How much does it cost to install a concrete tile roof?

National Average Range:
$20,000 - $35,000

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Updated: December 7, 2023

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Concrete roof tiles are formed from a formula of water, cement, and sand, which is then molded under high pressure and heat to form a tile. The tile’s exposed surface is usually finished with paint to look aesthetically pleasing. The benefit of concrete roof tiles is that they interlock on the ribs to prevent any water infiltration. Roofs fashioned from concrete roof tiles are exceptionally durable and can easily stand up to the elements. Also, they provide exceptional insulation value.

The national cost to install concrete roof tiles on a 1,500 sq. ft. house is from $20,000 to $35,000, with the average being $30,000 for installing concrete tiles on a moderately pitched roof using decorative flat tiles. At the low end of the spectrum, the cost is $13,500 for basic tile with no paint finish. At the high end, you will pay around $40,000 for decorative tiles that boast texture and paint.

Concrete Tile Roof Costs

Concrete Roof Tiles Prices
National average cost$30,000
Average range$20,000-$35,000

Concrete Roof Tile Cost per Square

The cost of a concrete tile roof sq ranges from $400 to $2,000 per square depending on if the concrete tile is a basic design, one side is painted, or the tiles have texture and paint. A roofing square is determined by the number of square feet it covers. A single roofing square equals 100 square feet of roof. Below is a chart that outlines the cost of the various square sizes.

Concrete Roof Tile Cost per Square (mobile)

Square SizeCost (Materials Only)
10 square (1,000 sq. ft.)$4,000-$20,000
13 square (1,300 sq. ft.)$5,200-$26,000
15 square (1,500 sq. ft.)$6,000-$30,000
17 square (1,700 sq. ft.)$6,800-$34,000
20 square (2,000 sq. ft.)$8,000-$40,000

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Concrete Roof Tile Cost by Type

Concrete roof tiles are available in many styles, such as basic, painted, or textured to match modern or transitional-style home designs. They vary in color and appearance. Some are even textures that are painted to resemble slate, traditional shingles, or cedar shakes. The traditional concrete tile roof has a standard S shape that provides an undulating and waved appearance popular in the South and the Southwest United States. The textured “wave” appearance makes this form of concrete roof tile more expensive than a flat tile. Paint colors and blends also increase the cost of the tiles, such as Spanish roof tiles or a concrete barrel roof style.

Concrete Roof Tile Cost by Type (mobile)

Tile StyleCost per Sq.Ft. (Materials Only)

Flat Tile Roof

Flat concrete roof tiles are very basic and average $4 to $10 per sq.ft. The tiles do not have any texture, such as barrels or rolls. However, some flat tiles emulate a particular surface and may be painted or colored to look like clay, slate, or a wood shake. A flat tile roof is typically considered the most affordable of the concrete roof tile types. You can pick from a variety of colors to match your home’s exterior.

Curved Roof Tiles

Curved roof tiles are favored for sloping roofs. The prices range from $8 to $20 per sq.ft. depending on the design. The standard curved roof tile has an S design. The more elaborate the curvature, the higher the price. Curved roof tiles provide greater ventilation, which offers greater resistance to rot and mold buildup. This feature is highly beneficial in areas with high humidity, such as in the southern United States. Also, they add aesthetics to the roof.

Curved Roof Tiles (mobile)

Curved Tiles TypesCost per Sq.Ft. (Materials Only)

Spanish Tile Roof

Spanish tiles, sometimes referred to as “curved S,” range in price from $8 to $10 per sq. ft. The concrete tiles are fashioned to look like Spanish clay tiles in shape and size. However, unlike traditional Spanish clay tiles, the concrete versions are highly durable and provide longevity. They are also low maintenance and provide excellent longevity. The tiles are good for sloped or flat roofs. The design enables the tiles to fit together nicely.

Concrete Barrel Tile Roof

A concrete barrel tile roof averages $10 to $20 per sq. ft. and has a higher definition curve than the standard S-style. The design allows the concrete roof to stand up well to areas that suffer extreme hail. Unlike traditional clay tiles, the concrete barrel tile roof does not shatter on impact from the hail. Also, the design of the tiles optimizes airflow to prevent rot or mold buildup beneath the tiles. Barrel tile roof installation is the same as with the other roofing tiles.

Concrete Roof Tiles Price by Manufacturer

When exploring concrete roof tile manufacturers, you will find that their prices are comparable to each other, ranging from $300 to $500 per square. The two leading manufacturers in concrete tiles are Boral Concrete and Eagle Tile Roofing. Both companies offer comparable products, but they provide different warranties. Boral manufactures both concrete and clay. Their prices tend to be a little less than Eagle.

