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Install Electric Baseboard Heater Cost

Install Electric Baseboard Heater Cost

National average
$525 - $675
(installation of a single 800-watt 240-volt electric baseboard heater to heat a 100 sq.ft. room)
Low: $375 - $450

(500-watt 120-volt baseboard heater, for a 64 sq.ft. room)

High: $825 - $1,000

(4,000-watt 240-volt baseboard heater, Wi-Fi programmable thermostat for 480 sq.ft. room)

Cost to install an electric baseboard heater varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
Get free estimates from air-conditioning and heating contractors in your city.

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Install Electric Baseboard Heater Cost

National average
$525 - $675
(installation of a single 800-watt 240-volt electric baseboard heater to heat a 100 sq.ft. room)
Low: $375 - $450

(500-watt 120-volt baseboard heater, for a 64 sq.ft. room)

High: $825 - $1,000

(4,000-watt 240-volt baseboard heater, Wi-Fi programmable thermostat for 480 sq.ft. room)

Cost to install an electric baseboard heater varies greatly by region (and even by zip code).
Get free estimates from air-conditioning and heating contractors in your city.

The average cost of installing an electric baseboard heater is $600.

How Much Does It Cost to Install an Electric Baseboard Heater?

A baseboard heater serves as a viable heat source in any room of a home. They require no ductwork which makes them a more cost-efficient heating option than other heater sources. You choose the room in the house where you require heat. The heater operates off electricity and works well as a supplemental heat source. Coils heat up and emit a form of radiant heat throughout the room.

Installing an electric baseboard heater costs, on average, $525 to $675 with the average homeowner spending around $600 on installing a single 800-watt 240-volt electric baseboard heater to heat a 100 sq.ft. room.

Electric Baseboard Heater Installation

Electric baseboard heater installation costs
National average cost$600
Average range$525 - $675
Minimum cost$375
Maximum cost$1,000

Baseboard Heater Prices

Baseboard heaters are used to heat one of the rooms of your home. A baseboard is not a whole-house heating system. You must determine the square footage of the room that is to be heated. Typically, you can figure 10 watts per square foot of space. Baseboard heaters are available in 120-volts or 240-volts. The 240-volt models have less amperage so they are more energy-efficient. A single 500 sq.ft. room will require one 500 watt baseboard heater to provide sufficient warmth. A 120-volt heater average $50-$120 depending on the wattage and a 240-volt heater ranges from $100-$300 depending on the watts and will require the skills of an electrician to install it. An electrician charges $65-$85 per hour. The cost will vary depending on the number of baseboard units being installed. Large rooms may need more than one heater. Also, some electricians will give a discount if you have them install more than one baseboard. Always discuss the electrician’s fees prior to contracting the work.

Pros and Cons of Installing a Baseboard Heater

Baseboard heaters are often used to heat a single room or as a supplemental heat source. As with all heating systems, you must first evaluate the pros and cons to determine if a baseboard heater is right for you.


Cheaper to install than other heater types

Even warmth

No toxicity

Straightforward installation (no ducts required)

Takes a long time to heat a room

Looks unsightly on the wall

More expensive to operate than other heater types

Loses efficiency when dirty

Requires regular cleaning

Baseboard Heater Installation and Location

Baseboard heaters are usually placed near or below windows to counter the coldness of the glass. The heater is controlled using either a built-in thermostat or a wall thermostat. The baseboard cannot be located below a wall outlet. They must be affixed to the wall so that there is one inch of air space beneath in order to create airflow. There should always be at least 12 inches of clearance from all drapes, curtains, or furnishings. Although the best location is beneath a window, a baseboard can be placed anywhere in the room. When picking a location for wall thermostat to operate the baseboard, remember that they render the greatest accuracy when placed on an interior wall located away from the baseboard. Baseboards can be placed in any room of the house.

Baseboard heating and floor near window

Electric vs Hydronic Baseboard Heater

There are two types of baseboard heater: electric (convection) and hydronic (hot water).

The electric baseboard heaters require no core central heating unit or ductwork. They operate using airflow. You can choose different wattages to heat small or large areas. Watts usually range from 500 to 2,000 watts.

Hydronic baseboard heaters are often used with radiant heat that heating pipes that run up through. Depending on your home’s flooring, this form of baseboard heating might be impractical. However, hydronic heat that is not used with a radiant heat system is an option.


Convection (electric)


Inexpensive to install

Energy-efficient to operate



Easy to maintain

Heat dissipates quickly when turned off

Hydronic (hot water)


Stays warm for an extended time period even after being turned off

Energy saving

Expensive to purchase and install

Takes a long time to reach the target temperature

Few size options

Electric Heater Wattage Calculation Per Sq.ft.

Room areaWatts neededBaseboard watts

64 sq.ft.

