be simpler than you realize. As long as you are careful with the electricity, you can do some basic troubleshooting before you call a repairman, but it might be better to let them do the work. Troubleshooting includes checking the circuit breaker, checking for obstructions to the motor, verifying power is getting to the unit, and checking for shorts, disconnected wires, and other potential issues.

Troubleshooting ensures that you get to the root of the problem and get the right repair or replacement if the repair isn’t worth the money. Any professional electrician or handyman will do their own troubleshooting before performing repairs. They can identify other potential issues and offer an opportunity to clean and maintain the fan so that you can enjoy many more years of use. If troubleshooting does not resolve the problem or at least identify the problem that needs to be fixed, the entire unit is probably best replaced.

Black ceiling fan installed in an attic

Ceiling Fan Maintenance

Ceiling fans require maintenance over time to keep them running efficiently. You can do regular maintenance by checking and testing the basic components of your fan. Many issues with fans arise due to a lack of cleaning. The buildup of dust and debris can cause problems such as humming, wobbling, and even motor failure. Continuing to clean your ceiling fan regularly can help to prevent numerous problems from occurring over time.

Another important part of ceiling fan maintenance is oiling the fan regularly. This keeps the motor and blade housing moving smoothly and prevents hums, wobbles, and motor failure or damage. Ceiling fan oiling maintenance is something that you can do yourself. However, you must make sure that you use the correct kind of lubricating oil (not a penetrant like WD-40) and apply it properly. If you prefer to have someone else do the maintenance for you, hire a handyman to maintain and clean your ceiling fan for $50 to $100 per hour.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Replacing Ceiling Fan Blades With Larger Ones

The average cost for replacing blades with larger ones is $70 to $175, including materials and labor. While it is often possible to replace fan blades with larger ones, it is important to note that larger blades may not make a huge difference in cooling your space. The fan’s motor is the component most responsible for the airflow in the room and therefore the blade size doesn’t make a huge difference. There are some fans that do not allow you to replace the blades with larger ones.

Ceiling Fan Removal

Removing a ceiling fan costs from $40 to $240 for one to two hours of labor from an electrician or a handyman. Ceiling fans are a great investment for homeowners due to their effectiveness in keeping the air moving and rooms cool and comfortable. Over time, ceiling fans may need to be taken down for various reasons. Perhaps the fan’s style is outdated, or the fan is broken and needs to be replaced. This does not include installing a new fan or light fixture and is only the cost of labor for removal.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Warranty. Prior to calling a professional for repair services, It is a good idea to check the Manufacturer's warranty on your ceiling fan. Many manufacturers offer good warranties that can cover the cost for a part of the full repair or even replacement of your unit.
  • DIY. Repairing a ceiling fan can be a DIY project if you have the knowledge and experience in doing so. A ceiling fan has to be repaired properly in order to operate at its full potential and therefore a local ceiling fan installer, handyman or electrician should be contacted to complete the project for you.
  • Repair kit​. There are ceiling fan kits available for approximately $30 to $50 that can assist in fixing issues such as wobbling or humming.


  • How to rebalance a ceiling fan?

There are several reasons for an unbalanced ceiling fan and many different ways to troubleshoot the exact problem. The basic checks and fixes involve cleaning the fan, checking the structure, checking for loose screws, examining the blades, and checking the blade arms. The fan can be rebalanced using a fan balancing kit. If your fan is over 10 years old, then it may be time for a replacement.

  • What does a ceiling fan capacitor do?

A capacitor provides the power needed to start and run a ceiling fan. It also helps to keep the fan running smoothly by regulating the flow of electricity. If the capacitor fails, the ceiling fan cannot start or run properly.

  • What is the average life of a ceiling fan?

The average life of a ceiling fan is about 15 years. This number varies depending on the quality of the unit and how often it is used. Ceiling fans made from high-quality materials and operated carefully can last for 20 years or more. In contrast, lower-quality fans that are used frequently may last for 10 years or less.

  • Can ceiling fans be repaired?

Some problems with ceiling fans can be repaired, such as shorted wires, blown bulbs, loose blades, and even a faulty motor. However, in some instances, the repair would be too expensive or invasive. Replacing the fan becomes the best choice.

  • How do you fix a broken ceiling fan?

There are several ways to fix a broken ceiling fan, but you need to troubleshoot it to see what is wrong. Check the circuit breaker for power and make sure that nothing tripped. Then, clean the fan, check for obstructions or obvious visual damage, and spin the blades to see if they move freely. If you can diagnose what is wrong, you can determine whether you need to replace a part, such as a faulty motor or a bad blade, or if you should replace the fan entirely.