Concrete Roof Tiles Price by Manufacturer (mobile)

Concrete Tiles ManufacturerCost per Square (Materials Only)

Boral Roof Tiles

Boral is one of many concrete roof tiles manufacturers that charge $300 to $400 per square. The Boral exclusive 50-year limited tile warranty is fully transferable. If you sell your home, the new homeowner will benefit from the tile roof warranty. All Boral roofs are guaranteed against weathering. The tiles’ appearance will remain new despite ongoing weather exposure.

Eagle Roof Tile Cost Per Square

Eagle roof tile cost per square averages $400 to $500. The company offers a lifetime transferable limited product warranty, which is transferable to a new homeowner upon the sale of the house. However, the new homeowner must register the roof with the company after purchasing the home. Also, the Eagle Tile company provides a 25-year labor warranty to cover any failure of the roof.

Concrete Tile Roof Replacement Cost

The national cost to install a concrete tile roof with paint on a 1,500 sq. ft. house is $20,000 to $35,000, including material and labor. However, when replacing a concrete tile roof, you face removing the old roof to have a roofing company lay down the new roof.

To remove the old roofing averages $4.50 per sq. ft. The old roofing is scraped and removed by hand from the roof’s surface and disposed of properly. When installing this type of roofing, you cannot roof over the existing roofing material as you can often do with other types of shingles. The weight of the roofing material is too much to allow the tiles to be laid over the existing roof. Instead, the existing roof must be removed, and a new roof laid.

Concrete Tile Roof Installation

The tile roof installation process of concrete roof tiles is similar to other tile roofing materials. They come in various shapes and sizes, and the installation process depends on the particular tile. Flat tiles interlock in a similar fashion to an S tile. If there is an existing roof, then the old tiles are removed. An underlayment or waterproof membrane is laid. In a hot climate, battens are nailed down to the roof deck, so the tiles are elevated to promote ventilation.

If a penetration in the roof exists, such as those made by chimneys or skylights, the area is flashed to prevent water infiltration. The tile is then installed. The tiles are laid first at the edge of the roof, and then the roofers work backward with each tile course nailed to the battens. The laying process is in an overlap fashion to create a watertight installation. Ridge caps and end pieces are then affixed to the tiles to complete the job.

Concrete tile roofs are difficult to install and take time, especially on a roof with extensive slopes or unusual shapes or patterns. A roof with a high pitch requires additional work, such as sealing the edges. Also, multiple skylights and chimneys increase labor costs. To install, a roofer will charge from $4 to $8 per sq. ft. or $400 to $800 per square, depending on the pitch of the roof. Installation for mid-range cost is from $6,000 to $12,000 for labor in addition to the roofing material cost.

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Clay vs Concrete Roof Tiles

You can choose from concrete or clay roof tiles. Both types have their pros and cons. Clay tiles require a great deal of maintenance but can easily last 100 years or more when maintained properly. Also, clay tiles are available in a wide array of colors. Concrete roof tiles are highly durable and stand up well to hail and wind. They require far less maintenance than clay roof tiles.

Clay vs Concrete Roof Tiles (mobile)

Tile MaterialCost per Sq.Ft. (Materials Only)

Concrete Roof Tiles

The cost of concrete roof tiles varies depending on the design from $4 to $20 per sq. ft. Concrete roof tiles are durable and can withstand hail storms without breaking. Depending on the brand, they can last from 50 to 100 years or longer when properly installed and maintained. Concrete tiles are made that look exactly like clay ones. They are virtually impossible to tell apart without a close examination.

Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles have been popular for centuries. They are expensive at $15 to $20 per sq. ft. Many people adore their classic charm. In areas that sustain severe hailstorms, the clay tiles can last 100 years or more with proper maintenance and installation. One of the drawbacks of clay roof tiles is that they are available in very limited colors, unlike concrete tiles, which come in more shades and shapes. Clay tiles also require more maintenance with removal every few years for repairs.

Asphalt Shingles vs Concrete Tiles

Asphalt shingles remain far more common than concrete tiles around the world. Also, asphalt shingles are an affordable option with an average cost of $6,750 for a 1,500 sq. ft. roof versus the average cost of $30,000 for a concrete tile roof. However, asphalt roofs rarely last longer than 20 years compared to a concrete roof that can last 100 years or more when properly installed and maintained.

Asphalt Shingles vs Concrete Tiles (mobile)

Roofing MaterialCost per Square (Materials Only)

Install Asphalt Shingles

The cost to install asphalt shingles averages from $150 to $550 per square. The cost of installation depends on the size and shape of the roof, including the pitch. Other factors that impact the cost include the number of skylights or chimneys. Many times, shingles can be laid directly over an existing roof, unlike concrete tiles, which cannot be installed over existing tiles.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Although concrete roof tile prices are high at $400 to $2,000 per square, they are more difficult to install than asphalt shingles and take the roofer twice the time. The durability of the concrete tile offsets the cost. When properly installed, the tiles can last 100 years or more, but asphalt tiles rarely last longer than 20 years. Even though the initial cost of the concrete roof tiles is higher, the extended lifespan makes it a worthwhile investment.