320 - 512500
80 sq.ft.400 - 640640
100 sq.ft.500 - 800800
120 sq.ft.600 - 9601,000
300 sq.ft.1,500 - 2,4002,500
480 sq.ft.2,400 - 3,8404,000

Baseboard Heater vs Wall Heaters

Wall heaters heat up a room quickly but rely on a fan to circulate the air and a baseboard uses convection. The fan can be a bit noisy in a wall heater, especially if you are using it in a bedroom. Another consideration is that a wall heater lasts only eight to 12 years but a baseboard will easily make it 20 years if kept clean. Electric baseboard heaters average $75-$200 depending on size and a wall heater averages $85-$200.

Trendy beedroom with a king-size bed, wooden mirror and a gray wall heater

Labor Cost of Installing Baseboard Heat

An HVAC installer will charge from $85-$95 per hour to remove a previous heating system. They can install an electric baseboard or you can opt to have an electrician install the baseboard for a price of $65-$85 per hour. It takes about five hours ($325-$475) to install an electric baseboard. However, the price does not include the cost of the baseboard. Installation normally involves affixing the heater to the wall, hooking up a thermostat (if the baseboard runs on a wall thermostat instead of internal control) and plugging the baseboard into an electrical outlet.

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Programmable Thermostats

Most baseboards come with a built-in thermostat but if you want to control the temperature then you can have a programmable thermostat installed. Programmable thermostats for baseboards range in price from $50-$200. The low-cost programmable thermostats can be programmed to maintain the temperature throughout the day. You can also opt to purchase more expensive models of programmable thermostats that let you program a week or more in advance or use wifi to control the thermostat via your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer. An HVAC technician charges $85-$95 per hour for labor and an electrician charges $65-$85 per hour for labor. It typically takes about two hours to install the programmable thermostat.

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Old heating system removal. You’ll need to have the old HVAC system removed by a professional. HVAC installers charge s $85-$95 per hour for labor to remove the old system. The amount of time that it takes to remove the old system varies and is largely dependent on the size of the unit.
  • Brackets. You’ll need wall brackets when installing a baseboard heater if the distance from the floor to the top of the baseboard heater is less than 7-1/2". The price of the brackets averages $6-$10 per bracket.
  • Maintenance. Baseboard heaters are easy to maintain. They only require regular dusting to remove debris.
  • Life expectancy. A baseboard heater will last around 20 years.
  • Permit: If you have a professional HVAC company or electrician install a baseboard then you typically need a permit. However, local laws do vary.
  • Saving tips. If you purchase baseboard heaters in the offseason such as summertime then you might save not only on the price of the baseboard but also on installation.
  • Alternatives. You do have alternatives to baseboard heaters but they can be very costly. Radiant floor heating can cost around $28,000 to install in a home. A central heating unit such as a heat pump averages $4,695 to install. Wall heaters cost up to $550 and still require the additional cost of installation.
  • Hiring tips. When installing baseboard heaters you should always hire either a licensed electrician or HVAC service installer to perform the task. You should always get more than one estimate when hiring someone to install baseboards. Also, some people opt to use an electrician instead of an HVAC service technician.


  • Is electric baseboard heat efficient?

100 percent of the electricity that a baseboard uses is used to create heat. They are very energy efficient for heating small spaces or as a backup heat source. 

  • Which type of heater is the cheapest to run? 

Infrared heaters are very cheap to run. 

  • What is the most energy-efficient electric baseboard heater?

A 240-volt baseboard is the most energy-efficient.

  • What is the average cost of electric baseboard heat?

To run an electric baseboard heater averages $0.06 per hour in energy consumption

  • Are new electric baseboard heaters more energy efficient?

As the baseboard ages, it loses 3 to 7 percent transmission so a new heater is more energy-efficient. 

  • How much does it cost to install electric baseboard heaters?

The average cost to install one  240-volt baseboard heater averages $600 for the heater and labor. 

  • How much does it cost to install an electric heating system?

The average cost to install a central electric heating unit is $4,695

  • Is electric heat expensive?

Electric heat tends to be more expensive than gas, oil, or propane.

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Cost to install an electric baseboard heater varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

Electrical baseboard heater installed in an empty room

Labor cost by city and zip code

Compared to national average
Albion, NY
Albuquerque, NM
Altoona, PA
Ambler, PA
Anchorage, AK
Arlington, VA
Ashland, NH
Athens, GA
Athol, MA
Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Baltimore, MD
Bellevue, WA
Brooklyn, NY
Camp Hill, PA
Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH
Colchester, CT
Coldwater, MI
Colorado Springs, CO
Columbus, GA
Cranston, RI
Dallas, TX
Dayton, OH
Denver, CO
Duluth, MN
Edmonds, WA
Encinitas, CA
Erie, PA
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Grand Rapids, MI
Hartford, CT
Haverhill, NH
Henderson, NC
Hopatcong, NJ
Houston, TX
Hudson, NH
Huntington Beach, CA
Huntsville, AL
Indianapolis, IN
Irvine, CA
Jacksonville, FL
Kansas City, MO
Kemmerer, WY
La Salle, IL
Las Vegas, NV
Laurel, MD
Laurel, MT
Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles, CA
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