Concrete Roof Tiles Pros And Cons

Concrete tiles have been around for centuries. They are made from a mixture of sand and Portland cement, often with added binders, resins, and pigments. They are tested in numerous conditions and have good durability in most weather conditions. They can last 50 years or more and are not as fragile as clay tiles. They are also low-maintenance. They resist insects, moisture, and rotting. They have a Class A fire rating, making them a good choice for homes in areas prone to wildfires.

Concrete tiles are heavy, however, especially when compared to other tiles like composites and asphalt shingles. Your roof may need reinforcing before installation. The weight of the concrete tiles is one reason why you can roof over existing roof material using the concrete tiles. They can also be expensive when compared to other roofing materials, both to purchase and install.

Concrete Roof Tile Weight

Concrete tiles are among the heaviest forms of roofing material available. They weigh more than twice what asphalt shingles weigh, so unless you replace a tile or slate roof with concrete tiles, you need to have your roof evaluated to determine if it can handle the additional load. This is usually carried out by a structural engineer, a person who can look at your roof construction and calculate the load it can handle. This adds $1,200 to the project, although this cost may be lower if your roofer has a structural engineer on staff.

Lightweight Concrete Roof Tiles

Eagle is one of the few manufactures that make lightweight, fire-safe cement roof tile. The tiles average $8.50 to 10.50 per sq. ft. The tiles are available in a variety of colors and profiles. They weigh 720 pounds, making them only a fraction of the weight of conventional cement roof tiles. They are ideal for a re-roof project or if you have serious concerns about the weight of conventional concrete roof tiles.

Two roofers installing red concrete roof tiles

Concrete Roof Tile Maintenance

Concrete tile roofs are fairly low-maintenance. Like all roofs, they should be inspected yearly to look for signs of wear, broken tiles, or water leaks. Concrete tiles are susceptible to algae growth and may collect dirt and debris, so you may need to clean them periodically to remove the algae using a mixture of bleach and water. If you notice a cracked or broken tile, replace it as soon as possible to prevent future problems like water leaks.

Concrete Tile Roof Underlayment

The cost to install underlayment averages $0.50 to $0.90 per sq. ft. Tile roof underlayment replacement cost is the same with all types of roofing. The water-resistant barrier helps to seal the area between the roof and the roofing tiles. The underlayment provides further protection to the home from severe weather. Any time you have your roof replaced, you will probably also have to install new underlayment. The underlayment creates one more barrier from possible leaks in your home’s roofing system. Your roofer will pick either synthetic felt or synthetic roof underlayment. Synthetic roof underlayment costs more than felt, with an average cost of $0.75 to $0.90.

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Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Roof Inspection

The national average cost of a roof inspection is $350. A roof is an important aspect of your home’s structure and integrity. The roof acts as the first defense against storms. However, in time the roof can deteriorate or develop problems, requiring a roof inspection to ensure that the new roofing has been installed properly and meets all state and local requirements.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • While concrete roofs can last 50 years or more, the underlayment below may need replacement before then. This may require the tiles to be removed every 20 years for underlayment replacement.
  • Concrete tiles can remain waterproof for up to 30 years, with most manufacturers offering warranties of at least this long.
  • You need to remove any old roofing before installing a concrete tile roof. This adds $4.50 per sq. ft to the project for removal.
  • In some areas, a new roof requires a permit and additional fees for disposing of the old roofing. Consult your roofer or town or city hall for more information.
  • Roofers charge different rates by region, so your costs may be higher or lower than the national average, depending on your location.
  • Your roof must be replaced during good weather with no rain. It is usually best to wait until the summer months to avoid weather-related delays.
  • While you can walk on a tile roof and concrete holds up better than clay, you may still risk breaking any rounded or non-flat tiles. Use caution and avoid hopping or spending excessive time on the roof.
  • The air layer beneath the concrete tiles acts as an insulative barrier that limits heat conduction.


  • How much do concrete roof tiles cost?

Concrete tiles cost from $4 to $20 per square foot.

  • How many years does a concrete tile roof last?

Concrete tiles can last from 50 years to 100 years or more. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty on their tiles.

  • When to replace a concrete tile roof?

Concrete tile roofs rarely require replacing unless the tiles become damaged and show signs of breaking or cracking.

  • How to install roofing tiles?

Concrete tiles are affixed to battens with a very precise layering fashion depending on the roof’s design and the tiles used.

  • How to clean concrete roof tiles?

A combination of bleach and water will effectively clean concrete roof tiles.

  • How long does roof underlayment last?

The underlayment can last the lifetime of the roof as long as there is no water leak in the tiles to damage the underlayment.

  • Does a tile roof add value to your home?

Yes, a tile roof adds value to your home because most concrete tile roof manufacturers offer transferable warranties to the new homeowner.